Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mamai Dev for Education in Community

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher in 14th century,He preached to Maisaria Meghwar and Kings of Sindh and kutch, Saurashtra, for Ginan, Education in his Sacred scripture,He said that education is crucial element in economic and Social development of country.world and society.without education development can neither broad based nor sustained,The benefits that accrue to a country and society,by having literacy Education population are multi dimension,Spread or awareness of literacy and education is generally associated with Modernization,Urbanization, Industrialization,and commerce.It forms important input,in the overall development of individuals,Society and country and world enabling them to comprehend their social.Political and culture environment better.Higher level of education and literacy lead to greater awareness,and also contribute to improvement of economic condition and is a prerequisite various skill and better use of their knowledge for the development of community society and country  also,
The 1948 the declaration of human Right stated that every one has a right to education,yet even today,this Right is being denied to millions of children.
The Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture:-
Jee Vaviyo tee Lunanje, van kariya fal na hoy.  Means>>.As you Saw so shall you Reap.this is the Karma Theory of the Mamai Dev That it is Cause and effect.
 Kariya kamay tana pan fal lesho, lesho didhel Dan,Dan Ginan, Mukhasan leso..
Gynan vonu Dan na lije, 3 Tri bhuvan bhar ji tole,............
In Sacred Barmati Panth, our Guru Maheshwar Shiva 
Dr Nitin Vinzoda in Shrine of the Mamai Dev
Dev distributing Gynan jo Pani, it vows to Maheshwary community by The Mamai Dev at the end Barmati Panth..The Mamai Dev said that you are your own  Savior and teacher you are your enlightenment of Education, Ginan  Education should be from inside out, meaning of Ginan jo Pani sacred water  is for awareness of education to society.The Education is the manifestation of perfection in human beings.

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