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Vanaj Yagna By Auwa Meghanand in Ghumli & 8 Vanaj in Karachi by Shree Velji Dosa Thontya

Historical  Graves of Auwa Meghanand, Maa Bhuri 
Devi, and Daughters of the Mamai Dev, Padhan & Papayee
NearBhuj Kutch Treanjar,
Picture of Vanaj in Karachi By Velji Dosa  Thontya
in before 1962

Dharmachar..Memory of a Great Meghanand Auwa Son of the Shree Mamai Dev who has done Vanaj Yagna in Ghumli Capital of Kathiyavad State in 14th century. વેદ:- ૧૨ બારો વરસ મેઘા નંદ કઠિયારો બેરડે ડુંગર મે વંઝ સારે સૂકી કાપે ને લીલી વંઝ જો માં ગેડે નામ.૨ દોકડા મે ઘુમલી મે વેચે, ૧ હકડ઼ો દોકડો પઢ જો પેટ માટે રખે, બીયો ૨ દોકડો વણાઝ સારું રખે.
(૨) મેઘા નંદ ચે ઔવા મૂકે લકડી એ જી ભારી યે જો ભાર ના લગો, ઔ વા મૂકે ગત મહેશ્વરી દુઆ કઈ.The Mamai Dev was malva state of India during the Nirvana of Meghanand Auwa in Ghumli, the Mamai Dev Come to know the death of Meghanand Auwa by JATI SURI Vedas Shiddhi by which the Mamai Dev was able to see away from 500 Miles,The Dead body or Kayantha of Shree Meghanand by Divine flight come to TreAnjar near Bhuj Kutch where his Mother Devi was died due to hearing of death of his Son Meghanand, Shee Meghanand Auwa ko Maa Bhri Devi Ki pahelu me dafnaya gaya hai..Historical Treanjar Grave yard. Raydhanpur Bhuj kutch;where Daughters of the Mamai Dev"s Padahn and Papayee are buried with Mother Bhuri Devi ; Treanjar is Painful Memory of the Mamai Dev;
Meghanand Ja Bhed vedas:-
Reference from Shree Mamai Dev Ginan
.............MR. VELJI DOSA THONTYA VANJARA;of Karachi who has done
8 Eight Vanaj yagna in Karachi, (1) dhajj vanaj, (2) Khat Vanaj, (3) LUN Vanaj, (( 4) Hathni Vanaj, ( 5) Turi Vanaj,(6) Chhatra vanaj, (7) Khari Vanaj,, (8) Dhajj vanaj, ,,repeat,
and help to poor society and helping Poor Maheshwary,Giving Charity,
KAHT VANAJ JO VED:- KHAT VANAJ JANI VANAJIYO,MAMAI BHANE MAHESHWARIA TANI JIVE KE YUG PACHORATH ME NA ACHINDHO SHEK.; KHAT VANAJ VANJE SE JIV VIYA ALAKH EDEV KE PAS, NE UKARI VIYA 15 KARPATE NU PAR....He was Grand father of a great Historian Dr Mohan Kheral Dev Raj Thontya and Dr Nagesh He was a Contractor in Karachi Port trust, and Industrialist and now a Vanjara compound in Moosa lane Lyary Karachi, is well known as Memory of Velji bhai Thontya,He was Born in 1905 AD and was settle in Famoud Sheetal das Compound Sadar Karachi,.TODAY SHENI YATRA IS STARTING FROM SHEELDAS COMPOUND.AND HE RECEIVED MANY MEDALS FROM MAHESHWARY COMMUNITY FOR HIS HUMANITY SERVICES;
Who’s Who in Vanajs
By: Dr. Mohan DevRaj Thontya (Karachi). [Monday, 4th September 2017]
His name was Velji, father’s name was Dossa, surname was Thontya and the title was Vanjara. Shree
Vanjara Velji Dossa Thontya had performed eight Vanajs. A Vanaj is the greatest religious fasting ritual of
Barmati Panth adhered by Maheshvari Meghwars in Sindh, Kutchh and Saurashtra. As locally called
‘Chhah Mahiyo Vrat’ is started from 4th bright moon of the month of Ashwin (Aso) and ends on 4th bright
moon of the month of Chaitra according to Hindu calendar. Shree Lurang Dev, who is divine incarnation
of principal god Shree Ganesha Dev, is worshiped in six months during Vanaj fasting and ceremony.
He was born in 1905. After his father, Dossa bhai Thontya settled in Karachi, he was married with a
woman Walbai and had five sons and three daughters, of which one daughter had died in early age.
Primarily, he worked as a contractor at Karachi Port Trust (KARACHI PORT TRUST/KPPT) but left the job and started his own
profession when he was still quite young. He established a weaving loom at Kaaraa Bhungaa adjacent to
Seetaldas Compound at Bhimpura where his family was also residing in a house. Following riots in
Karachi at the time of Partition in 1947, he shifted along with his family at nearby locality Moosa Lane in
a compound which is now known as Vanjara Compound and still some members of Vanjara family and
few other Maheshvari Meghwar families are residing. He was died in 1973.
Shree Vanjara Veji performed eight Vanajs; first in 1954, second in 1955, third in 1956, fourth in 1957,fifth in 1958, sixth in 1961, seventh in 1962, and eighth in 1967. In the second Vanaj, Pir Shree Nangsi
Dev s/o Pir Shree Devraj Dev was invited, who came from Kutchh to head the religious ceremony. Pir
reached Karachi by steamer and was red carpet welcomed by hundreds of Maheshvari Meghwars from
Dr Mohan Kheraj Thontya PhD ;
Grand Son of Mr Vanjara Velji Dosa
 He is Author of this Post
Keamari to the residence of Vanjara Velji. His arrival among his followers in Karachi created a wave of
religious and social enthusiasm. The young welfare workers who were in uniform with badges on their
chests diligently managed all affairs of the grand ceremony at the end of six-month fasting period of
every Vanaj. During fasting period, everyday Matangs were to be invited who recited Ginans of Mamai
Dev from the holy scripture of Barmati Panth. Everyday hundreds of Maheshvari Meghwars came at the
residence and purified their ears and souls by listening sacred verses from the prominent Matangs of
that time. After all the rituals were performed, a grand feast was to be served to all Meghwars. In the
sixth Vanaj another holy figure and great saint Shree ………. came from his monastery at Mount Girnar (Gujarat)
to witness the sacred occasion of Barmati Panth. As the news of the performing of these serial of Vanajs
had reached Kutch, there Maheshvari Meghwars in the small towns and villages of Kutchh began to
chant Rasuras in honor of Vanjara Velji, even these folk songs were broadcast-ed from Kutch Radio. Thus
it is admitted by most of the Maheshvari Meghwars and Matang dharam gurus that eight Vanajs had left
a sense of religious awareness among the common people
.Details of 8 Vanaj,
1st Vanaj called ‘Dhajj Vanaj’ in 1954 (from 11th October 1953 to 7th April 1954).
2nd Vanaj ,, ‘Khat Vanaj’ in 1955 (from 30th September 1954 to 29th March 1955).
3rd Vanaj ,, ‘Lun Vanaj’ in 1956 (from 19th October 1955 to 14th April 1956).
4th Vanaj ,, ‘Hathni Vanaj’ in 1957 (from 5th October 1956 to 4th April 1957).
5th Vanaj ,, ‘Turi Vanaj’ in 1958 (from 27th September 1957 to 23rd March 1958).
6th Vanaj ,, ‘Chhatra Vanaj’ in 1961 (from 24th September 1960 to 20th March 1961).
7th Vanaj ,, ‘Khari Vanaj’ in 1962 (from 13th October 1961 to 8th April 1962).
8th Vanaj (Repeated) ‘Dhajj Vanaj’ in 1967 (from 17th October 1966 to 13th April 1967).
All these pictures were taken from 1954 to 1967 during Vanaj processions which usually passed from
Seetaldas compound to Moosa Lane in Karachi. Many of these persons showing into these pictures
might be recognized by the current generation of Maheshvari Meghwars of their beloved ones. Find
who’s who!
Medals:-Five medals were conferred upon Shree Vanjara Velji Thontya by five different Meghwar organizations.
Below Image is Ancient Gadh Ghumli Capital of Kathiyavad state now it is remains of Ghumli .
Ghumli was attacked by Arab Allaudin Khilji invaders and he Looted and destroyed beautiful Ghumli Town.and Navalakha Shiva Temples
Ghumli Barda Hill & Navlakha Shiva & Ganesha Temples. 

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Prediction of the Mamai Dev on End of Human Civilization & End of World

The Mamai Dev Shrine In Makli Thatta.
The Mamai Dev Was a Great Predictor, Philosopher and Sufi Saint in 13th century He was born in Kutch,Gujarat India.He Nirvana on Vikram Savant 1311 in Thatta,Sindh now in Pakistan. His Sacred Shrine is Located in Makli Graveyard  World Heritage site in Thatta Sindh. He predicted in his Holy Scripture that there will be End of Human Civilization and sentient being Animals and birds on the Earth Before 2070 A.D. Climate changes Global Warming. Droughts,Floods, War, Terrorism And  Mysterious Virus Diseases ie. Corona Virus will effect on the living beings and the end of many lives on the earth.Millions of Peoples will died due to Mysterious Virus Illness on the Planet Earth,
Bat Bird
The current COVID-19 crisis was born out of people who worked and shopped at a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. A wet market sells live and  Meat of dead animals, Birds and others, —including fish,Lobsters, birds, badgers, bats Bird, pangolins (scaly anteaters), Rabbit, Wild Cat,Civets,Dogs and turtles for human consumption food.When you bring animals and birds in these unnatural situation becomes sick in stress and fear and they shreds Mysterious KIRA which will be a Germs or Virus and  Kira Virus are transmitted from Bat Bird and Pangolins to Human by consumption of meat of animals and Birds,deadly virus causes serious illness diseases in human it is fatal and Respiratory diseases pneumonia and Infected Patient human may die due to respiratory diseases.
     The Mamai Dev Sai
d in his Holy Scripture That  Ugly and Mysterious  KIRA( Germs like) or Virus like Germ will comes from China country and will spreads Lacs of Miles in the world and many peoples will be affected and will died due to Virus diseases there will be Respiratory System Pneumonia like Illness in Human and Many Peoples Millions of Peoples died due to Respiratory Failure diseases.
 The Mamai Dev in his Holy Scripture  Prediction :-Aradhin ne Aprichh avshe, khendhar dariya ne teenaj tar, Chinam China  ne ( Ugly Virus from China),(Country) Ghuvad Mukha ne suppad Kanna  Ugly face and appearance) harmukh Bandha Avshe, Dev Mamai che Add te na hundo sukhakar,eda add te varatandha din.
       The Mysterious Virus will comes from China country and will spread all over the world and kills Many Peoples on the earth world.
(2)  Prediction of the Mamai Dev Vedas;-Abh ( sky)  Manja Ag ( fire) Uchharandhi,ghebi varatandi Ghan,Dev Mamai Che Lakhe gau ( Lac of Mile) thi Sujandho Dhra.(fear)
                peoples will fill unsafe and panic in the world from Lacs of Miles away from him. ie. China to world. there will be extreme heat will comes from sky to on the earth, Global Warming,will kills millions of Peoples in the world end of many Lives on the earth.
(3) Holy Prediction Vedas of the Mamai Dev on Diseases and war:- Fatai duniya ne fariyo va, Wind Madu ve( Peoples) jo Haroriye vendho Saa.Kaik Marshe Khadag ( Arm & Ammunition Blasts) se, Kaik marshe ROG ( Diseases ) se,Dev Mamai Che eda achinda add se din...
(4) The Mamai Dev Preducted in His Holy Scripture:- Sake 1981 ,2060 A.D. Vedas:-81 ekashi e ekalkar dhom dhom dhra Vartashe, Mamai Pandant kiyo prakash, teni anganiya va varanda.
(5) dakhan disha thi Dal katak chalse teni desh sau kadbhadshe,ekanave an vartshe,Sake 1900 (2070 A.D.) so ji sandh.
( 6) Varas Vikar ne mas Bhadarvo,kad ( end) vartai kaliyug tani,teni dahint gajanvel thi chalshe,Agiya jagshe tribhuvan jo ray ( GOD MURU 11th  Avtar/incarnation of lord Shiva).. 
reference from Maheshwar sandesh magazine written by a great  Late Ginani Auwa shri Laxman Tejshi Matang. Executive Engineer Jamnagar, in Govt of Gujarat. who died before 10 years.

Corona Virus COVID-19
In 2070 A.D.th
ere will be Vikari Year and month of Bhadarava (Gujarati month) in the end of Kaliyuga its Last Phrase in 2070 A.D the Lord Muru Raja  11th Incarnation/Avtar of Lord Shiva will descends on the earth and he will kill the Saitan Evil King name Karing on the earth and Lord Muru will save the Human civilization on 
the earth. Huge army will attack on the world from south side of 
world in 2070 AD.The Mamai Dev said in his holy Scripture 
that there will be huge painful suffering in the world and very huge disturbances in Human civilization on the earth and end of many life on the earth.The Mamai Dev Said that many peoples on the earth will died due to  Diseases,terrorism and war and others will died due to Corona Virus like Mysterious Virus diseases which will kill Millions of peoples on the earth. Most of Peoples on the earth will died due to Virus diseases and war and terrorism,Global warming and killing of wild animals and birds for the purpose of food ie. China Wuvan wet market are selling Livings wild animals and birds for Food.so that they are killing Forest wild animals and birds,
so there are destruction of Forest tree and its inhabitant wild life.
     The Mamai Dev Predicted in his Holy Scripture:- Sake 1900 ne varas 91 ekanvo, ( 2070 AD)tithi satam ne var shukravar mas shavan, dev Mamai che tade utar disha thi dal katak chalshe add duniya me na hundo sukhakar.  
          Translation .in 2070 AD there will be panic fear and disturbance in the world from north side of world.      
The Mamai Dev Predicted in his holy scripture that there will be crumble and disintegration of Human Civilization on the earth before 2070 A.D. due to war and Arm & Ammunition,Blasts,Global warming, Tsunami and due to Corona Virus Like Fatal Respiratory Viral diseases.Millions of Peoples will die on the earth /world.            

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Kadamgiri / Karumbho Tirth Shree Matang Dev Yatra

Dharmachar Gatt ne Gure ke .. 
Kadamgiri Mount is Located about 40 Km from Palitana Town of Bhavnagar District of Gujarat India,The Matang Dev preached to Maheshwary for Barmati Panth Dharam on Kadamgiri Hill. Shree Dhani Matang Dev given NEEM JO KANGAN  special identity to poor Sinbhariya Meghwar who were untouchable to upper caste in India,The Matang Dev Was Son of Matra Rishi and Jashde Devi,the Matang Dev was Maternal grand son of Historical Gautama Rishi. He was born in Historical Patna City of Bihar state of India on the bank of Holy Ganga River in 1130 A.D.Vikram savant 1187,3rd day of dark moon of Magh Month. Reference Shrine of Maheshwary Meghwar Sufi saint in Sindh,Historical book is written by a great Historian Dr. Mohan Devraj Thontya. he is Professor of History in Green Weech University Karachi.Holy Tirth of Maheshwary Kadamgiri Tirth Yatra. 
   The Matang Dev have done Nar vedh Yagna Human Sacrifice  Yagna & Pooja. worship for Barmati Panth and Formulated and established Holy Barmati Panth and Shree Gabharo Vado Maheshwary Meghwar, Sacrificed his life for Barmati Panth Dharam. ,Dharam Yaha Shree Matang Dev ne Narvedh yagna kiya tha aur Barmati panth ka chalav kiya tha Gabharo vado Maheshwary ne balidan Pandh diya tha,Shree Mamai Dev ne ved me farmaya Hai...The Mamai Dev Said in his Holy Vedas:-
 Nau 9 Kodi Manavi gani ne karam karumbhe chadiyo,te manja 3 tre kodi manakh tariya, 6 kodi har je vishwas te na haliya, Dev Mamai che se Jiv Khuty ne kadav me padiya, Bhavo bhav bhund thay ne bhatakiya.
      Nirvana Destination of the Matang Dev is in Shenithar , Village Maati dhakan,district Tharparkar in Sindh,Pakistan.
 the Matang Dev was a Religious dharam Guru of Maheshwary and Soomara kings of Sindh. Abaro Jiyani Prince of Junejo State of Sindh, Abaro Prince and Matang Dev fought war with hyderkha Padshah and Shama Kings at Sheni Sindh,The Abaro Jeeyani Sacrificed his life with Matang Dev at Sheni in War.  

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The Matang Dev & Kadamgiri Neem Kangan

Kadamgiri Hill
The Matang Dev was the Founder of  Barmati Panth Dharma, He was Born in the bank of holy Ganga river near Patna City of Bihar State of India.According to Ginan Scripture He was Maternal Grand Son of Historical Hindu Sage Gautam Rishi and he was Son of Matra Rishi,His Mother's name was Jashde Devi Daughter of Gautam Rishi, According to Scholar and Historian of Dr Mohan Devraj Thontya, he is Professor in History Karachi University and written a Holy Historical Book " Shrine of the Maheshwary Meghwar Saints in Sindh"the holy book is Published by Information & Archives department of Sindh Government, According to Barmati Panth Ginan Scripture According to Hindu Calendar The Matang Dev was Born in 1130 A.D. and 3rd day of Dark Moon of the month Magh. Astrological Calculation Maha vad Trij3 Day Thavar,Magha Nakhatra, Amrit choghadiya. The Matang Dev was Born in 1130 A.D. and Vikram Savant 1187,Sake 1053.
           Reference to Historical Holy book on 4 char Tirth Yatra Dham of  Maheshwary Meghwar in Sindh Written by Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thothya.the Matang Dev Nirvana at Shenthar,Sindh, District Tharparkar, Sindh about in 1250 A.D.War with Hydersha Badshah and  Shama Kigs and Sumara Kings Dynasty of Sindh, Sacrificed his Life with Shama Prince Abaro Jeeyani for Dharma.
  The Matang Dev Established Barmati Panth dharma in 12th century and he preached dharma Barmati to poor untouchable 
Nirvana Destination of the Matang Dev at Sheni
Tribal Sinbhariya Meghwar and Kings of Saurashtra, Rao Navghan Junagadh Gohilvad, Kathiyavar, Kutch,Jamnagar  Halar, Sindh, Bhavnagar and other region of India.
    The Matang Dev Established Barmati Panth at Historical Kadam Giri Hill in District Bhavnagar near Palitana, in Jainism Neminath lord preached to Jain community before 2000 years.
     at Kadamgiri Hill Tirth the Matang Dev Perform a Religion Barmati Panth Neem jo Kangan sanskar vidhi and entry of Barmati Panth,dharma, every Maheshwary are performing Neem kangan of his children for followers of Barmati dharma,
KadamGiri Hill
 He Preached to Poor Sinbhariya and Jakhariya Meghwar for Barmati Panth Dharma and Help to  downtrodden Poor untouchable peoples to upper caste. He married with Lakhanay Devi Daughter of Maheshwary Anand suidias.The Matang Dev preached to Poor Sinbhariya Meghwar & Other 9 nine Lac peoples for follow the Matangdev"s  Barmati Panth,Dharma, but Six Lack Meghwar and other Peoples left Kadamgiri narvedh yagna of Barmati Dharma and left Kadamgiri hill,while 3 three Lack peoples followers of Matangdev follow the dharma ad Matangdev done Neem kangan  sanskar proce9 Lack Sinbhariya Meghwar were with the Matangdev and Matang Dev Preached them for entry in Barmati Dharma,
The Mamaidev Said in His Vedas:- ૯ નવ કોડી (લાખ)  માનવી  ગની ને  કરમ દેવ કારુભે ચડીયો,તે મંજા  ત્રણ  કોડી  તર્યા, ૬ છ  કોડી હરી જે વિશ્વાસ તે ના હાલિયા ,દેવ મામૈદેવ ચે  સે જીવ  ખૂટી ને કાદવ મેં પડિયા,
(૨) જકી જીવ કદમગીરી કારુભે તે નીમ્યા ( નીમ કંગન ) તેનકે  વેરા ( દુખ) જો ના અચે  હૈયાન ,૩ કોડી  માનવી ગત જા કંગણ કારુભે તે ભરિયા તેનજી  વગત  કન્થઈ મામૈદેવ  પંડિત વછવાર  (પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી ધણી માતંગ ડેવ)
He Formulated Magical Atharva Vedas which is 4th Vedas in Hinduism which was least discussed among the Vedas,the Matang dev Modified Atharva Vedas in his holy Scripture and his ancestor Shree Mamai Dev was a great. Social Reformer and he sacrificed & Fought for Uplifting and Human rights,for the well being of Poor Peoples of India, He was a Scholar,Philosopher,Predictors,Saint in 14th century and Widely discussed and Modified Vedas,The Atharva Vedas is full of Wisdom,Love,health and nature, earth,Rivers,Equality,Unity, Lakes,Mountains and rain,Sky, 
 and The Mamai Dev fight for human rights and social Justice to poor Meghwar in our country India,in view of Vedic values in 14th century 
સંકલન  ..Dr Nitin Vinzoda, Jamnagar India

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Vipassana Meditation " Pandh Shuddh Jiv Shuddh" By Mamai Dev

The Mamai Dev Was Born in India in 13th Century. a Great Philosopher,Predictors and Sufi Saint of Sindh State of  India Now in Pakistan.His Sacred Tomb or Shrine is Located in World"s largest Graveyard Necropolis UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thattha town of Sindh.there are  more than 500000/ five  Lac Graves and Tombs of Sufi Saints,Scholars,Philosophers and Quins,kings,Governors and Princes of Sindh State monuments of Shama King Dynasty in 1340 A.D. to 1520 A.D.Arghun Dynasty 1520 to 1555 A.D.Tarkhan Dynasty 1555 10 1592 A.D. Mogul Dynasty 1592 to 1739 A.D.
The Vipassana Meditation was Discovered by Lord Buddha and Formulated and widely Apply and described by the Mamai Dev in 14th century. Vipassana Meditation is the Art of Living.Everyone seeks peace and harmony,because this is what we lack in our lives.from time to time we all experience agitation,irritation ,disharmony.And when we suffer from this miseries,we don't keep them to ourselves; we often distribute them to others as well.Unhappiness permeates the atmosphere around someone who is miserable,and those who come contact with such a person also becomes affected.certainly this is not a skillful way to Live.When we start generating any negativity or impurity in the Mind.we are bound to become unhappy Mental Impurity,when we find something happening which we don't like unwanted thing happen and we create tension within,your mental and physical structure become tense and so full of Negativities, that Life becomes miserable.
             Mamai Dev Preached to Maheshwari Meghwar community of India and Sindh ,Gujarat,MP and Maharashtra states.He said in his Holy Scripture that Vedas:-  Pandh Shuddh JIv Shuddh"
  " Pahela Apanu Pandh Parkhiyo Poy Pachhi kariyo Varomandh jo Vichar" Translation of Vedas:- First you know yourself then you think for Universe; Vipassana is "insight"is prajna insight into true nature or reality" defined as DUKH " Grief Pain. suffering,Unsatisfactoriness, Non Self,Impermanence. That Human Being are subject to delusions.Delusion is suffering and removal of delusion is end of suffering. According to Mamai Dev its 3 three seals are Impermanence,non-self and nirvana and in heart of the Mamai Dev"s teaching Mediation is a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it Happens. 
       The Mamai Dev Said in His Vedas- " First You take little break in your fast track life and listen yourself " and you see insight yourself and remove delusions and hatred which is responsible for your suffering.  Concentration,Mindfulness and Consciousness are used as tools in Vipassana Meditation, World is Impermanence you does not cling to anything in the world.not Clinging if you are not agitated;being not agitated,you himself Surely attain Nirvana;The Mamai Dev Said,The body which is wrapped in skin is full of Impurities;The Buddha and Mamai Dev Said "Pure Body and Pure Mind"
 The Mamai dev Said in his sacred Vedas:- Jee Jal me Pandhi Pakhario tee Barmati ai Jiv Jo Pakhar" Barmati dharma; translation of Vedas:- Taking Bath in Water is for purification of body while Barmati Panth is for Purification of Soul or Mind;

The Mamai Dev Said there are 4 four Noble Truth which are 1- Birth 2- diseases 3- Ageing and 4 - Death. these are suffering in Human being.
The Mamai Dev Said:-Make an Island of yourself,make yourself your Refuge;there is no another refuge."You are your own Savior"Vipassana Meditation is System of Training or practice of one"s Mind and entails a set of exercise that are dedicated towards making one more and more aware of his or her life experiences.the objective of this form of Meditation is to learn to see the "Truth of Impermanence unsatisfactoriness"and selflessness of Phenomena";

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Shrines of the Maheshwary Meghwar Saints in Sindh

   The Sacred Shrines of the  Shree Matang Dev, Shree Lunang Dev, Shree Matai Dev and Shree Mamai Dev are located in Sindh now in Pakistan, Historical  Holy book on The Shrine of the Maheshwari Meghwar  Sufi Saints of Sindh is written by a great Maheshwary Scholar Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thontya from Sindh,He written perfect and true history of Meghwar Sufi saints of the Sindh in Era or ruling period of Soomara Rajput and Sama dynasty Rajput kings of Sindh in The History of Sindh, .He is a professor in Sindh University of history department in Sindh,Greenwich University of Karachi and this holy historical book is published by Govt of Sindh director of Sindh archives and information department Sindh.
Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thontya, PhD
 writer of a Holy  Scripture /Book  on
Maheshwary Meghwar Sufi Saints of Sindh.
The Sacred shrine of the Matang Dev is located in Mati Dhakan Village in desert Tharparkar district of the Sindh,Mithi Town is headquarter of Tharparkar district.these historical sacred nirvana destinations of the great Sufi saints & Gods of poor Meghwar
The Shrine of the Lurang Dev In Tharai Sindh.
        (2) The Lunang Dev Dada was the Son of the Shree Matang Dev. The Lunang Dev Shrine is Located in  Village Tharai  Dist Badin ,Sindh which is Historical ruined of Soomara dynasty were Hindu and ruled over Sindh and their Capital of State was Historical Tharai, the Lunang Dev and Soomara warriors were Gaman or Disappeared in the Tharai Sindh.
The beautiful historical Tomb or Temple is in Tharai Sindh
    (3) The Holy Shrine of the Matai Dev is located in Haji Savan, Ghelro jo Goth, village  Bhadra District Badin Sindh.
The Matai Dev was grandson of the great Matang Dev and Son of the Lunang Dev Dada, The Matai Dev Nirvana in month of Falgun full Moon,
The Matai Dev was believed that he was incarnation or Avatar of God of Ayurveda Medicine in India,the Matai Dev treated Patient which suffering from disease poor people of India in 12th Century.
  (4) Mamai Dev was Grand son of Lunang Dev, He was Born in Kutch Gujarat Village Matarai near Anjar Town Kutch in  Sake 1311,Sangath Choth Vedas:- Sake 13 termu NE varas 11 agiyarmu,mas vaisak Ne tithi Andhary Sangath Choth teni Gur Gamtero kiyo.
He was Social Reformer and sacrificed his life for Welfare of Downtrodden  poor Meghwar Community of India and Pakistan Sindh and he was a great Sufi saint, philosopher and future predictor in 14th century and preached to poor Maheshwary Meghwar Community in Sindh, Pakistan and Gujarat,and  Bihar states of India and others states of India and during Sama dynasty of Sindh and  Thatta city of Sindh was capital of Sindh and ruled by Sama Rajput of Sindh.
 The Mamai Dev was beheaded by king Bamania Sama dynasty of Thatta  city Sindh, and performed last journey fro Thatta  city to Makli graveyard which is UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Makli Necropolis in Thatta Town of Sindh,The Mamai Dev Hold his head in both hands of Arms and uttered Nine 9 Lacs Vedas to Maheshwary Meghwar community his journey 9 Km from Thatta city to world's largest necropolis, Grave yard  and UNESCO World heritage Site.
            He Disappeared in Earth after 3 Days.
 We pay Homage to great Maheshwary Meghwar Saints.
 We are thankful to Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thontya a Scholar of History and his great efforts to Adding these Historical Shrine of Maheshwary Meghwar Sufi saints in the history of Sindh.
The Dr Mohan Dev Raj is a Jewel of our society and he accrued the Meritorious deed on Dharma and finished Task and Rewrite the History of Four  Pilgrimages or  Tirth Yatra Dham of Maheshwary Meghwar Sufi Saints in Sindh.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Mamai Dev & Harshi Vinzoda in Makli Graveyard Thatta Sindh

The Harshi Vinzoda was devotee of the Mamai Dev, he was with Mamai Dev up to end of his life and Worshiped to Mamai Dev and served with faith to Mamai Dev and he was a care taker of the Dada Mamai Dev and witness of End time of the Mamai Dev and the Vedas of the Mamai Dev preached  for Dharma to Maheshwari Community and his Followers of Sindh at last  breath and moments of the life. After death of Dada Harshi Vinzoda his dead body was Buried in flank or Rt Side of Grave of the Mamai Dev.( shri Harshi Vinjora ko Dada Shri Mamai dev Ki Baho me dafnaya gaya hai) for the memory of the a great devotee of the Mamai Dev.
the Shrine of the Mamai Dev in Makli Grave yard    while the Mamai Dev was beheaded by Sama king of Thatta Sindh Bamaniya  son of Jam Tamachi  Bhamaniya Sama was attacked by Sultan of Delhi and he was under influence of Delhi Sultan and he had dispute with the Mamai Dev For dharma Unar Sama Rajput of Sindh were rebellion they attacked on the Sumara Rajput ruler king Of Sindh and end of Sumara Dynasty which was known as golden and Prosperous period in the History of Sindh,   he ruled over Sindh capital of Sindh was Thatta after Sumara dynasty. The Mamai Dev sacrificed his life for poor Meghwar community and he preached for dharma and worked for downtrodden poor Meghwar community, he was Social reformers and God of Meghwar 
Beheaded Shri Mamai Dev started last journey from Thatta city capital of Sindh to Makli Graveyard 12 km from Thatta City  with his head in his hands and walked and uttered 9 nine lacks Vedas.
And finally after 3 Days the Mamai Dev disappeared in the Earth of Makli Thatta City Graveyard. Now Makli Grave yard in Thatta City of Sindh.,Pakistan is world's largest necropolis, World heritage Site  and 125000/ graves and Tombs are in Makli, Sufi saints, philosopher and kings princes are buried in Makli. The Grave of our Dada Harshi Vinzoda Grave  is Right  side of the Mamai Dev Grave in  the  Holy Shrine.