Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Mamai Dev & Divine Light / Karma Jyot

The Mamai Dev was born in India in 14th century,He was a great philosopher,The Mamai Dev formulated Barmati Panth in Mahesh dharma,The Barmati is based on the sacred light and truth and wisdom.The Divine light of Barmati is known as Karma Jayot, in every process of Mahesh dharma,Light and the fire are the basic requirement,during the Barmati first Divine light is evoked and than religious process start,All infrastructure of illumination is based on fire and light.Divine light is addressed God as absolute light, that include that the life on the earth is result of continuous radiation of divine light.Karma Jayot,which make universal world alive on the earth,the Barmati is the eternal truth,according to Mamai Dev 's Philosophy that its apparent and God can have such a quality. He said the God is Aghat, Formless.the life is the essence of natural world,the life is not possible without light.the divine light is celestial radiation by its sacred wisdom knowledge, truth and peace which leads to Bliss and sacred path of happiness in the world,The Barmati is Theosophy,the world derived from Greek ,Theos means.God divinity,Sophia means wisdom,underlying world"s Religions, science and philosophy.
    Bhagvad Geeta says,path to  divine realization through wisdom and knowledge,In Hinduism Divine light known as Jayothi,there are 12 Jyorthir lingas of lord Shiva,it is mentioned in the medical science Regarding third eye,there is 3rd eye in the Brain, which is known as Pituitary Gland, The Lord Shiva was known as Tri-lochan,means third eye of Shiva is known as Divine Light, In Hinduism they ,worshiped god as fire and Light, it is known as Arti and Deep, God reside in the form of Divine fire and light.while Christ believed in divine light,and Buddhism it is known as Chakra of Dharma, for wisdom ,knowledge and truth,
In ancient Iran, Zoroastrianism believed in Divine Light. Parsi worshiped fire and light as God, In Mamai Dev and his Dharma. light and fire is divine light which leads to path of happiness from darkness to light, truth, knowledge;wisdom.
The Mamai Dev said in his Holy scripture:
(1)  Karma Jyot ne Kangan Karumbho,ee ai Jug jo parman,
      Jug farte,Dev Mamai che e jiv thindha nij Nirvan.
(2) Umar pud ja Vedas:-Umar pud Alakh bhane,tenji AGAM kara ai aghat,
pavan pani jo kiyo parkash,Mamai Dev bhane Maisaria, teni Umar pud maze ami zarse,

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