Monday, 7 November 2011

Space Air craft and Moon & Mamaidev

Space Craft Apollo
Prediction of the Mamaidev on odyssey to Satellite Moon by space craft with human.
The Mamaidev Predicted in his holy scripture 
about adventureous travel upto moon by human. There will be development of study of space travel and its technology in second half of 20th century, human-man will travel upto planet Moon by long adventurous journey in the space by space craft.
The Mamaidev said in his Holy scripture, Refer the Vedas on kara chatoni and chi karam chatoni
Vedas, (1) Pavan bharkhi ne dev thindha,KARA chatoni ja rath udanda, tenjo ad te kanthan kanthiyo MAMAI pandhat vachhavar. (2) Kara chatoni ja chandra udandha ,Dhamrodse nav lakh tara,Tenjo ad te Kanthan kathiyo MAMAI pandhat vachhvar.
Neil Armstrong
Astronaut Neil Armstrong was a first human  or person who landed on the moon in 20th july of 1969. He was first person to set foot on moon and walk on the moon by space craft named apollo 11, by the help of space technology organisation NASA. The Astronauts Neil Armstrong was in space for 8 days,14 hours to reach the surface of moon and he landed on Moon. This was the wonderful day in the world.The Mamai said in his holy scripture that predicted by him will be 1oo% truth in the history of world, so that the Mamai was a great predictor in the world;No one can challenge on his sacred Vedas and scripture,This was the perfect prediction of The Great Mamai in 12th century.

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