Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Asceticism by The Mamai Dev,

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and
predictor in 12th century.He Preached to  Poor Sinbharia Meghwar community of India and Pakistan and given the Holy Path of Dharma and happiness to poor Maisaria for asceticism,The historical Mamai dev adopted an Ascetic life and path after Enlightenment, Asceticism is in form of life to avoid of extreme luxury life by Yogas and Meditation and middle path of Dharma.he Preached to Sinbharia Meghwar for right Speech, right thinking,right Vision,right Livelihood, Right Action Mean Karma,Right knowledge and right Wisdom and He also preached to poor Meghwar community for not kill living beings and not to take liquor Alcohol and free from delusion and  not to hatred,The Mamai Dev Sacrificed for the uplifting of Sinbharia Meghwar who were downtrodden peoples of India and untouchable by upper Hindu caste.
               The Nirvana Destination of the great Mamaidev is located in  Sindh,Pakistan,Tattha Makli necropolis graveyard which is largest necropolis in the world where 125000 Graves and Tombs of Sufi Saints and Monuments of Kings,Mogul Kings and Princes and Philosophers are in the Makli Necropolis. 
Asceticism /austerity is derived from Greek literature word,"Alkesis "possibly go back to earliest period of Indian history appears in the varieties of context.It is between body and mind,cultivation of mind for for moral development and life style.Purification of body and mind;" Pandh Suddh Jiv Suddh " 
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:-
    .(2)  pandh soz ji juko jiv kare parkhna,pandh soz dev Mamai Dev bhane,Pandhi chhade pandh jo vichar.
Writer Dr Nitin Vinzoda
in Earthquake kutch Gujarat India ,2001
The Mamai Dev said that persons are release from suffering, desire and delusion and worldly bondages.that is achieving Nirvana and addictive attachment; in Mamaidev dharma dualistic attitude to mind and body.If one is so attached to the body,belongs and family members,that loosing them cause pain and sufferings,that means people''s fate is in the hands of external factors,The Mamai Dev preached ,that only way to escape from material world and delusion and attachment was by practicing detachment from worldly pleasures and material life. material life means,luxury,House,car,wealth and relatives, things in the world are not permanent; for moral development of human beings and life style, pure body and pure mind is the basic and fundamental requirement for human being for dharma,This is the Dharma and path of joy and happiness.He said beware of the present circumstances and future path,Life is difficult for most of time, who can avoid sickness,ageing, weakness, separation from and death loves one,loss of your wealth,
Revolving wheel of Death and Birth is painful,the goal of Mamai dev and his Dharma is can be achieved one"s present life; He said that your daily life is on fast track you have no time please take a little break in your routine Life and try to know yourself, The Mamai Dev Said YOU KNOW YOURSELF." you are your Own Savior".

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