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The Megh Malhar and cloud Burst by The Mamai Dev

Damodar kund Junagadh Gujarat
The Mamai Dev was great Philosopher,Sufi Saints and Predictor in 14th Century; there were extreme drought in Junagadh state of Gujarat. Peoples and king of Junagadh urge to Mamai Dev for overwhelm scarcity of water in his state. Mamai Dev sang lyrics, rhyme and rhythm of Megh Malhar it is the song to invite the 12 king of clouds for rainfall in drought region. The Mamai said there are 12 types of clouds (12 Megh) on the earth. 
The image of holy lake named Damodar kund in Junagadh,where Mamaidev was taking his holy bath.
              Mainly there are three type of clouds they were given Latin names by luke Howard in 1804/---1=cirrus-(curl of hair)2-cumulus(heap)—3-stratus (layers),clouds are also grouped by their height above the ground ,high level ,mid level, low level and vertical level. Total 12 types of clouds are made up of combination of these families. cloud burst is extreme form of rainfall with thunderstorm leads to soil erosion and landslide, more than 3” inches of rainfall in /hours,Clouds burst recently reported in LEH Kashmir  India. Clouds burst record is 9.25 inches in 40 minutes reported in Virginia USA in 24 Aug 1908.
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:-

           મેઘ માંડણ ડેવ મામઈ ભણે, પવન કરેતો વિચાર તેજ રૂપે તરવરીયો તેજ અલખ હૅવો અદ્રેથ, મામઈ ભણે માયસરિયા તાડે ગર્જદો ગઢ ગિરનાર. બારો વાસોત્રિયો ગણી ને મામઈ ચડ્યો ગઢ ગિરનાર તડે વિજે કિયો વિચાર, મામઈ ભણે માયસરિયા તડે મેઘરાજા સરી તીંધો સાદ;
              The Mamai Dev was taking his holy bath in Damodar Kund in Junagadh, Gujarat,the police of king Navghan stopped Mamai for bath and said that Bath is prohibited by king , due to forecast of Rajya jayotish, there will be drought in Junagadh, the Mamai Dev said to King Navghan Oh King, there will be extreme Rain in your Junagadh,and cloud burst,During the Malhar song lyrics of clouds king,(Megh malhar) by Mamai Dev , than heavy rain fall started in Junagadh, these was extreme fall of rainfall accompanied with thunder storms and lightning. there were fear of clouds burst in Junagadh,the king Navghan requested to Mamai Dev for further stop the rain otherwise his state will submerged in the flood water disasters, then Mamai Dev pray to kings of cloud and said oh king of clouds please stop rainfall,
Mamai Dev  Vedas:-
               ધંધૂસર તે ધનોણિયો વથો નવઘન મિર વર વર વડા ધણી તોકે સુજે સાયેર કેરી શિર 
આરંબ કરી ને ઉથિયો, કિયે સિનભરીયે ક સાદ મેઘવારીયો મેઘવારા આંકે વલ્વે મામઈ પંડીત વચ્છ વાર રખે ગર દિયે ગઢ ગિરનાર જતે વથા તે બારો મેઘ
                  The king of Junagadh state Rao Navghan went to Dhandhusar village near Junagadh and where Mamai Dev has done Tapashcharya /devotion, he urge to mamai  for control of extreme heavy rainfall  and clouds burst in Junagadh ,the mamai wake up and asked to Rao Navghan and said you go to Simbhariya(Meghwar)tell them Mamai Dev is requesting you for control of heavy rainfall otherwise Junagadh will be destroyed ,The King Navaghan ,Mamai Dev and  12 sub caste of Meghwar. ie Fufal, bhoya, Rosia, Arandia, Kanar, to climbed Mount Girnar and they requested to king MEGHRAJA for stop the Rain,and mount Girnar will be destroyed by land slide, disaster, and many people –sentient being will die.
After that Shimbhariya (Meghwar) urge to the 12 king of clouds, please stop rainfall and immediately rain stopped. So that shimbhariya are known as Meghwara.This is the prayer of Mamai DEv to the king of clouds meghraja for drought and stop of rainfall in clouds burst, extreme heavy rainfall and floods disasters.


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