Monday, 7 November 2011

Magnetic field of the Earth, by The Mamai Dev

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher in 12th century, He was born in India.He defined seven Tectonic plate of Earth In his holy scripture, Tectonic plate of Earth are made up by collision of stones and Rocks.New global Tectonic plate of earth has been quickly accepted by scientist in 1950.below
are the seven plate of Earth,1-African plat2-Antartic plate 3-Indo-Australian plate 4-Eurasian Plate -5-North American plate,6-south American plate,-7-Pacific plate,The Himalaya is the highest mountains range in the world,Mt.Everest ishighest peak in the world,Nepal
country is home of great Himalaya and mount Everest
and kanchanjungha,This beautiful land is rich in heritage and culture,The Himalayan is 80 millions years old Jurassic Era,Himalaya is sacred in Buddhism, Hinduism ,shikhism and Mamai dharma in maisary, Mamai have done devotion and enlightened on Himalayan, He was taking daily bath in holy lake man sarover in Tibet, and sacred Rivers of Himalayan Indus, Ganga,Brahmputra,yagtze, Mekong and red rivers in china, The Rivers of Himalaya is
life line of 3 billion peoples of world approximately half of world population; He described Himalayan in his holy scripture and Vedas,
Refer the Vedas of Mamaidev it is mentioned in his Holy scripture,
-Panj parnara Mer ja,kai te panje parvate ziliyo,Jayot asi 80 par zarore,MER 80 ansi pud madhiyo.
2-Pachham me kaniyal purava me RUPO,utar me fatkadi, Dev Mamai che me mur sojariyo mer jo,mathe ai THARTHAR ne mer ji kara;
3-Khand khadbhadya ne varomandh doliya. Dhamaro chhade dhara jo bhar,sat pud dharti ja throriya,Mamai bhane Maisariya uthi SURNG ne thiyo avaz, tade dhrujandha MER ja mandhan;The mamaidev said Himalaya is the original of many Glacier and Rivers,there are five Glaciers of Himalaya,(1)-largest Glacier of the world is the siachen glacier north of jammu K Kashmir, temperature of glaciers is minus-70 degree centigrade
2)-BaBaltorolacier is second parnara of mer Himalaya,60 km long in north Kashmir and central Karakorum,(3) Biato Glacier called as Baltistan and gilgit,in J&K, it length is 62 km,main stream originate in this glaciers flow into main tributaries of Indus river and called shringar river(4)- fourth parnara of Himalaya is Hispar Glacier,in the south Karakorum range of Himalaya,in ladakh in j & k ,(5)- Nubra Glacier of Himalaya.north of jammu Kashmir, The Himalaya is supported by five mountains range are Karakorum Hindukush, Pamirs,Tien shah,Kunlun, Karakorum is the largest mountain range in the world, Tibetan Plateau is original of River Indus which flow west it until round by Nanga parvat, mt,River system of Brahmaputra flow eastward Assam and Bengal Ganga yamuna river system flow in middle of india,,main mountains of Himalaya are Everest,k2 mount , Kanchenjunga nanga parbat,Nanda Devi
The Mamaidev said that Himalaya is made up by precious metals most outer part of Himalaya is covered with encrust
collision of stones,2nd layer of Himalayan is made up of iron,3rd layer of Himalayan is made up of coper,and 4th layer of Himalayan is made up by bullion silver,5th layer of Himalaya is made up by Gold.
He said in his Vedas, Refer the Vedas of Mamai, it is mentioned in mer madhan and others Vedas
The Mamaidev said that Himalayan vicinity is full of precious metals like Gold,silver aluminium,mercury,others.

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