Monday, 7 November 2011

Non Violence and Peace by The Mamai Dev

Tomb of Mamaidev  In Makli Grave yard, Tattha,Sindh
 The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher and Sufi saints of Sindh and he Nirvana in 1389 AD.He describe the solution of terrorism in the world,he preached to peoples for non violence, peace and love,he said in his holy scripture,that hatred will not cease by hatred but by love alone,not to kill is the dharma of human being,harming or taking life of human beings is not dharma,It is terrorism and hatred,The Mamaidev's philosophy is a peaceful tradition,nothing in MamaiDev"s scripture gives any support to use of violence as a way to resolve conflict in human being in the world,when violence embraced the rod of violence breeds danger and fear ,loss of innocent human life, violence leaving behind horror of destruction of human and its family and children are the sufferer of this bad karma of a person.
The Mamaidev said in his holy scripture:-(1)Jiv na maro jivda, jiv mare se pandh jo jiv jay;juko hancha jo pap pandhave ke lago.panddh ji kaya ke khay;(2) Dev MAMAI che anv huvo se khambhat desh me Rastikhan padshah, vo se jan ne sujan,paraye savarthe anv bango mariyo,a vad kidho kam,se saminagar me avatariyo, Bhamaniyo samo jenjo nam,madhare je pape anv na chhuto,monji pandhi pai Bhamaniye same je hath;
The Mamai said cause of violence are hatred,greed.anger,pride and delusion,these are the evil karma which leads to birth of terrorism in the world.Removed above bad karma in your mind and solve the conflict peacefully,Hatred is the blemish of mankind,that are likely to cause suffering and grief to human. he said that the only escape from violence is remove the cause of violence from one"s own mind and heart,so as to create proper action or karma context more peace and Love towards human being,
The Mamai said, that all living being on the earth have a nature right to lives and that right should be respected because the human being are created by nature itself, nature create living being and nature dispose living being,not by terrorist,they have no right to kill human; life is dear to all human being. this is the universal law of nature not to kill living being on the earth; violence is against the nature of universal world.The Mamaidev said in his sacred scripture,that conquer Anger and hatred by LOVE one should abandon pride anger,hatred,greed,and delusion,one should overcome all fetter and obstruction and difficulties in his life and he understand the value of human life, Avoid taking life of all living being in the world,one should escape from negative feeling such as violence which are damaging and destructing human life; Terrorism are ignorance and suffering in their karma and they suffered and are the root of suffering and these terrorists are born by hatred, greed, pride and delusion.
Life is dear to all living being in the world;

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