Monday, 7 November 2011

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on the Test tube Baby

Louice Brown 
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher.Sufi Saints and Predictor in 14th century,He was born in India. The Mamai Dev Predicted in his Vedas that a day will come in history of world you can not believed it will be miracles an event attributed to super natural causes because not explicable in term of ethical and nature laws. There will be in-vitro fertilization of human being embryo has been conceived by mixing of egg and sperm out side the human body and returning to the womb to resume normal development of human embryo; The Mamai Dev said to Maheshwarya that " I am looking a miracle future event in 20th century. Mamai, cried and laughed and smiled. He said  a miracle event will be creation of human being out side the human body,unnatural ways, human being will be created out side of the in vitro fertilization.
                   The Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture:-
Anv ruiya ke hasa;Dev Mamai che anv ado koutak ankhiye(eye) se dasa, Van ghodhle gay farse,madu mathe jambhuva chalse.
મામૈદેવ ને  અપને ગ્રંથ કે વેદ મેં કહા હૈ:-આવ હસા કે રુઈયા દેવ મામઈ ચે આવ એડો કૌતક મોજી  આંખો  સે ડસા, વન ગોધલે ગાય ફરશે, મળું મથા જમ્બુવા  ચાલશે.....
There will be creation of cloning of human body cells and Human Being by scientist in the world.
Some 4 four millions babies are conceived world wide by IVF. The Birth of first test tube baby was greeted with intense concern that moral order was Subverted by unnatural intervention in the mysterious process of creating human being. The baby born in Vitro was healthy and that parent were overjoys to be able to start family. The NOBLE prize in physiology and medicine has been rewarded to a English biologist Robert Edwards. with help of his colleague physician Patrick who died in 1988,in vitro fertilization procedure for treating human sterility. Since the Birth of first test tube baby in the world is LOUISE BROWN ON JULY 25/1978.
his is the perfect prediction of Mamai Dev  in 12th century, to day Noble prize is Rewarded to scientist Robert Edward.The Mamai Dev  said this event will happen in 20th century.
The Mamai Dev was great predictor in 14th century.

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