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MEGHnet: Tomb of a Meghvanshi in World Heritage - Mamaidev in Makli

MEGHnet: Tomb of a Meghvanshi in World Heritage - मेघवंशी क...: डॉ . नितिन विनज़ोदा ने फेसबुक पर पाकिस्तान स्थित नेक्रोपोलीज़ ( necropolis ) का उल्लेख किया और बताया कि ममैदेव का मक़बरा भी थट्टा के पास म...Thanks to Bharat Bhushan and Dr Mohan Devraj Tothiya of Karachi for their kind Cooperation and Guidance.

The Sacred Shrine of Shri Mamaidev is Located in Makli Necropolis/ Grave yard,in Thatha Town of Sindh,Now in Pakistan, Makli is approximately 100 KM from Port City Karachi.The Mamaidev was a Philosopher/ SUFI Saint of Sindh. Dr Mohan Devraj Tothiya had done PhD on Meghwar in Karachi University,Makli  Mamaidev is Holy Pilgrimage of Maheshwary Meghwar Community of Sindh,  Maharashtra Ulhasnagar,Kutch,Jamnagar,Rajkot and Bhavnagar district of  Gujarat.

 Shri Mamaidev Nirvana on Month of  SANKASHT chaturthi month of VAIKASH in 1389 A.D.
              શ્રી મામૈદેવ ના પવિત્ર ગ્રંથ ના વેદ ના આધારે:--શક ૧૩ મુ ને વરસ ૧૧ મુ, માસ વૈશાખ ને તિથી ચોથ અંધારી  તેની ગુર મામૈદેવ ગામ તેડો ( નિર્વાણ) કિયો, ડેવ મામઈ ચે મળશું મુરુ જે મેળે /માળ.
મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા અઈ પૂછો પૂછો વગત ને વાટ.

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Protection from Violence Against Girl Child & Women

The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher in 13th Century,He was Born in India,He preached
The Tomb of The Mamaidev In Tattha,Sindh,Pakistan
to peoples of world for to respect & Honor Girl child and women, He widely described in his sacred Scripture that do not Kill Girl child and Women, they are the Foundation of your Entire generation, EDUCATED Girl and women will give education to your Generation for your inner peace and happiness,and for your healthy life styles,and she help for her children and husband and their family  for better lively hood.
  The Mamaidev said we share conviction of the Fundamental unity of  Human Faith and Equality and Dignity in of all human beings,we Affirm that Sacredness of women & Girl and Importance of her freedom of Conscious; we will protect our Girl child and women,According to Mamaidev's Teaching Non Violence is Fourth and essential part of His Dharma or religion, Women in Mamaidev"s dharma is highly value as religious.and worshiped as DEVI, Goddess and   equivalent  to God, and 
Women is the pillar of your family and as deserving great RESPECT and Honor,
            Mamaidev preached in His Dharma for the protection of Girl and women rights,He also said that Spread awareness and Educate your Girl child and women for survival of your next generation,for to save your entity (અસ્તિત્વ ) on the earth.
they are witness of your Journey of life on the Earth, for protection of your Ancestors ( ભાવી પેઢી) ,We should Honor and respect Women and do not kill them otherwise this is the bad Karma of a person, he has to suffer in his next Incarnation; and God will punish him in the HELL;
He said in his Sacred  Scripture:- બેટી ( person who kill girl child) મારે ,સ્ત્રીય વરોધે ( person who kill women),ગુર માતંગ કે દીધી ગાળ ,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તેન્જા નરક ભોણ /લોક મેં થીન્ધા ન્યાય,
Women are entitled to the equal enjoyment and protection of all human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil, religious  or any other field. These rights include, 
         (A ) The right to life; (B) The right to gender equality; (C) The right to liberty and security of women & Girl; (D) The right to equal protection under the law; (E) The right to be free from all forms of discrimination; (F) The right to the highest standard attainable of physical and mental health and social well beings; (G ) The right to favorable condition of work and its work place; (H) The right not to be subjected to TORTURE or other CRUEL,INHUMAN OR DEGRADING treatment and Punishment to WOMEN & GIRL; 
Status of Dalit women in India Human Suffering In Gujarat India, 
                  He said that person who kill daughter or  Girl and women he will get justice in the Hell by God and this person will be punished in the Hell for his Genocide crime.we have to protect women for Rights,his is huge crime on huge scale,WE ARE LOOSING OUR FIGHT FOR THE PROTECTION OF WOMEN RIGHTS,DIGNITY AND RESPECT AND HONOR TO WOMEN,we have to follow the sermons of the Mamai dev for to protect women,
               It is a problem in every country in the world. Religious leaders and communities have tremendous moral and spiritual influence and thus have a unique This violence can be physical, psychological, or socioeconomic and unparalleled potential to be powerful agents of in nature, and may be perpetrated by family members, trusted community members, and even authorities. While there is not prevention, education and advocacy to bring an end one specific cause of violence against women, some critical to violence against women. In order to do so.
          Status of the Dalit Women in India"s caste base system. I wish to represent the Devastating effects of caste system on Educational,Social and Economics status of the Dalit women in Modern India and aim is to highlight the harsh reality of the suppression,struggle and Torture of Dalit women face everyday of their miserable lives.are the direct results of the severe Exploitation and suppression of by upper caste Hindu in India,Dalits are the poor community which are Untouchable to Upper Caste Hindu  In India and Pakistan.they are lower human according to upper caste.


 Video of the Shrine of Mamaidev in Makli grave yard  Tattha,Sindh, Pakistan, video from Mayur Kochra of Karachi.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Mamaidev & Wisdom-" Pure Body & Pure Mind"

The Mamaidev said in his Sacred text Scripture : " Pahela apanu Pandh parkhio.poy kario Varomandh joVichar". (2) Pandh Suddh Jiv Suddh".પંઢ શુદ્ધ જીવ શુદ્ધ"
Barmati Panth JYOT..

First you know yourself than you think of Others.This is the  First sermon of the Mamaidev to the peoples of world.this is what Mamaidev taught us an Art of living,He never taught or Said in his Holy Scripture any empty formalities Instead he taught us just to observe nature as it is !!! by Observing Reality inside,but when wisdom arise the Wisdom of observing reality As it is.He Said that Human Beings can not live without Society,They are social beings,we ought to live a peacefully an harmony with ourselves and other and we deals with each others in Society.
             Everyone seeks Peace and Harmony,because this is what we lack in our lives.From time to time we all experience agitation,irritation,disharmony and when we suffer from these Suffering or miseries, we don't keep them to ourselves;we often distribute them to others peoples as well.Unhappiness Create the atmosphere around us who is miserable,and those who come in contact with such a person also be come infected or affected.Certainly this is not a skillful way to live.
We ought to live at peace with ourselves,and at peace with others. After all, human beings are social beings, having to live in society and deal with each other. But how are we to live peacefully? How are we to remain harmonious within, and maintain peace and harmony around us, so that others can also live peacefully and harmoniously?
In order to be relieved of our  suffering or misery, we have to know the basic reason for it,the cause of the suffering.If we investigate the problem, it becomes clear that whenever we start generating any negativity or impurity in the mind,we are bound to become unhappy. A negative thinking in the mind, a mental defilement or impurity,cannot coexist with peace and harmony.
So the question arises: how can we stop reacting blindly when confronted with things that we don't like? How can we stop creating tension and remain peaceful and harmonious?
In India, as well as in other countries, wise saintly persons of the past studied this problem—the problem of human suffering—and found a solution: if something unwanted happens and you start to react by generating anger, Delusion,Hatred,Jealously,Greed and attachment,fear or any negativity, then as soon as possible, you should divert your attention to something else the mind is diverted, and to some extent you'll be free of the negativity, free of the anger,agitation,Irritation.
This solution was helpful; it worked. It still works. Responding like this, the mind feels free from agitation. However, the solution works only at the conscious level. In fact, by diverting the attention you push the negativity deep into the unconscious, and there you continue to generate and multiply the same defilement. On the surface there is a layer of peace and harmony, but in the depths of the mind there is a sleeping volcano/Jawalamukhi of suppressed negativity which sooner or later may erupt in a violent explosion.
A good solution; it avoids both extremes suppression and expression. Burying the negativity in the unconscious will not eradicate it, and allowing it to manifest as unwholesome physical or vocal actions will only create more problems. But if you just observe, then the defilement passes away and you are free of it.In this way the technique of self-observation shows us reality in its two aspects, inner and outer. Previously we only looked outward, missing the inner truth.We always looked outside for the cause of our unhappiness;we always blamed and tried to change the reality outside. Being ignorant of the inner reality, we never understood that the cause of suffering lies within, in our own blind reactions toward pleasant and unpleasant sensations.

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Holy Magh Snaan/ Dip & Mamai dev

The Mamaidev said in his sacred Text Scripture that every Maheshwaria who are followers of the Mamaidev, they have to take dip or perform Holy Bath in the month of Magh in the Rivers,lakes,વાવ,wells,and Sea, Early morning bath before Sun rise during this month is highly sacred, spiritual and meritorious It is said that Magh Snaan can purify the body and mind of a person even from Bad Karma,ghastly and dreadful sins committed.The Mamaidev described widely Importance of Magh Snaan in his Sacred texts  scripture are said to have made a reference to the merits and significance of Magh Snaan.he said that Barmati Panth and holy dip in cold water of rivers are for the purification of body and Mind/Soul.

the Mamaidev said in his Vedas: jee jal me pandhi pakhario, tee Barmati ai jiv jo pakhar..જી જળ મેં પંધી/શરીર પખારીઓ.તી બારમતી અઈ આંજે જીવ જો પખાર, ...દરેક માઘ સ્નાની એ બારમતી પંથ કરવો જોઈએ,મામૈદેવ વેદ માં કહે છે કે જલ થી શરીર પવિત્ર થાય છે, તેમ બારમતી કરવાથી આત્મા પવિત્ર થાય છે..

                  Bathing in sea water on full moon day/Purnima is considered auspicious.Cold Bath /Magh Snan is ancient belief in Hinduism & human culture and civilization.civilization. Magh Snan cold bath dip is mention in Vayu Purana,Mr.Vince z a farmer in the 1920's he marketed and sold concept of cold water bath as hydrotherapy for the treatment of various diseases,cold water bath increase immunity of body to fight against illness,promote the weight loss and reduce Obesity, cure depression  and stimulate Hormones and chemical in the body like. Nor adrenaline which is responsible for well being of health and  constriction of blood vessels and keep skin and hair healthy,improve the body temperature and blood Circulation. the Popular Belief is that taking Bath /dip during the Auspicious period when sun enter in Makar rashi or Capricorn zodiac will help attain Moksha, મોક્ષ,Salvation the northern transit of sun is believed to be highly meritorious and spiritual,The Magh Snaan starts from January or in Month of પોષ,ગુજરાતી માસ,end in the month of February, devotee magh Snani taking Holy dip in confluence or Triveni Sangam of 3 three river at Allahabad in UP state of India,here there is union of Ganga,Yamuna and Saraswati rivers,This the Holy  Magh month in Hinduism,all sins are wipe out and ultimately Magh Snani get Salvation or Moksh/મોક્ષ,all rivers are Holy and taking Bath in Magh month is giving fruits of Dip in Holy Ganga, The Devotee Magh Snani have to donate his Guru and poor persons.

The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:-  શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને માઘ સ્નાન કે વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ.:---સંગત જલ ને કેદાર લિંગ જો સારીઓ સ્નાન,ગુર કે ડીજે  હેમ /સોન જો દાન,પરાયો ધન ( નાણા) ના હેરીઓ,પરાયે કે વરવો ના વાંચીઓ,kud ખોટો ને કપટી સે જીવ મોક્ષ ના પામે,ડેવ મામઈ ચે સે જીવ થયા મોક્ષ જે નાહિયે તા માઘ જો સ્નાન,માઘ માસ જો અચ્છો જલ અચ્છો શિયારો,જે મહેશ્વરિયા કરે તા અંગ જો પખાર,..અઈ સારીઓ માઘ જો સ્નાન,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા અંકે પગ પગ  ગંગા જો સ્નાન..

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The End of Mogul Dynasty in India

Red Fort New Delhi
The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and predictor in 13th century and He Nirvana 1389 in Tattha Sindh,the Tomb is Located in World"s largest Graveyard/ Necropolis world heritage site inMakli,Tattha Sindh,Now in Pakistan in the 13th Century,Shama Dynasty King were the followers of shri Mamaidev, He foretell many future events which will come in the world,which happened in the world,and given proof in his Vedas and holy scriptures. He foretell end of Mughal Dynasty, seven Ancestors of Babar Mughal Emperors will rule on India,and eighth progeny/generation of Babar mughal will be removed from the thorn and power in india.It was the end of Mughal dynasty which was founded in 1527 A.D. and ended in 1707 A.D. seven progeny of Babar were ruled over India
1-Babar himself 2-Humayun 3-Akbar 4 -Jahangir 5-Shahjahan 6-Aurangzeb 7-Bahadur Shah Zafar After that their ancestors removed from power and killed by rival group of powerless Muslim hakem or subba of Mughal Empire who captured the power from Mughal and last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah ended up in prison.    
Mamaidev said his Holy scripture British, Angrej French,Portuguese came to india by sea route.Their purpose was trading in india for various goods, After some time settled in india they think to capture  the power from Mughal Emperors,lastly they conquered on Mughal and founded British Empire. The Mamai dev said in his Vedas : -સક ૧૭મી ૧૭૦૦ ,..સકે ૧૭ સતર એ પડશે સમુન્દ્ર મેં સ્ત્રાવ, અંગ્રેજ ફિરંગી ,ઉઠશે તુર્કી કરશે તાણ,ઓલ્લો ,ધોલ્લો આવશે ,શેભર ને સુલતાન,ઘર રાજ પાદશાહ જ પલટસે. ઈ અઈ આગમ જા એધાણ ... THe Mamaidev said in his sacred Scripture, that there will be end mogul dynasty in 1700 A.D.One chhamichhar is equal to one Savantary. = 60 years,--8 chhamichhar is equal to 480 years the mamai predicted in mid of thirteen century.The end of Mughal dynasty was in 1707 A.D.Exactly 480 years after foretold of Mamai, it was perfect foretold of Mamai and was universal truth.
the mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture. શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને ઉન્હી કે પવિત્ર ગ્રંથ મેં  વેદ કહા હૈ:૭ સાત શાહજાદા મોગલ તોઝા સુખ થી વર્તાજા, ૮ આઠ કે લાગંધી લાત....મોગલ ના છેલ્લા બાદશાહ  બહાદુર શા ને અંગ્રેજ એ આગ્રા કિલ્લા માં કેદ કરેલ ને મોગલ સતા નો કરુણ અંત આવેલ... Mamaidev said before Mughal invasion in India, four Muslim  mir invaders will attack on India.They were came from Arab, Kurdistan,Turkestan and Iran,these events was foretold/predicted by Mamai in his holy scripture, it was noble truth, happened in Indian history. 
મામૈદેવ ને મીરે જી વગત કે વેદ મેં કહા હૈ.: 
ઉરધ. ખુરધ,તુર્ક ને તમાચી,ચારો ચડશે મીર,Four Foreign invaders Mir will attack on western India they will started looting properties,wealth,of various kingdoms in India ,

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ManSarovar & Swan Birds by Mamaidev

Royal Swan Raj Hansa,
The Mansarovar is a Holy lake in Maheshwary Dharma of Shri Mamaidev and Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism also,The holy Mount Kailas of Mount Himalayan, and Lake is the  central axis of earth,the Earth Moving on its axis,Many Pilgrims and devotees are attending Holy Mansarovar and Mount Kailas in Springs, and Sins are wiped out by taking Holy bath is Mansarovar,The Mamaidev was taking his Holy Bath in Mansarovar in Early Morning,The Mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture that the Hansa or Swans of Lake are the sacred and beauty of the lake,they are Sacred Birds in Mamaidev Dharma, The Mamaidev Praised Royal Hansa Swan in his Literature,
Kailas Mansarovar Lake is the abode home of the Lord Shiva and divine Goddess Maa Parvati,
, The Mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture:- Jambuva deep me Jambuva Heriya, Mansarovar me Raj hans Datha,Raj hansa man sarovar ja Hansa, Har kanad ji Barmati me vetha,tenke Bhag Bhalera judiya,Gynan je pani se jiv Pakhariya, se jiv Pandh ji kamay se Mamai che se jiv vanajiya.
મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ....જંબુ આ દીપ મેં જમ્બુઆ હેરિયા,માન સરોવર મેં રાજ હંસ દીઠા,રાજ હંસા માન સરોવર જ રાજ હંસા,હર કાનડ જી બારમતી મેં વેઠા,તેનકે  ભાગ ભલેરા જુડિયા,જ્ઞાન જે પાણી સે જીવ પખારિયા,સે જી ડેવ મામઈ ચે,સે જીવ પંઢ જી કમાઈ સે તરિયા,સે જીવ વણજીયા...
         Translation of above Vedas in English,the Mamaidev said that You are your own savior,As you sow so shall you reap,he explain the universal truth and the philosophy of Cause and effect,you are builder of your fate.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Attitude & Life by Mamaidev

The Mamaidev was a Great Philosopher and Predictor of future Events on the earth,He was Born In India in 12th Century, and Nirvana on 1386 Ad, in Tattha Sindh, Pakistan, The tomb of the Mamaidev is Located in World famous Makli Grave yard,Tattha Pakistan.
He preached to Poor Sinbhariya Meghwar of India, Pakistan,and other Asian countries.The Mamaidev teaches
or preached to Poor Meghwar community for Equality,Struggle,Unity,compassion, Love and peace for their Right Livelihood,He preached to Meghwar community for  Positive thinking,Positive Attitude for change of life,Because the poor Sinbhariya Meghwar were treated lower human and Untouchable by upper caste peoples of India,and they were psychological depress peoples of India.The Mamaidev said in His Vedas:-PANDH SHUDDH NE JIV SHUDDH,KARAM KAINTHA JO VICHAR,PANDH TARIYO NE JIV UKARIYO,TANI KE PANDH TANU VICHAR, MAMAI BHANE MAISARIYA,ANZO JIV THINDHO KAROD KARPATE NU PAR.
મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં કંથન કિયા હૈ..પંઢ શુદ્ધ ,જીવ શુદ્ધ, ને કરમ કાયથા જો વિચાર,પંઢ તરીઓ ને જીવ ઉકરીઓ,તની કે પંઢ તણું વિચાર,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા આન્જો જીવ થીન્ધો કરોડ કરપતે ( પાપ)  નું  પાર
The Mamaidev Said Healing start within You, You regret nothing in your life,Even if your past was full of suffering ,pain and Hurts,You still look back and smile what you are today is because of your past,it make you stronger and stronger,From your human perspective You often believed that you must work hard to overcome obstacles and suddenly shortages ans solve the problems that are before you.but often in that ATTITUDE or approach you work against yourself and nature and the rules of Attraction of nature. without realizing It.Think Highly of yourself Because the World  takes you at your own estimate Destination or Goal which was decided by You,
Achieving your Goals will leads to some of the most Memorable and Rewarding Experiences of your life. The Mamaidev Said, I'm glad you have chosen to allow me to be a part of your Journey, Good luck,and Good bye to Maheshwari's,He said If you have vast or plenty of Wealth,It will be Useless in Teaching your children, relatives and your followers,If You h
ave great power It will be of no avail in security of their happiness,If You have Succeeded admirably in life it will no help You, keep your children, relatives and followers safe.
Remember that you can not teaching or preaching them, try to live with Peace,Love,contentment, and Compassion.this will be your LECTURE this will be your lesson,
the positive thinking and Attitude are depend upon how you start building on your happiness and this is now you learn to focus goal on what you can change, presence moment and you can influence on Future,
If You want to build a happy and successful life and let go regret well start working on improving your attitudes towards yourself and towards life and every single day work on building happy precious moment,and in the END, when you will look back of life,than you will realized that the sum of those moment helped you to build a successful life,It is that simply,A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP.!!!!
                         If I become happier so can You, Always associate with wise person who correct You,At work and in school look for positive peoples to associate with,Remember You are what You think,you fill what you want,Keep a list of your Goals,Positive thoughts and action,It will build your skill, boosts your health and improve your work ability,If you are an entrepreneur than positive thinking is really a must have, although it help for all carriers and destination and your success and happiness,and build strong Social relationship, It is Amazing what can do for You !!! the power of positive attitude,happy peoples are more productive and success in their life,they will live longer and healthier,The Mamaidev Said,Success is not key to happiness,but happiness is the key of success,If You Love what you are doing,you will be successful.
  Character is the basic requirement for happiness and positive attitude,so that you be honest and trustworthy,have good values,never compromise your values,and verbalize and share your good values,be a good friends,wife,husband,family members,be  LOYAL,praise yourself and others often,reward yourself,Be courageous and strong always,always look forward, and keep track of your physical,mental and social well being of your health, SUCCESS is something most of us want but we want happiness too.