Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Marriage,Genetics and health By The Mamai Dev

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher in 12th century,He described Genetics Science in his doctrine,the basic principles of Genetics were laid down by Mamai Dev in 12th century,than principles of Genetics were widely described by scientists Mendel and and Galton toward the close of 19th century.The Mamai Dev said,"Human genetics is much more than the study of mere inborn abnormality".the discovery of biological role of nucleic acids the undiscovered of the structure of genetics information,The Mamai Dev"s philosophy was against late marriage, and consanguineous marriage,in Saurashtra region Maheshwary  and other  Rajput communities are marry in their blood related parents,when blood related marry each other there is increased risk in the offspring of trait control by recessive genes,and those determine by poly genes,examples are Albinism white baby,alkaptonuria and kidney diseases,and several others.increase risk of premature death is also noted in such offspring,for instances in a certain Japanese city a death rate of 116 per 1000 was found during first 8 years of life among the offspring of blood related parent,
મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં કંથન કિયા હૈ.:' બેટી મારે, સ્ત્રીઓ વરોધે ( to kill),ગુર  ને બામણ કે દીધી ગાળ,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્રિયા તેન્જા નરક ભોણ મેં થીન્ધા ન્યાય....
..જો લોગ કન્યા ઓર સ્ત્રીઓ કો હેરાન ઔર દુખી કરતા હૈ,વો લોગ શૈતાન હોતે હૈ,ઉનકા ઇન્સાફ  ઇસ પૃથ્વી પર નહિ બલ્કી નરક લોક મેં હોતા હૈ...
Late Marriage:-The pendulum is swinging in favor of early Marriage,it is proved that mongolism  or down syndrome disease in offspring is due to late marriage of female,lend support to the view that early marriage of female is better than late marriage,point of view for preventing mental disable child, if female marriage after age of 30 years there are risks of disable child and leads to premature death of mother and her child, so that The Mamaidev was in favor of early Marriage,The Mamai Dev said Save female Girl child to save our Survival on the earth and think for your healthy generation, he said in his Holy scripture that do not kill female child and female,Female is the creature of world, first female on the earth was Eve in Christ and Devi Parvati in Hinduism,The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:- Beti(female child) mare, istriya(female) varodhe, Guru baman ke nakhi gar, dev mamai che tenja narak bhon me thindha niyay.


  1. Great information. Thanks Nitin ji.

  2. Very good post Nitin Sir. Keep it sharing such valuable connotations of Legendary Great Maamaidev. Since this ved dates back to 1000 years old, it shows the problem of female foeticide was prevailing since long. By this ved, Maamaidev has warned his disciples to do away with such blameful sin. Good informative post.

  3. Thanks dear Bhushanji and Navin for your Guidence and moral support,you are my inspiration for writing on great mamaidev...