Monday, 5 December 2011

The Prayer or Aradh, & The Mamai Dev

Prayer to Mamaidev in Makli Tattha Sindh 
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher, Sufi Saints, Predictors and he was born in India 12th century.He preached to Maisarias for Prayer which is known as Aradh in Maheshpanthi dharma,Aradh is the individual worship or prayer to Mother Earth,all the essential requirements of sentient beings"s life is fulfilled by the earth, life is not possible without earth,Rain,Rivers mountains,forests are created by nature for the survival of living beings on the earth.,so that first we worship to Earth, In Aradh we worship or pray to Goodness earth.prayer consider to be an integral part of  Mamai Dev dharma,using root of is as old as human history for Truth,belief, and faith in dharma,meditation and relaxation of mind to relieved stress and for the purification of our mind,body and our deeds or karma.
           Ancient Greek and Roman religion was believed in prayer many Greek peoples recognized Gods & Zeus,Apollo and others.The prayer flags found in many part of Himalaya,are an important part of Tibetan and Nepali Buddhist culture.
Prayer to Matangdev 
           Greek religion had an extensive mythology.In Hinduism prayer is the first pillar of dharma, in Jainism, Jews, Christ roman catholic,and other religions believed in prayer,that prayer or worship is pillar of dharma.
                                 In Mamai Dev"s dharma Aradh is the individual Prayer to earth, The Mamai Dev said in his sacred scripture:-
 સ્વામી તીયા ના સરેવેયો, જાની આરાધ  નહિ કિયો નિત,ડેવ મામઈ ચે સે જીવ ચંદારીઓ જાય ને નરક મેં પડંત.
(1) Swami tiya na sareveyo,jani Aradh nay kiyo Nit,Dev Mamai che se jiv chandhariyo, jai ne narak me padant;
(2)  ધરતી માતા ને મહેશ્વર પિતા,કને મેં કુનર ને ગળે મેં હાર, ધરતી માતા ધમ્માચાર ને અલખદેવ તોકે કરમ કે જુવાર....Dharti mata maiser pita,kane me kunar ne gale me har,dharti mata Dharmachar
,ne Alakhdev toke Karam ke Juaar.
The Aradh is based on truth and faith, The faith is the basis of the path of life,The mother of virtues,nourishing and growing all good ways,cutting away the net of doubt,freeing from torrent of passion,....Faith can assure arrival at Enlightenment.....


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  1. Prayers make the basis for life. Thanks for giving piece of prayer composed by Mamaidev.