Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dhammachar & Mamaidev

The word Dhamma is derived from Sanskrit literature, first used by the Buddha in his holy scripture Dhammpada then it was used by Lord Matangdev in 800 A.D, Dhamma is different from religion in varies aspect.Dhamma is not subjected to change, it is fixed and universal while religion is subjected to change from time to time and accord with requirement of peoples, what is Dhammachar! The Mamai said in his Vedas :-કર જુગ મે આયો કલ્તાર, સત્ય ધર્મને દશમુ અવતાર, શબદ વર્તાયો ધર્માચાર, અલખ તોકે કર્મકેજુવાર.
આપ અલોપિ ને અલખ અવતાર પંથ બારમતી ને મંગલ ચાર, માંડવાગઢ મૈં તીંધો મુળુ જો અવતાર, સોજ સ્વામી કરીંધો સિમરિયે જી સાર.The Mamaidev in 13th century widely described Dhamma and preached to Maisariya and given Dhammachar word to the According to Mamai dev, Dhamma is fundamentally developed on the four pillars, which are known as pillars of Dhamma are 1-truth, 2-Compassion toward sentient beings---3-satisfaction, free from greed, craving, hatred, delusion, lust, stealing, killing, 4-pure body pure mind, so the every Maisaria have to follow the Dhamachar, which is true path of happiness
Utter word Dhamachar in morning, it is salvation, save from disasters to peoples of world, the Mamai dev said in his Vedas ગત આંજો પ્રથમ ધ્રોક ઈ નામાધીયો વિયર વિચારીયો વગત, પ્રભાત જી પોર મૈં ધમાચારી વર્તાયો, મામઈ ચે તણી કે તુસ્ધો અલખ.The Earth/ world are supported by Dhamma, the Barmati બારમતી પંથ, is supported by dharma & truth (satya), and the truth is without support.
       The Mamai said in his Vedas:--the merit and virtue, is accrued from the Dhamachar and kindness and compassion is the path of happiness.

The Muru King who will come in Pachorath yuga after end of kaliyuga, he will give special attention to the poor people (Shimbharia Meghwar) of the world.

Picture   Karam Jot, Divine Light of truth and wisdom,leads to peoples from darkness to light,
This article is dedicated to my beloved son "PARAS"..

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