Wednesday, 3 August 2011

36 Vows of Mamai Dev in Maheshpanthi Dharma / મહેશપંથી ધરમ ને ૩૬ ધ્રોક

The Art of living and 36 vow of Mamai Dev;
The Mamai Dev was a great philosopher in 14th century,He teaches to Maisaria his followers for the 36 vow of his dharma for the art of living on the earth,these vow are for the purification of mind, body and life,every great civilization from Ancient Egypt Nile to Greek,from Great mount Himalayan to the western countries of world,and Indus valley civilization from Volga to Ganga,Ancient Indus valley civilization migrate from middle Asia to the Bank of Ganga river and Indus river,this ancient Indus valley civilization change their life styles and art of living on the earth, and learn to accommodate with environment,The Mamai Dev teaches the path of living on the earth and 36 vow,he connected us to the mystery of life on the earth,and we can share it,He teaches the path of awakening, and tread softly on the earth without obstruction,the power of dignify and purified every part of world.The power of 36 vow of the Mamai Dev is positive and accumulative,
                      He said in his sacred scripture:-
Namana, khamna, ne bahot guna, jenji mukh me mithi vani,Mankhe manza dev thindha ,nahi koy deve ji khani. (2) Pahela apnu pandh parkhiyo, ne pachhi kariyo varomandh jo vichar.
one who is polite in nature,tender and sweet speech,full of virtue. merit and compassion socially equal person is equal to god,when mindfulness has penetrate to the root of ego process.root of greed, root of illusion, root of hatred,root of anger,root of lust. wiil be elimination from person,than he will be perfect person in the world,this is the path of wisdom, path of truth, path of joys,
Mindfulness is present time awareness and awakening,self realization,you learn about yourself,who i am!! than you understand other peoples of world;once you do not know yourself,than it is not beneficiary to you, you learn to control your desires and craving is the art of living on the earth, ,

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