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Global Warming / Prediction by Mamaidev

The Mamai dev was born in India in 13th century,he was a great philosopher and predictor in 13th Century.the Tomb of Mamaidev is Located in UNESCO World heritage site,Makli necropolis/Graveyard in Tattha Sindh,Pakistan,He predicted on Global Warming in his Sacred Scripture before 800 years. the Mamaidev was living near Tropic of Cancer a latitude line on the earth which was passing through  near Gandhinagar, and Chandruo hill  near Bhuj, in Gujarat  India.
the Mamaidev predicted in his holy scripture  ... ...દક્ષીણ પારજો ખંડ ખડભડ સેપોતો પૃથ્વી જો અંતમામઈ ડેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયાતેની બરી રોંધા સુરજ જા શંખ. ઉત્તર પાર જો ખંડ ખળભળસે,પૂર્વ તો જાપ જપે, મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા,તેની શેષ પૈયાર ( પાતાળ) મેં શેકે, (૨)  મામૈદેવ કથિત વશનરી જા વેદ : વશનરી આડ ( ધરતી) મથા ઉઠશે તેની ધરા ( ધરતી) ને અંબર ( આકાશ ) બારી ને કરીઘી રાખ. ધરા જા પૂડ ઝુરિયા ને ખંડ છણિયા,તેની પુડે કે લગી આગ મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા,તેની થર થર સે અલખદેવ જો માડ...મામૈદેવ .The Effect of heat and global warming and rising of sea level will happen before 2030 and end of  many Lives  in 2060 AD. due to Massive Floods,Rupture of Many Dams on Himalayan Rivers,
Mamai warned the people of the world that CLIMATE ,Environment changes will Impact on the health of Peoples, and loss of  their INFRASTRUCTURE, like by destruction of Human beings with their houses, farms and properties,through the Massive Floods disasters and Aggravates the shortages  of food and others in this regions,regarding Global warming. Human and sentient being will  be scorched by heat.  North India, Pakistan Sindh,Punjab,and Kashmir and China  and south Asia will be highly affected by Global warming and FLOODING,There will be end of so many lives on the earth. 
..The Mamai predicted in his holy scripture there will be end of so many lives on the earth before 2060, due to  massive flooding in the Rivers of Mount Himalayan and Melting of Ice sheets and Glaciers of Mount Himalaya, the Mamaidev said in his Sacred Scripture that climate is changing,the Earth is warming, today we experienced that Human beings Peoples of the world are responsible for the Global Warming,they are using Fossil Fuels,like Petrol, and Gases LPG and others,mankind are the responsible for the changes of Climate and  due to heavy industrialization in Asian Countries, Like India,China, Pakistan.average increased Earth"s temperature is 0.85 centigrade per year in the world,
due to global warming; Devastating earthquake,Tsunamis,drought, and rising of sea level  and destruction of Mega cities of world on the sea coastal of world,and Mega Cities like,Beijing china,Karachi,Sindh,Mumbai India and others will be submerge in the sea water in 2060 A.D.The mamaidev warned that this affects of Global warming will starts from 2030 A.D.
  the Mamaidev Said in his holy Scripture, that Shesh paiyare to sheke.There will be heat inside of cavity of Earth globe,He warned that human beings and the Birds,animals and other living beings will Scorched /Burn  and  will be highly affected by Global Warming, Mount Himalaya will be affected by the tremor and earthquake and melting of their Ice sheet Glaciers will impact on human lives,

          There will be end of many lives on the earth,due to Global warming.
The Mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture:-
ખંડ ધ્રુજશે ને આગ ઉછરાઇ.કરમદેવ પોતો અઘાટ, મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તેની  ઘણે જીવે જો આયો અંત.  Khand dhrujse, ne agg uchhrai, Karamdev poto Aghat, mamai bhane maisaria, Teni ghane jive Jo Ayo Anth,(2 ) Hij tary tith ajvary,suraj ugio ugmashe,mamai bhane maisaria padav manja Bijj hoise..\
           ..હીજ તારી  તિથી અજવારી સુરજ ઉગીઓ ઉગશે , મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા પડવ મંજા બીજ  થાશે.
the Global warming is raised concern due to presence of greenhouse gases,aerosol have increased in the climate atmosphere,because of these more radiation are beings absorbed in the atmosphere,this phenomenon is worrying  and certain Astrological Planets and zodiac and changes  like day of month will be increased and there  will be changes in Bij/Crescent of Moon and lunar month now a day full moon,Lunar month is 30 days, but calculation will be change in the world, due to climate affect lunar month will be  38 day instead 30 days, 19 day of Purnima and 19 days of after purnima Full Moon changes will occur due to Global warming in the world,there will be disappearance of  1st day lunar month  there will be direct Bij or Crescent day of Moon.
Rise of temperature or heat in atmosphere & greenhouse gases Carbon dioxide,increase population in the world leads to shortage of agriculture yields and decrease  farm yields foods and agriculture output and increase the price of food and dirtely impact on the health of peoples and they suffers from malnutrition and stress syndromes,due to rise of temperature and Global warming.
PictureRise of world population growth 1.8 % per years will be 12 billions in 2060 A.D. reserve stock of water in the cavity of earth will be decrease, emission of gases & heat from the Industries and Vehicles in California China,USA,India,Pakistan,greenhouse gases emissions could rise 70% by 2015 AD.Global warming rapidly turning  California,USA,India,Pakistan,China & Asian Countries in a stormy and dangerous place,with Disasters FLOODS,EARTHQUAKES, Antarctic Ice cap melting and there is contraction of  polar Ice Cap.of Antarctic Glaciers and Atlantic sea levels are rising rapidly faster than Global warming.
The Mamaidev Said in His Holy scripture:-
 ....જમીન ઘટધી, જળ ઘટધા, ઘટી વેંધા અન્ન પાણી, મંન ઘટધો, મુલક ઘટધો, ના રોંધા રાજા રાણી.
.......આભ મન્ઝા આગ ઉછરંધી, ગેબી  વરતંદી  ઘાણ હેડી વેરા  અચીંધી , લખે ગાઉ થી ધ્રુજધિ ધરા.     The                                        
              Mamai dev said in his holy scripture and Vedas there will be end of so many lives on the earth before 2069 AD.
The Mamaidev said in his  Holy scripture and Vedas-
.He said , there will be devastating earth quake, Tsunami  and extreme heat in western part of world/earth  due to Global warming, the earth will be fire Glob, western countries like African countries and Arabian gulf countries will be destroyed by fire storms.

There will be end of many lives on the earth due to global warming and firestorms from the Galaxy,There will be human sufferings from Nuclear war, Terrorism,diseases,Tsunami and other human suffering.


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The End of Mogul Dynasty in India

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and predictor in 13th  century and He Nirvana 1389 in Tattha Sindh, his TOMB is Located in World"s largest Graveyard/ Necropolis world heritage site in MAKLI, Tattha SINDH, Now in Pakistan,.in the 13th Century, Shama Dynasty King were the followers of shri Mamaidev, He foretell many future events which will come in the world,which happened in the world,and given proof in his Vedas and holy scriptures. He foretell end of Mughal Dynasty, seven Ancestors of Babar Mughal Emperors will rule on India, and eighth progeny/generation of Babar mughal will be removed from the thorn and power in india. It was the end of Mughal dynasty which was founded in 1527 A.D. and ended in 1707 A.D. seven progeny of Babar were ruled over India
1-Babar himself 2-Humayun 3-Akbar 4 -Jahangir 5-Shahjahan 6-Aurangzeb 7-Bahadur Shah Zafar After that their ancestors removed from power and killed by rival group of powerless Muslim hakem or subba of Mughal Empire who captured the power from Mughal and last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah ended up in prison.    
 Mamaidev said his Holy scripture British, Angrej French, Portuguese came to india by sea route. Their purpose was trading in india for various goods,  After some time settled in india they think to capture  the power from Mughal Emperors, lastly they conquered on Mughal and founded British Empire. The Mamai dev said in his Vedas : -સક ૧૭મી ૧૭૦૦ ,..સકે ૧૭ સતર એ પડશે સમુન્દ્ર મેં સ્ત્રાવ, અંગ્રેજ ફિરંગી ,ઉઠશે તુર્કી કરશે તાણ,ઓલ્લો ,ધોલ્લો આવશે ,શેભર ને સુલતાન,ઘર રાજ પાદશાહ જ પલટસે. ઈ અઈ આગમ જા એધાણ ... THe Mamaidev said in his sacred Scripture, that there will be end mogul dynasty in 1700 AD<...One chhamichhar is equal to one Savantary. = 60 years,--8 chhamichhar is equal to 480 years the mamai predicted in mid of thirteen century. The end of Mughal dynasty was in 1707 A.D.Exactly 480 years after foretold of Mamai, it was perfect foretold of Mamai and was universal truth.
the mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture. શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને ઉન્હી કે પવિત્ર ગ્રંથ મેં  વેદ કહા હૈ,:--
ત્રણ હતા,ત્રણ તારા,ત્રણ ને ગણીએ ૫ પાંચ હુવા ૮ આઠ, એતરા છમીછર/સવંત્સર વર્તે વર્તિયા, તડે,
 મારશે, મોગલ ( મોગલ સતા) જ માણ (2) ૭ સાત શાહજાદા મોગલ તોઝા સુખ થી વર્તાજા, ૮ આઠ કે લાગંધી લાત....મોગલ ના છેલ્લા બાદશાહ  બહાદુર શા ને અંગ્રેજ એ આગ્રા કિલ્લા માં કેદ કરેલ ને મોગલ સતા નો કરુણ અંત આવેલ... 
king  of Mogul Dynasty..
Mamaidev said before Mughal invasion in India, four Muslim  mir invaders will attack on India. They were came from Arab, Kurdistan, Turkestan and Iran, these events was foretold/predicted by Mamai in his holy scripture,  it was noble truth, happened in Indian history. 
મામૈદેવ ને મીરે જી વગત કે વેદ મેં કહા હૈ.: 
ઉરધ. ખુરધ,તુર્ક ને તમાચી,ચારો ચડશે મીર,
ગાય,ભેંસ જ મારણ મારશે,માતા થી વછુટસે બાળ.

દેવે કે પત્રી ના ચડશે ખીર....એડા અસર આડ (

દુનિયા)  મથે વરતશે ,દેવ મામઈ ચે એડા મોગલ
મીર આવશે,(૨)
અરાધીન ને અપરીછ આવશે, ખેંધર ધરિયા તીંણ્જ તાર,જીવ જીવ તણું લેખો લેશે માં નું વછુતસે બાળ....
Four Foreign invaders –Mir will attack on western India they will started looting properties, wealth, of various kingdoms in India ,
The Mamaidev said in his vedas:
3 tran tara, tran huta, 3tan e ganiye 5 panch, huva ath,
etra chhamichar variya tade marse mogule ja man,
Sat shahjada toza sukh thi vartandha, 8 ath ke lagandhi lat...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

ManSarovar & Swan Birds by Mamaidev

Royal Swan Raj Hansa,
The Mansarovar is a Holy lake in Maheshwary Dharma of Shri Mamaidev and Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism also,The  holy Mount Kailas of Mount Himalayan, and Lake is the  central axis of earth, the Earth Moving on its axis,Many Pilgrims and devotees are attending Holy Mansarovar and Mount Kailas in Springs, and Sins are wiped out by taking Holy bath is Mansarovar,The Mamaidev was taking his Holy Bath in Mansarovar in Early Morning,The Mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture that the Hansa or Swans of Lake are the sacred and beauty of the lake,they are Sacred Birds in Mamaidev Dharma, The Mamaidev Praised Royal Hansa Swan in his Literature,
Kailas Mansarovar Lake is the abode home of the Lord Shiva and divine Goddess Maa Parvati,
, The Mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture:- Jambuva deep me Jambuva Heriya, Mansarovar me Raj hans Datha,Raj hansa man sarovar ja Hansa, Har kanad ji Barmati me vetha, tenke Bhag Bhalera judiya,Gynan je pani se jiv Pakhariya, se jiv Pandh ji kamay se Mamai che se jiv vanajiya.
         મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ....જંબુ આ દીપ મેં જમ્બુઆ હેરિયા,માન સરોવર મેં રાજ હંસ દીઠા,રાજ હંસા માન સરોવર જ રાજ હંસા,હર કાનડ જી બારમતી મેં વેઠા,તેનકે  ભાગ ભલેરા જુડિયા,જ્ઞાન જે પાણી સે જીવ પખારિયા,સે જી ડેવ મામઈ ચે,સે જીવ પંઢ જી કમાઈ સે તરિયા,સે જીવ વણજીયા...
         Translation of above Vedas in English,the Mamaidev said that You are your own savior,As you sow so shall you reap,he explain the universal truth and the philosophy of Cause and effect,you are builder of your fate.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Attitude & Life by Mamaidev

Tomb of Mamaidev In Tattha Sindh Pakistan
The Mamaidev was a Great Philosopher and Predictor of future Events on the earth,He was Born In India in 12th Century, and Nirvan on 1386 Ad, in Tattha Sindh, Pakistan, The tomb of the Mamaidev is Located in World famous Makli Grave yard,Tattha Pakistan.
He preached to Poor Sinbhariya Meghwars of India, Pakistan,and other Asian countries.The Mamaidev teaches
or preached to Poor Meghwar community for Equality,Struggle,Unity,compassion, Love and peace for their Right Livelihood,He preached to Meghwar community for  Positive thinking,Positive Attitude for change of life,Because the poor Sinbhariya Meghwar were treated lower human and Untouchable by upper caste peoples of India,and they were psychological depress peoples of India.The Mamaidev said in His Vedas:-PANDH SHUDDH NE JIV SHUDDH,KARAM KAINTHA JO VICHAR,PANDH TARIYO NE JIV UKARIYO,TANI KE PANDH TANU VICHAR, MAMAI BHANE MAISARIYA,ANZO JIV THINDHO KAROD KARPATE NU PAR.
મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં કંથન કિયા હૈ..પંઢ શુદ્ધ ,જીવ શુદ્ધ, ને કરમ કાયથા જો વિચાર,પંઢ તરીઓ ને જીવ ઉકરીઓ,તની કે પંઢ તણું વિચાર,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા આન્જો જીવ થીન્ધો કરોડ કરપતે ( પાપ)  નું  પાર
The Mamaidev Said Healing start within You, You regret nothing in your life,Even if your past was full of suffering ,pain and Hurts,You still look back and smile what you are today is because of your past,it make you stronger and stronger,From your human perspective You often believed that you must work hard to overcome obstacles and suddenly shortages ans solve the problems that are before you.but often in that ATTITUDE or approach you work against yourself and nature and the rules of Attraction of nature. without realizing It.Think Highly of yourself Because the World  takes you at your own estimate Destination or Goal which was decided by You,
Achieving your Goals will leads to some of the most Memorable and Rewarding Experiences of your life. The Mamaidev Said, I'm glad you have chosen to allow me to be a part of your Journey, Good luck,and Good bye to Maheshwari's,He said If you have vast or plenty of Wealth,It will be Useless in Teaching your children, relatives and your followers,If You h
ave great power It will be of no avail in security of their happiness,If You have Succeeded admirably in life it will no help You, keep your children, relatives and followers safe.
Remember that you can not teaching or preaching them, try to live with Peace,Love,contentment, and Compassion.this will be your LECTURE this will be your lesson,
the positive thinking and Attitude are depend upon how you start building on your happiness and this is now you learn to focus goal on what you can change, presence moment and you can influence on Future,
If You want to build a happy and successful life and let go regret well start working on improving your attitudes towards yourself and towards life and every single day work on building happy precious moment,and in the END, when you will look back of life,than you will realized that the sum of those moment helped you to build a successful life,It is that simply,A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP.!!!!
                         If I become happier so can You, Always associate with wise person who correct You,At work and in school look for positive peoples to associate with,Remember You are what You think,you fill what you want,Keep a list of your Goals,Positive thoughts and action,It will build your skill, boosts your health and improve your work ability,If you are an entrepreneur than positive thinking is really a must have, although it help for all carriers and destination and your success and happiness,and build strong Social relationship, It is Amazing what can do for You !!! the power of positive attitude,happy peoples are more productive and success in their life,they will live longer and healthier,The Mamaidev Said,Success is not key to happiness,but happiness is the key of success,If You Love what you are doing,you will be successful.
  Character is the basic requirement for happiness and positive attitude,so that you be honest and trustworthy,have good values,never compromise your values,and verbalize and share your good values,be a good friends,wife,husband,family members,be  LOYAL,praise yourself and others often,reward yourself,Be courageous and strong always,always look forward, and keep track of your physical,mental and social wellbeing of your health, SUCCESS is something most of us want but we want happiness too.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Global warming & Massive floods Disasters

Flood Disasters in Sindh and Bangladesh,India
The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher and Predictors In 13th Century.He was Born In India, He predicted in his Sacred Scripture that there will   be Rupture or burst of Many Large Dams Water reservoirs  Due to Massive huge Devastating EARTHQUAKE and flooding  due to melting of Himalayan Glaciers, in Sindh  and Punjab, Pakistan and Uttarakhand, UP state of India and Bangladesh  surroundings of Mount Himalaya.Pakistan,China and California USA, He said in his Holy Scripture that a Megathrust quake( AHR BANDH)  with Melting of huge Himalayan Glaciers,that could obliterates the entire State province Sindh and Punjab of Pakistan. North India, Bangladesh and China, there will be lost of many Human lives and Earthquake with Flood will engulf SINDH, Punjab, and North India, Bangladesh.. China The 15000 GLACIERS of Himalayan which collectively constitute largest Body of Ice sheet outside polar caps are reported to be melting Faster than anywhere on Earth. 2000 GLACIERS have melted since 1950,Instead of snow accumulation in winter HIMALAYAN GLACIERS are hit by Summer monsoon and GLOBAL WARMINGS The barnak Glaciers of has melted 0..8 km , since 1990. if HIMALAYAN GLACIERS recede this rate they will be gone by 2035. MASSIVE FLOODINGS are predicted by shri Mamaidev in area of Himalayan,where GLACIERS are melting  By Estimated 20% Bangladesh,  50% Sindh and Punjab Pakistan and North India will be underwater by 2035 onwards if the current rate of GLACIERS melting continue in Himalayan.THE MAMAIDEV PREDICTED IN HIS HOLY SCRIPTURE THAT THIS  EVENT WILL BE MAJOR DISASTER ON THE EARTH  before 2069  AD.this will be in last phrase of KALIYUGA, Era. and SINDH,PUNJAB, PAKISTAN,BANGLADESH,NORTH INDIA,AND CHINA will be underwater and will effects on Inhabitants nearby Himalayan.Regions.
destroys  its infrastructure and There will be diversion of Indus River of Sindh and Indus River will be disappeared and will change its Path.There will be Bursting of Dams of Sindh, China  and California of U.S.A,.The China will build a huge dam on River Indus and Brahmaputra river in Tibet the huge dams of China Zigmu dams will endangers millions of  lives in Pakistan, Sindh,Karachi, Tattha and other cities of Pakistan and India and Bangladesh. The Mega Earthquake will hit on the Dams and yunnan provinces and south east of China will be submerged
The Tomb of shri Mamaidev In Tattha, sindh,
 in Water and loss of many live in Asia.
due to Megathrust Earthquake and will leads to Rupture of many large Dams of  Indus rivers, scientists Says that polar Ice sheets are melting three times faster than they were just before 3 decades ago.Amount of ICE lost from  Himalayan Greenland and Antarctica glaciers are enough to raise world sea level 2Mm every  year.Melting of Polar ice sheet will be due to GLOBAL WARMINGS,sudden meltings of Polar Ice sheets of  Mount Himalayan will leads to sudden Ice  or Snow storms and there will be breaking of huge Ice sheets will leads to disasters like Rupture of large Dams on rivers on Himalayan regions of world. there will be Heavy Rain in Mount Himalayan and  floods and massive  landslides in Himalayan; and will be lost of Lives on the earth and Mount Himalayan regions, breaking of huge Ice sheets of  Mount Himalayan. and there will be human sufferings and loss of many lives on the Earth.more than 300 cities or Villages will be Affected by the Rupture of ARD BANDH,
      The Mamaidev Said in his Holy Scripture in the AHR BANDH Vedas:-
(૧) ચૈત્ર માસ બે ચેત્ર આવશે,વરસ જો નામ વિકાર,અંબર ફાટો ને એડ બંધ તૂટો,અલખ એડ બંધ તોડશે,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરીએ તળે થીંધો પાપ ને પાણી જો પખાર,
(૨) એડ બંધ ફાટીઓ ને અવાજ થીયો,અંબર મેં થીયો ઉજારો,તળે શેણી સંકેલો કરશે,સિંધ મેં દરીઓ કરશે ધમ ધમકર,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તળે એડ બંધ જો આયો અંત...
 (1) Chaitra bo2 chaitra avse, varas Jo Nam VIKAR, Amber fatiyo ne AHR BANDH Tuto,
 Alakh ARH BANDH todse, Mamai bhane Maisariya, tade thindho pani ne pap Jo pakhar,
(2) AHR BANDH Fatiyo ne Avaz thiyo, Amber me  thiyo Ujaro,SHENI (Indus) Sankelo Kiyo,
SINDH me dariyo ( ocean) karse Dham Dhamkar,MAMAI BHANE MAISARIYA TADE AYO AHR BANDH JO ANT....
 Translation of above Vedas,The Mamaidev said in his holy scripture that this Megathrust Earthquake and bursting of Dams disaster will be in 2078 AD,there will be two chaitra month and VIKARI years and there will me Monday and sun Eclipse,All Sindh Province will be Submerge in the water and will be converted in Ocean,and there will be end of many  Lives on the Earth, The AHR BANDH rupture disaster will be the Massive  mega Earthquake in the world history, The Scientists discovered new California quake faults in Glaciers of Mounts Himalayan and others Glaciers of the world,that could burst Dams on Rivers of Himalayan and other Glaciers and loss of Many lives due to Flooding,
There will be fault in Tectonic plates of Earth and  Mega Earthquake will leads to Massive land slides in Mount Himalayan and Glaciers of the world and will obstruct the water flow of rains and Himalayan and ultimately Rupture of Many Dams on Rivers, Highly affected regions of world will be Himalayan Regions , Punjab and Mainly SINDH,The Mamaidev Predicted in SAKE Salivahanan Era of Hindu Calendar,The Hindu Ancient calendar named years known as SAMVATSARA in order to identified time of events,The Common calendar does not have such names applied to years,In the Saka Era Calendar depending upon The Saka was started by an Emperor Salivahanan There are 60 such names given to 60 years the Vikari year is no 33 in Samansara years and given specific names of Years one of them is Year Vikari, 2019-20 will be the year Vikari and after 59 years there will be Vikari year in 2078-79 AD, reference to our great  late  Engineer Auwa L.T.Matang had calculated Exact Vikari year in his Post on prediction of the Mamaidev in world
This will be the Historical Massive Earthquake and Bursting of Dams in Sindh,and the Mamaidev said this Event will be the Last massive striking Event in the  phrase of Kaliyuga, This will be end of Cruel Kaliyuga in the world and after that there will be starting of PACHORATH new Yuga,

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Meghwar & Human suffering,

Sinbharia Meghwar Women of Kutch India
The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and predictor in 13th century.his sacred tomb is located in UNESCO world heritage site in Makli Tattha Sindh,He preached for dharma to poor Sinbhariya Maheshwary Meghwar in India.the Indus valley civilization was the finest specimen of ancient Sinbhariya Meghwar wisdom. and the Sinbhariya Meghwar are the Ancient Dravidian habitat of south Asia, Sinbhariya Meghwar were burst,split,scattered,dispersed,torn as under destroyed and were crushed by foreign Invaders and upper caste peoples of ancient India during vedic period.the oppression of Meghwar has been going on for 3000 years in south Asia,they are consider to be lower rank human being and untouchable by the caste peoples of upper caste societies of India, Pakistan,Nepal, SriLanka and Bangladesh.most Meghwar lives in extreme  poverty, without his own Home,land, force to work as farm laborer  Recently European Union Parliament in France asks India to protect Meghwar Dalit the persistence of human right violation against Meghwar Dalit in India, for wide spread untouchability include the issue of caste discrimination in their dialogues for priorities programmed addressing caste discrimination,in education and programmed with particular focus on WOMEN and  GIRLS.
 The Mamaidev predicted in his holy scripture that a powerful Sinbhariya Meghwar Warrior named Marchand will come from Roman Empire of Turkey City Constantinople of Roman Emperor, which is known as RUM SON ( Roman) country in Mamaidev"s holy Scripture,now it is known as Istanbul city of Turkey Country in Europe.the story of one the  great forgotten event world history the fall of Constantinople  to the Ottoman  Sultan Turks in 1453 AD. and end of Roman Empires which ruled over world for 1000 years, and starting of Islamic rules in Turkey of Roman Empire in 1453 A.D.the Last Roman emperor was Fredrick 3 to be crowned at Rome by Pope,
The Mamaidev Predicted in his Holy Scripture that the Maheshwary Meghwars Warrior Marchand will be the King of TURKEY Constantinople  in coming Pachorath yuga JUG 2069 A.D.  and will save Poor Sinbhariya Meghwar of India and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal and Asia.with lord Muru raja king 11th Incarnation of Lord Shiva Matang Dev and Muru Lord and King Marchand will kill evil king name Karing of Kandahar Asia and there will be end of terrorism in the world, The Muru and Marchand will take special attention and action for welfare and uplift of Meghwars Maheshwary and he will take actions for equal distribution of national properties and prosperity to Maheshwary Meghwar. and King Muru God will take action for caste discrimination and untouchability and equality in human beings,there will be no caste systems in Coming Pachorath Yuga.
 Sinbhariya Maheshwary King Marchand from Turkey in 2069 A.D.
            મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ : (૧)--રૂમ સૂમ  મંજા થી ચાસી ચડંધી,  મરચંદ કેન્ધો હાજ,ડેવ મામાઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા,તળે થીન્ધો પાન્જો રાજ;
( ૨) પંથ બારમતી ને મંગર ૪ ચાર,માંડવાગઢ ( મધ્ય પ્રદેશ ભારત)મેં થીન્ધો મુરુ જો અવતાર,સોજ સ્વામી કેન્ધો સિન્ભરીયે મેઘવારે જી સાર.
(૩) અઢારે ૧૮ વરણ ( જાતી) એક હકડા થીન્ધા છેપ પારીન્ધો ના કોય,ડેવ મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા એડા અચીંધા કલીજુગ જા પરમાણ' ....The Mamaidev predicted that there will be Annihilation of Caste systems in Asian countries,
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:- Rum soom ( Roman Country Turkey)manza thi chansi chadandhi, Marchand kendho haj,Mamai bhane Maisaria tade thidho panjo Raj.. Uradh,khurad ne Turk Tamachi 4 charo chadse mir..(2) Panth Barmati ne mangar 4 char,Mandavgadh me thindho MURU jo Avatar, soz swami kendho Sin Bhariye Meghware ji sar..translation,the King Marchand will come from Europe country with lord,Muru will be born in Mandavgadh city of MP state of India.and The Marchand Maheshwary Meghwars  Warrior from Modern Istanbul ( rumson)Turkey will be the presidents of south Asia countries in 2069 A.D.and there will be end of Human suffering of Sinbhariya Meghwar in Asia.
poor Meghwar children.
Mamaidev dharma is a religious pretty centrally concerned with suffering,these form a central focus of religious its practice and philosophy,one is encouraged what suffering is,this various its come in and their root causes.though can all be reduced to attractions and aversions base upon the illusions of real self "pandh Shuddh jiv Shuddh" and the peoples who hide behind the wall of false or illusions,never get glimpse the truth the it"s fare too late when they die or pass away.
The four requisites of Mamaidev teaching enunciate are food sufficient to alleviate hunger, education and maintain one's health, and good sources of income for lively hood,sufficient to be Socially descents and to protect body from diseases and Societies, shelters sufficient for serious engagement with cultivating mind.the Mamaidev said there are 7 seven happiness or noble for human beings,health,wealth,character,sacrificing one"s possession wealth for benefits to poor,


Monday, 29 October 2012

Alcohol and Its Impact on Society

The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher in 12th century and he was born in India, his tomb is located in ancient Makali grave yard in Sindh Pakistan, He preached to Maheshwary  of Sindh,Gujarat, Mp,Bihar and Maharashtra states..the Mamaidev described the Impact of Alcohol on Society in his Sacred scripture. He said in his Vedas: -મધ પીયણ ને જુવા રમણ, ને માનવી વેશ્યાવાડે જાય, મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા એ મનખ/માનવી જે લેખે મેં નહિ.Madh piyan ne Juva Raman, je manakh Veshya vade Jay, mamai bhane maisaria, ei jiv Manakh je lekhe me nahi...Translation, person who drink alcohol. play gambling and who have multiple sex partners are not considered as human being and are evil person and hungry ghost and animal on the earth,alcohol or wine is strictly prohibited in his dharma,he said that you committed to cultivate good health, physically, Socially and mentally wel beings,aware of the suffering causes by unmindful consumption of wine alcohol and drugs abuses. committed to ingest only items that preserve peace,wel beings,happiness and joy your life,and helpful and consciousness to your Family and society,he preached for pure body and pure mind.
                      the ancient Egyptians one of the history"s first civilization around 5000 years ago,wine also was used as luxurious offering to Gods and dead persons and was also placed in the tombs of rich kings.the Hindu mythological description of the time 2000 BC, the wine was known as Sura,mythical root from period of Indus valley civilization and Vedic period,the ancient Dravidian culture in south India is also reported to have alcohol which was known as Sura,
person died due to Aids and Alcohol abuse
a child learns to become Alcoholic from parent and home environments. medical science researched proved than alcoholism is transmitted from Genes and offspring of drinkers are suffers from Abuses of alcohol,parental substance abuses impact upon their children and the natural development of childhood to adulthood is affected,behavior problems,anger,suicide, depression and anxiety.
research suggests that women most serious risk factors for injury and violence may be the history of alcoholism in her male partners.alcoholism in parents also increased risk of violence behavior and abuses towards their children,children of alcoholic parents tend to worst academically.anger anxiety and suicidal tendency.since alcohol is commonly used in western societies no dinner is completed without figure released by the world health organisation have shown that alcohol is responsible for causing 2.5 millions death per annul which is almost 4% of all death world wide.alcohol consumption is leading risk factor for death in age group 15 to 59 years.almost 40% person alcoholic died in road accident and innocent persons are kill by alcoholic persons when he is driving vehicles and is proved that Alcohol kill more than AIDS, TB and violence, reference medical journal. Alcoholism not only effect individual drinkers but peoples around them and society as a has big economic Impacts on Industries growth ,work places with absents,accidents,lower performance which will leads to unemployment.this costs employee, employers and social security and more burden on health systems.
 alcoholic person died due to liver illness,cancer,stomach disease, hemorrhagic diseases,  polyneuritis, Impotent and pancreatitis  and others illness. and his family and his his widow wife and children are the sufferer of evil karma of wine drinkers.
 The Mamaidev said that health can not be isolated from its Social context,human beings anywhere are members of group or groups a man who can live without Society said either God or beasts.thus society may be defined in simple terms as an organisation of members group,a systems of social relation between individual,the important of society lies in the fact that it controls and regulates the behavior of individual both by law and customs.