Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Mamai Divine Light and Life,

Nirvan destination :Makli (Thatta) in Sindh, Ancient World Heritage,Necropolis,Graveyard, 100 K.M. from port city Karachi, On Hyderabad Highway;
Nirvana on 1265 A.D. /vikram savant 1311 mas vaisakh tithi choth,friday.
The Mamai preached to maisariya just before his last breath of nirvana,He said "O MY Follower maisaria ask me any dubious thought about dharma I will answer you and leads to path of happiness and truth and perfect wisdom
,universe without doubt," He preached to maisariya for loving kindness,uproots sufferings-misery,compassion toward
sufferings,Nonviolence,pure body and pure mind.

He said you come contact those who shall be future light of world and keep moving wheel of dharma in universe,
He said in his vedas just before his nirvan

મોત વેરા ડેવ મામાયી ભણે નિજ કરમ જેઅહદારમામાયી ભણે માઇસરિયા,મોંજો શિવ પૂડમે શંભૂદો સાથ,
નો લાખ ઘલીયુ મરન તણે ,ડેવ મામાયી ભણેમાઈ શાસ્ત્રા સાર,મામાયી ચે અલખ જો ઘર આઇ અપાર.

સવન્ત તેર્મુ ની વરસઅગીરમુ માજ઼ વૈશાખ,તિથી ચોથ નૅ સુક્રવારતેની ગૂર ગામ તેડો કિયો,
ચોથ અંધારી થઈ જેણ સરખી,મામાયી ભણે માયીસરિયા,આઇ પુછો-પુછોવગત ને વાટ
.He said,    "As you sow,so shall you reap;"
These are the last sermon of Mamai to maisariya,Tomb of Mamai in makli is the memory of great Mamai,
I pay to Homage and veneration to our great Mamai,



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