Monday, 7 November 2011

The Mamai Dev on Karma

 Chandruo Dungar In Kutch Bhuj Gujarat, India
The Mamai Dev was great philosopher he was born in India.He explained the theory of karma in his Doctrine and holy scripture, The theory of Karma is fundamental doctrine in his Dharma,Karma is the law of nature it is on the truth and reality,Karma is the law of moral causation, Karma is based on cause and effect, As you sow shall you reap,if there is cause there is its effects,This belief was prevalent in India before Buddha,It was Buddha who explained and formulated this doctrine in complete form and the Mamai Dev widely described in various Languages and regional Languages and preached to all type of peoples in the world,this theory and doctrine was based on Equality in human beings, purity and Enlightenment, He said that dharma which will give full conformity in Equality everything we see.According to this doctrine this inequality is due to not only hereditary,environment. "Nature and nurture"
but mostly due to karma,
 Dr Nitin Vinzoda in Shri Shrine of the Mamai Dev on
 his Nirvana day Sangath Choth in 14th  May 2017
The Mamai Dev said in his sacred scripture:-Karme Rog ne Karme bhog, Karme sije kaya.Karme heena ne Karme pangara, Karme vanjog se viya;KARAM BANDHAN ja laga ban, dev Mamai che okhat kariya toy na bhaga;
He said that every human beings are bonded by his karma whether bad or their good karma, person who will get fruits according to their karma; the Mamai Dev said that karma is associated with Dharma,both can not separated.he said who is pure in life or body is dharma,pure in speech is dharma,purity of mind is dharma,To reach to perfection is dharma,to give up craving,hatred,greed, dharma, not to kill is dharma. not to steal is dharma,not to believed in illusion is dharma,to believed that all physical things in the world are impermanent is dharma, Believed in KARMA is dharma;
He said in his holy scripture Vedas:-Sanch,shil. dharam ne karam,chai4 ji ai sat bhav,han ARADHE bhaida sat bhav lesho,Dev MAMAI che anji pandhi ke na chote pap.
He said who are pure in life and truth, who are pure in his karma, and dharma,who are pure in his character are noble person in the world and are perfect human in the world;the Mamai as believed in Equality in human beings and purity of life and truth and wisdom and enlightenment.

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