Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Earth quake Disasters

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and
predictor in 12th century. He was Born in India

Earthquake in Kutch Gujarat India.He predicted in his holy scripture and Vedas,That huge devastating earthquake and fire storms simultaneously, hits on the earth with high intensive and massive destruction of earth and inhabitant of earth /world with their infrastructures; There will be end of the Earth and end of many lives of human beings and sentient beings,He said in his holy scripture that there will be changes in length of days and
months of years; astronomical changes will occur in the world,There will be changes in lunar months it will be 19 days instead of 15 days,their will be 8 eight day extra to be added in the lunar month due to massive Earthquake in the earth. 9 nine more Naxatra to be added instead of 27 twenty seven,
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:-Refer to Holy scripture of the Mamai,it is mentioned in Surang Vedas and others Vedas;Karpate jo Vedas:-Dhara dhrujse ne dhaja bare,teni karkarta KARPAT,14 choudo chokadiye ujaro thindho,MAMAI bhane Maisariya,teni ghane jive jo ayo ant.The Mamai said in his prediction ,there will be end of many live on the earth due to devastating earthquake and Global warming.. Massive 8.9 magnitude earth quake in Japan  change the rotation of earth on the axis, shifted coastal line at least 8 feet , scientist say, Earthquake altered 4 inches Earth axis and shortened Earth "s day; they say there is deviation of earth on the axis and Environmental changes in the world,The Mamai said in his Vedas that there will be firestorms from sky Galaxy and Earthquake both simultaneously will hits on the earth,
There will be end of many lives on the earth, 
President of Belgium Mr Paul Nelson with Me in city Bhachau Kutch Earthquake 2001
A nebular theory of Earth origin:-The whole of matter of the solar system,once form a globular or spheroidal masses of intensely  heated gases,extending beyond the orbit of outer most of planet Earth.and having slow motion of revolution about and axis,its cooled and contracted,its rate of revolution increased and become so great that successive epochs its threw off rings; Which owing to slight irregularities broke up and graviting together formed planet;

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