Monday, 7 November 2011

Prediction of The Mamai Dev on Tsunami

The Mamai Dev was a great Predictor and Philosopher in 12th century,
He was born in India.He predicted in his Holy scripture that there
Will be Natural Disasters Tsunami in the world,it will effect on the sea shore inhabitant of the world and will leads to destruction of so many peoples of world.This was the perfect prediction of Mamai; 
it happened in 26th December 2004,Indian oceans Tsunami extensive hits on the south India, in Tamil nadu and Andaman island and other Asian countries world ie. Sri Lanka,Sumatra,Thailand ,more than 250000 peoples died in Tsunami 2004.The Mamai Dev predicted in his Holy scripture that one more huge destructive Tsunami will occur in the end of kaliyuga before beginning of new yuga which will known as PACHORATH yuga,Tsunami is the one kind of devastating Earth quake in the sea magnitude of more than 9 or 10, and recorded by seismograph,Tsunami is Japanese word, sudden vertical rise of sea and displayed massive volume sea water and struck coastal area of oceans due to massive quake in the sea and massive destruction of coastal are of ocean and huge destruction of infrastructure of coastal area ,The Mamai said in his Holy scripture-  samundra jo Vedas, Refer to Holy scripture Mamai ,it is said his Vedas ,He predicted this Tsunami event will happened before starting of PACHORATH yuga/Era.due to this future event sea water of oceans will be converted into fresh water -drinkable water.he Mamaidev said in his Holy scripture.1:-Meraman samander manza mukse karse jug Pachorath ji jan,MAMAI bhane maisaria tade matha thindha samander sat.2:-Sat Sayer ne baro khand,ado ant ai Alakh je adhar,Mamai bhane Maisariya tade dhrujse Alakh jo madd.
 Dr Dev Raj & Dr Nitin Vinzoda in The Mamai Dev Shrine in Thattha Sindh,
શ્રી  મામૈદેવ ને  વેદ મેં કહા હૈ: મેરામણ સમુન્દ્ર  માઝા મુકશે, કરશે યુગ પચોરથ ની જાણ, મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા, તેડે મીઠા થીન્ધા સમુન્દ્ર ૭ સાત.(2) સાત સાયર સમુન્દ્ર  ને  ૧૨ બરો ખંડ ૧૮ અડો એ અંત અઈ અલખ જે આધાર ,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા ટળે ધ્રુજશે અલખ જો માંડ...
He said that huge destructive Tsunami will occur in Indi
Harshi Vinzoda Devotee"s of Mamai Dev Grave in the Shri Mamai Dev Shrine,
an ocean and Atlantic ocean and pacific ocean,It will hits 
on the countries like  India,Sri Lanka,Sumatra, Thailand, Indonesia,japan,and European countries Netherlands, Greenland,Norway, Denmark,great Britain,U.K. Argentina and other low level and sea coastal areas.and countries of world. Atlantic ocean will be highly effected by devastating Tsunami and sea coastal areas of Atlantic ocean will be destroyed by Tsunami.

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