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The Ancient Ghumli & The Mamai Dev

The Ghumli town is Ancient  one of the most prominent city of the Ancient Indus valley civilization located in Saurashtra region of Gujarat western India.It is 90 K.M. from Jamnagar and 10 k.m. from sub district Bhanvad. Now Remains of Ancient Ghumli are Left 

it is believed that this town was ruled by Vikramaditya and Chandragupta Morya in Buddha kalin or  period.A combination of sculptures and monuments are suggestive of this Town was built by Shaliya kumar of the Jethwa dynasty of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The Ghumli Town was the capital of Saurashtra state.Name of Town Ghumli is probably derived from Guha means cave,Ghumli town is surrounded by  famous Barda hills or Dungar
its three side forming a shape of cave in the Hills.This Barda hill mount  was protecting Ghumli city
so that Ghumli is also known as  Fort or Gadh Ghumli in local language.old sculptures and monuments are preserve in lake
Lakhota museum in Jamnagar. Archaeological survey reconstructed ancient Shiva temple  known as Navlakha temple now this ancient remnant of temples is  Renovated by Archaeological department of Gujarat and rebuild by old stones of temple of Shiva Temple of Ghumli, . The Ganesha temple regains its Glory.In the end of 12th century The king of Sindh Tattha region Jam Unar  attacked on Ghumli  due to attraction of prosperity of Ghumli Town but Jethwa kings were more powerful than Unar Jam and he was unable to conquered Ghumli. King Jethwa fought for to save Ghumli State from Samma of Sindh after that Banhbina Samma ( 1352-1367)   son of Unar Jam of Tattha Sindh attacked on Ghumli  and he Conquered Ghumli and defeated Jethwa king and painful end of Jethwa Dynasty. the Bamhbina Samma was Brother of Jam Tamachi, the Jadeja dynasty are descends from Samma of Sindh and Banhmina Samma worship Ashapura Mataji at Ghumli and built a Temple of Ashapura mataji at the hill of Ghumli.
             there is a remains of  Palace of  Son Kansari the Quin of Jethwa King Halaman Jethwa. He was defeated in beginning of 14th century.before that king of Patan Gujarat  Solanki  Dynasty king and other foreign invader Muslim Aluadin Khilji and Gajani  invaded Ghumli Town and looted and destroyed Navlakha  Shiva Temple, and others Palaces due to its prosperity of Ghumli Town.
The Ganesha Temple is ancient and worship by the Mamai Dev and king Jethwa. The king Jethwa were follower of Mamaidev & Mamai dev dharma. they are known as Maisariya Maheshwari Large numbers of Maheshwary community is coming
from various region of India. Mumbai, Kutch, Bhavnagar, Rajkot  and Sindh region of Pakistan .They are celebrating Lord Ganesha festival Ganesha Choth or Chaturthi in the month of April in every year.This Ghumli Town and Barda hill is the Memory of Great Mamai Dev who had lost his young son named Marchand in the war between Jethwa and  Muslim Invader on Ghumli who attacked on Ghumli,the Marchand dev fought for to save the Ghumli  from Turkestan Invaders and another son of Shri Mamaidev was Meghanand.he has done VANAZ or  Yagna at Ghumli Town by his own effort  to cutting dry tree in Barda Hill or  dungar of Ghumli  and selling it in Ghumli for right lively-hood and Yagna, cutting dry tree and selling in Ghumli town for 2 dokada or rupee  which was currency of Ghumli. The Meghanand also lost his life in Ghumli. so that Ghumli is the Karma Bhumi of Shri Meghanand and Mamaidev.
So that Ghumli is Holy pilgrimage of Maheshwary community of India and other countries. Below image is ancient sculpture monument of Lord Ganesha.
Ghumli Gunesh jo ved:-Page LAGI ne padtar MANGU, tozi sachi kariyu ta sarevata, Bijak (Mamai D
ev ) boliyo sun Meghanand tenja man vachhiya marora kariye,Ghumli me vetho dev Gunesh,se ai sham sadhir,se sarag ai shami je hath, Gatt ai nami namo mahavir.
                      ...ઘુમલી જે ગુણેશ જા વેદ:- પગે લગી ને પડતર મંગુ,તોજી સચી  કરીયું તા  સરેવેતા,બીજક/મામૈદેવ બોલિયા,સુણ મેઘાણંદ,
  તેન્જા મન વાછિયા મરોરા કરીએ,ઘુમલી મેં વેઠો દેવ ગુણેશ,સે ઈ શ્યામ સધીર,સરગ અઈ સ્વામી જે હાથ,ટેકે ગત અઈ, નામી નમો મહાવીર...


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