Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Environment & The Mamai Dev

The Mamaidev predicted in 13th century and Nirvana in 1389 AD. about to save Environment for your existence on the earth   and harmony, accord with Environment to save your future generation, Climate changes will impact directly on the human beings and sentient beings and micro organisms for their existence on the Earth. 

Essentials of life are water, Air, Earth, dense forests and trees, rivers, are    environmental related factors.

He praised rivers, Ganga and sindhu-shenny, Lake-Mansarover in the end of each Vedas preached to maisaria. 9900, rivers are in the world. The Mamai was highly impressed by two river Ganga and sindhu—shenny

Brief introduction of sindhu, the Indus valley was the site of pre-historic Indus valley civilization, major cities of Indus civilization where Harappa, monhe-jo-dero in Punjab and sindh now in Pakistan.  Third biggest city of Indus valley civilization was DHOLAVIRA in Rapar taluka of Kutch Gujarat.Lothal in Gujarat, Indus change the direction and path during earth quake disasters.  Indus valley civilization city Dholaravira is site where Indus River was running/ passing through Kutch before merge in Arabian Sea.

Indus River originating Tibetan plateneu vicinity of Lake Mansarover in Tibet run Ladakh Gilgit and Baltistan and merge in Arabian Sea near port city Karachi. Total length of Indus River is 3180 K.M.  

The Mamai preached to Maheshwari community for to keep pure and clean River do not spoiled or pollute them, Rivers are life line of peoples and animals, Birds. Without River life is not possible on the earth. Rivers are important factor for environment and survival of life. It is known as cause and effect.  
The Mamai said in his Vedas--
( Navanu so nadie  jo  nonnu :--ee nonu Mamai che jee purakh gaye ,Gai ne Gynan thi Sune ,Navan so nadiye jo none jo samara vakhan ,Tare Pap Gat Gore ke Ganga Jo sanan.  ) So that Mamai preached to maheshwary and peoples of world to save our rivers keep them free from pollution and save environment. The Mamai said શેની જો સ્નાન કૈકૈ સભાગીયે કે સપજે, ભેટુ ચડાઈ ભવ સુધારીઓ માયસરિયા અઈ કરીઓ શેની જો સ્નાન.

Huts in Banni Kachchh

The Mamai dev believed in simplicity of life , he was not believed in luxury houses and prosperity and wealthy  palace and  multi-storey’s residence complex, because he said in his Vedas , a day will come Disasters and havoc like Earth quake and Tsunami (earthquake in the sea)  will destroyed the big buildings and wealth and life of peoples and sentient beings, will be buried in rubble and debris of buildings.he believed in simple grass & wooden, soil, made houses which will save the life and inflict minimal injuries, So that mamai said “poverty is my proud,” cultivate agriculture land and removed weeds or grass and then you sow seed, nurture and harvest you will get good returned of your efforts.

 he said in his Vedasસિંધ મે ના રેજા માયસરિયા સિંધ મે સોધમ લગધો બુજે ના બુજાઈ, કન કન તીંધી સિઢ્ડી, માયસરીયા બિયે આડાઈજા ભુન્ગા જેડા ઘર.
 according to Mamai foretold in 12th century there were no piece in sindh region, now in pakistan.it is true in Indian history during partition of Indian 1948 A.D.people of sindh Hindus and others migrated lost their properties and life.It was predicted by Mamai in 12thcentury.it happened truth. The Mamai was great philosopher and predictor knowing future events which impacts on the environment and health of peoples and sentient beings.

 His son Meghanand was in Gadh Ghumali for twelve years who worked as kathiyaro (who collect dry tree branches in forest) bunches of dry trees carried on head from the forest of Burda hill to Ghumali Town.  He was selling in Ghumali in two Dokda one for his maintenance and other for poor peoples.Dokda was currency in 12 century it was just like one rupee .He never cut green trees and its branches. He saved Environment for his right livelihood and for future of human beings and sentient beings.  The Mamai said in his Vedas--
મેઘાનંદ કાઠિયારો બારો વારે બીડ મે વાંજ સેર, સુક્કી કાપે ની લિલી જો ના ઘેને નૅમ.

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