Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Mamai Dev Preached for The Charity/ Daan /Dashondh

The Mamai Dev preached to Maisaria for Dashodh, it is known as DASHODH in Maheshpanthi 
Mamai Dev dharma,every person should donate 10% of their income for the poor and helpless peoples for their children's education, foods and illness,and their basic requirements of life and charitable act of kindness to poor peoples, and downtrodden, striving for social justice and orphans children, the Dashodh is compulsory for Maisaria,the Mamai said in his holy scripture that wealthy persons are taking their meals without charity, they are not  taking their real meals, it is ghost meals,so that every person has to donate to poor it is known as DHARMA JI DASHODH in Mamai dharma.
PictureThe belief of many religious faith encouraging charitable activity,In Hinduism according to Vedic theology society can meet everyone"s legislative needs help to poor for their education, illness and  compassion, kindness and sympathy to poor, In Hinduism charity known as DANN ,dann is sanskrit word.and the Dann is the most important pillar of Hindu dharma, in the sacred scripture of Hinduism, "Geeta Krishna states that the wise have described 3 main path of happiness and achieve fullness, one of them is Dann.Among the Christian,Catholic,Jews,Protestants the religious basis for giving charity is compulsory . In Islam Charity is third pillars of Islam, known as Zakat,In Jews it is known as repairs of earth,
The Mamai Dev said in his Holy Scripture:-(1) Dharam ji Dashodh:- Sum sarover ne Ganga jo Jal,te me tarshiya pani piyant;hakdo dane dubaro na thiye, biyo van dane bhukhe mare,(2)  Dashodh nay rakhiya Dharam ji asur aregyeta ann,Adharmia jiv utamara,DEV MAMAI che,se jiv gary garant thiyant. Translation in Gujarati:--
મામૈદેવ કથિત ધરમ જી દશોધ જ વેદ:-સુમ  સરોવર ને ગંગા જો જળ તેમે તરસ્યા પીયંત  નીર,હકડો દાને  દૂબરો ના થીયે,બીયો વન ડને ભૂખે મરે,દશોધ નહિ રખિયા ધરમ જી સે અસુર આરોગે ટ અન્ન,અધરમિયા જીવ ઉતામારા, દેવ મામી ચે સે જીવ ગરી ને  ગરંત થીયંત.

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