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Ancient Physician,Hippocrates & The Mamai Dev

Statue of Hippocrates in San Francisco University
The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher in 14th century, He Nirvana in 1389 AD. He described in his holy scripture regarding the health and its preventive aspect on observation and diseases.He challenged the tradition of magic and supernatural causes of diseases, He rejected the supernatural theory of diseases and looked upon diseases as natural process,The Mamaidev was Epidemiologist in 12th century,He studied such thing climate,water,clothing diet,habit of eating and drinking, housing,social context of the health.and the effect they had producing diseases,Mamaidev"s sacred scripture is consider a treatise on Social medicine and hygiene
."Life is short, the Art ( of medicine) long,opportunity fleeting, experienced treacherous, "where there is love for mankind; there is LOVE for the art of living and healing.The Mamaidev was believed that mater was made up of four elements -earth,air,fire and cold,dry,hot and moist, He described in his holy scripture in 36 oaths, Vows,He said ;
Sangath choth jo ved:-સંગત ચોથ જા વેદ :સંગત ચોથ જ દિન દાદા મામૈદેવ જો  હાલાનું__નિર્વાણ થીયો હવો, 
Rebary Rasul na manjiyo,sidhe agar sath,mola, morana (blind faith) Mamai na manjiya,Mamai ai muru je pas,(2) Sar truto, dhad ham tanu bole.puchho han pandhat tanu yeso,andha haji tam nav dekho,Mola ,morana Mamai na manjiya............The Mamaidev said to Maisariya that you do not believed in blind faith and Supernatural causes of illness,you believed in which are truth and real on the earth, He taught men to think in term of "why" and "How"
            The Civilization of ancient world, The  Greek,enjoyed the reputation,By far the Greatest physician in the ancient world and Greek medicine was Hippocrates (460-370 BC) who often called the father of medicine,he was born in little island Cos in the Aegean sea,he was a great epidemiologist and the Greek postulated the concept of health, The Hippocrates school changed the destiny of medicine by separating it from magic and raising it to the status of science,  The glorious Greek civilization fell into decay and was succeeded by by the Roman civilization.The Romans borrowed their medicine largely from the Greek whom they had conquered. The Romans were more practical minded peoples than Greek. they have keen sense of sanitation.public health was born in Rome with development of baths,sewers,roads,water and established hospitals for the sick,
  An early leader in medicine was Aesculapius 1200bc,he bore two daughters -Hygieia and Panacea,the medical historian,legend that hygeia was worshipped as the goddess of health and panaces as the Goddess of medicine, Below picture is the Birth place of the great Ancient Physician Hippocrates, in Cods Island Greek.
 સંગત ચોથ જા વેદ:-રેબારી,રસુલ, ના મંજીઓ,શીધે આગર સાથ,મુલા, મોરા ના મામૈદેવ ના મંજિયા, મામઈ અઈ મુરુ જે પાસ....શિર તૂટો ધડ હમ તણું બોલે,પૂછો હં પંડિત તણું યેસો,પૂછો પૂછો વિગત ને વાટ.અંધ હજી ના સમજો,મુલ્લા મોરઆના મામઈ ના મંજિયા....


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