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Ancient Physician,Hippocrates & The Mamai Dev

Statue of Hippocrates in San Francisco University
The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher in 14th century, He Nirvana in 1389 AD. He described in his holy scripture regarding the health and its preventive aspect on observation and diseases.He challenged the tradition of magic and supernatural causes of diseases, He rejected the supernatural theory of diseases and looked upon diseases as natural process,The Mamaidev was Epidemiologist in 12th century,He studied such thing climate,water,clothing diet,habit of eating and drinking, housing,social context of the health.and the effect they had producing diseases,Mamaidev"s sacred scripture is consider a treatise on Social medicine and hygiene
."Life is short, the Art ( of medicine) long,opportunity fleeting, experienced treacherous, "where there is love for mankind; there is LOVE for the art of living and healing.The Mamaidev was believed that mater was made up of four elements -earth,air,fire and cold,dry,hot and moist, He described in his holy scripture in 36 oaths, Vows,He said ;
Sangath choth jo ved:-સંગત ચોથ જા વેદ :સંગત ચોથ જ દિન દાદા મામૈદેવ જો  હાલાનું__નિર્વાણ થીયો હવો, 
Rebary Rasul na manjiyo,sidhe agar sath,mola, morana (blind faith) Mamai na manjiya,Mamai ai muru je pas,(2) Sar truto, dhad ham tanu bole.puchho han pandhat tanu yeso,andha haji tam nav dekho,Mola ,morana Mamai na manjiya............The Mamaidev said to Maisariya that you do not believed in blind faith and Supernatural causes of illness,you believed in which are truth and real on the earth, He taught men to think in term of "why" and "How"
            The Civilization of ancient world, The  Greek,enjoyed the reputation,By far the Greatest physician in the ancient world and Greek medicine was Hippocrates (460-370 BC) who often called the father of medicine,he was born in little island Cos in the Aegean sea,he was a great epidemiologist and the Greek postulated the concept of health, The Hippocrates school changed the destiny of medicine by separating it from magic and raising it to the status of science,  The glorious Greek civilization fell into decay and was succeeded by by the Roman civilization.The Romans borrowed their medicine largely from the Greek whom they had conquered. The Romans were more practical minded peoples than Greek. they have keen sense of sanitation.public health was born in Rome with development of baths,sewers,roads,water and established hospitals for the sick,
  An early leader in medicine was Aesculapius 1200bc,he bore two daughters -Hygieia and Panacea,the medical historian,legend that hygeia was worshipped as the goddess of health and panaces as the Goddess of medicine, Below picture is the Birth place of the great Ancient Physician Hippocrates, in Cods Island Greek.
 સંગત ચોથ જા વેદ:-રેબારી,રસુલ, ના મંજીઓ,શીધે આગર સાથ,મુલા, મોરા ના મામૈદેવ ના મંજિયા, મામઈ અઈ મુરુ જે પાસ....શિર તૂટો ધડ હમ તણું બોલે,પૂછો હં પંડિત તણું યેસો,પૂછો પૂછો વિગત ને વાટ.અંધ હજી ના સમજો,મુલ્લા મોરઆના મામઈ ના મંજિયા....


Monday, 5 December 2011

The Prayer or Aradh, & The Mamai Dev

Prayer to Mamaidev in Makli Tattha Sindh 
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher, Sufi Saints, Predictors and he was born in India 12th century.He preached to Maisarias for Prayer which is known as Aradh in Maheshpanthi dharma,Aradh is the individual worship or prayer to Mother Earth,all the essential requirements of sentient beings"s life is fulfilled by the earth, life is not possible without earth,Rain,Rivers mountains,forests are created by nature for the survival of living beings on the earth.,so that first we worship to Earth, In Aradh we worship or pray to Goodness earth.prayer consider to be an integral part of  Mamai Dev dharma,using root of is as old as human history for Truth,belief, and faith in dharma,meditation and relaxation of mind to relieved stress and for the purification of our mind,body and our deeds or karma.
           Ancient Greek and Roman religion was believed in prayer many Greek peoples recognized Gods & Zeus,Apollo and others.The prayer flags found in many part of Himalaya,are an important part of Tibetan and Nepali Buddhist culture.
Prayer to Matangdev 
           Greek religion had an extensive mythology.In Hinduism prayer is the first pillar of dharma, in Jainism, Jews, Christ roman catholic,and other religions believed in prayer,that prayer or worship is pillar of dharma.
                                 In Mamai Dev"s dharma Aradh is the individual Prayer to earth, The Mamai Dev said in his sacred scripture:-
 સ્વામી તીયા ના સરેવેયો, જાની આરાધ  નહિ કિયો નિત,ડેવ મામઈ ચે સે જીવ ચંદારીઓ જાય ને નરક મેં પડંત.
(1) Swami tiya na sareveyo,jani Aradh nay kiyo Nit,Dev Mamai che se jiv chandhariyo, jai ne narak me padant;
(2)  ધરતી માતા ને મહેશ્વર પિતા,કને મેં કુનર ને ગળે મેં હાર, ધરતી માતા ધમ્માચાર ને અલખદેવ તોકે કરમ કે જુવાર....Dharti mata maiser pita,kane me kunar ne gale me har,dharti mata Dharmachar
,ne Alakhdev toke Karam ke Juaar.
The Aradh is based on truth and faith, The faith is the basis of the path of life,The mother of virtues,nourishing and growing all good ways,cutting away the net of doubt,freeing from torrent of passion,....Faith can assure arrival at Enlightenment.....


Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Mamai Dev & Sacred Kartik Purnima.

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher, He was born in 13th century in India. and He Nirvana in 1384 AD at UNESCO World heritage Site world"s Largest  Necropolis, graveyard in Makli,Thatta Sindh, He formulated ancient Barmati Panth in Maheshpanthi Dharma,He modified Procedure of Barmati on the day of Sacred Karthik Purnima, He was the Scientist in 14th Century and The Mamai Dev discovered the Six Sense Technology now we are are familiar with Internet and Networking and he Connected Physical World with Digital World by using Gadget or device wearing a Ancient  Holy Ring which is known as KARAM VINTI Ring) OR VANGIYO IN MAHESHWARY DHARMA. the Holy Vangiyo  karam Vinti was given by his Father Matai Dev and this Sacred Karam Vinti Ring was given to The Mamai Dev by his Maternal grandfather Sangan Rola,and Shri Mamaidev  Modified Barmati Path  Maisar PAT or Lodho facing from West side and change facing towards East Side.and Shri Mamai Dev with six sense Technology created Holy Flame in the Finger and by this Flame the  Barmati Jyot was produced and Mamaidev completed Barmati Tirth on this day Kartik PoonamThe Mamai Dev Said in His Vedas:-  Shiva Shakti ne sacha Muka Shyam, tre 3  Purush Najar thi Jyot Boyee, Angar (finger) thi jyot Boyee GUR MAM .( S
Shri Mamai Dev) , the Lord Shiva Created Holy Flame by his Third Eye, and other Lords also produced Divine By their Eyes and Vision But Only the Mamaidev  created Holy divine  flame in his fingers...
  The Mamai Dev preached to the Poor Sinbhariya Maheshwary for Dharma on this day and he formulated Barmati Panth and Attained Enlightenment on this day of Holy  Kartik Purnima, so that Kartik Purnima Known as GUR MAM ( Mamaidev) DAY, He changed the direction of Barmati Panth previously facing towards west, and he change the Place of Maheshwar Dev Pat Gur"s seat ( Lodho)  in this Sacred Barmati  Panth  facing towards east,Karthik Purnima is the sacred day in the Buddhism, Buddhist from different parts of country and Abroad will gather or assemble in Sarnath India,the place where Buddha preached his first Sermon,The Buddha was Born on full moon Purnima in Nepal country, he attained enlightenment on Purnima and Nirvana on Purnima,so that Purnima is sacred day in Buddhism, In Hinduism mythology it is believed that Karthik Purnima is the birthday of Karthikeya son of lord Shiva, and Birthday of lord Matsya  which was first incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and Krishna worshiped Radha,Krishna dance Ras lila on this day, The Lord Shiva killed Trinpuransura a Asura king who conquered 3 world and God, so that Shiva is known as Tripurantaka.
 Dr Nitin Vinzoda on Sangath  Choth,
Chaturthi 14th May 2017,
Nirvana day of Dada Mamai Dev 
The Mamai Dev"s Doctrine teaches the worship to  pure eastern region of earth,  (Purabh jo khand) In Ancient Barmati Panth we worshiped eastern part of earth, because east is the place of rising sun and divine light of Barmati and the Lord Muru Raja,King 11th Incarnation of Lord Shiva and Matang Dev, will come from eastern part of earth, Mamaidev said in his holy scripture that you worship east part of earth,

The Mamai Dev said in his Holy scripture,

શ્રી મામૈ દેવ ને વેદ મેં કહા હૈ,.વાજીય પૂરબ જા શંખ,ઉજાળો આડ/દુનિયા તે થીઓ,ઉજ્જૈની મેં કરમ રાજા અવતરીઓ,
ઉગો ઉગો યુગ તો અદિત સૂર્ય,દેવ હવે કરશે નવી મંડાણ...
Eastern region of earth is pure for the living beings in the last age,
it is the essential road for free from the cycles of Birth and Death,
and boat to cut across the oceans of suffering,birth and death cycles,the Mamai Dev said to Maheshwari that you worship to east region of earth,which is birthplace of King Muru Raja who will be the 11th Incarnation of Lord Shiva and karam dev,Matang dev. and He will be born before 2069 AD,it will be the last phrase of kaliyuga.