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The Mamai Dev Protect the Rights of Poor Meghwar Community

Dr Nitin Vinzoda in Makli Graveyard  Mamai Dev Shrine in  Tattha,
Sindh Pakistan 
The Mamai Dev was a great ,Sufi Saint,Philosopher and predictor in 14th Century.his sacred tomb is located in UNESCO world heritage site in Makli Tattha Sindh,He preached for dharma to poor Sinbhariya Maheshwary Meghwar in India.the Indus valley civilization was the finest specimen of ancient Sinbhariya Meghwar wisdom. and the Sinbhariya Meghwar are the Ancient Dravidian habitat of south Asia, Sinbhariya Meghwar were burst,split,scattered,dispersed,torn as under destroyed and were crushed by foreign Invaders and upper caste peoples of ancient India during Vedic period.the oppression of Meghwar has been going on for 3000 years in south Asia,they are consider to be lower rank human being and untouchable by the caste peoples of upper caste societies of India, Pakistan,Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.most Meghwar lives in extreme  poverty, without his own Home,land, force to work as farm laborer  Recently European Union Parliament in France asks India to protect Meghwar Dalit the persistence of human right violation against Meghwar Dalit in India, for wide spread untouchability include the issue of caste discrimination in their dialogues for priorities programmed addressing caste discrimination,in education and programmed with particular focus on WOMEN and  GIRLS.
 The Mamai Dev predicted in his holy scripture that a powerful Sinbhariya Meghwar Warrior named Marchand will come from Roman Empire of Turkey City Constantinople of Roman Emperor, which is known as RUM SON ( Roman) country in Mamaidev"s holy Scripture,now it is known as Istanbul city of Turkey Country in Europe.the story of one the  great forgotten event world history the fall of Constantinople  to the Ottoman  Sultan Turks in 1453 AD. and end of Roman Empires which ruled over world for 1000 years, and starting of Islamic rules in Turkey of Roman Empire in 1453 A.D.the Last Roman e
mperor was Fredrick 3 to be crowned at Rome by Pope,
The Mamaidev Predicted in his Holy Scripture that the Maheshwary Meghwars Warrior Marchand will be the King of TURKEY Constantinople  in coming Pachorath yuga JUG 2069 A.D.  and will save Poor Sinbhariya Meghwar of India and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal and Asia.with lord Muru raja king 11th Incarnation of Lord Shiva Matang Dev and Muru Lord and King Marchand will kill evil king name Karing of Kandahar Asia and there will be end of terrorism in the world, The Muru and Marchand will take special attention and action for welfare and uplift of Meghwars Maheshwary and he will take actions for equal distribution of national properties and prosperity to Maheshwary Meghwar. and King Muru God will take action for caste discrimination and un touchability and equality in human beings,there will be no caste systems in Coming Pachorath Yuga.
 Sinbhariya Maheshwary King Marchand from Turkey in 2069 A.D.
            મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ : (૧)--રૂમ સૂમ  મંજા થી ચાસી ચડંધી,  મરચંદ કેન્ધો હાજ,ડેવ મામાઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા,તળે થીન્ધો પાન્જો રાજ;
( ૨) પંથ બારમતી ને મંગર ૪ ચાર,માંડવાગઢ ( મધ્ય પ્રદેશ ભારત)મેં થીન્ધો મુરુ જો અવતાર,સોજ સ્વામી કેન્ધો સિન્ભરીયે મેઘવારે જી સાર.
(૩) અઢારે ૧૮ વરણ ( જાતી) એક હકડા થીન્ધા છેપ પારીન્ધો ના કોય,ડેવ મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા એડા અચીંધા કલીજુગ જા પરમાણ' ...Asian countries The Mamai Dev predicted that there will be Annihilation of Caste systems in es,
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:- Rum soom ( Roman Country Turkey)manza thi chansi chadandhi, Marchand kendho haj,Mamai bhane Maisaria tade thidho panjo Raj.. Uradh,khurad ne Turk Tamachi 4 charo chadse mir..(2) Panth Barmati ne mangar 4 char,Mandavgadh me thindho MURU jo Avatar, soz swami kendho Sin Bhariye Meghware ji sar..translation,the King Marchand will come from Europe country with lord,Muru will be born in Mandavgadh city of MP state of India.and The Marchand Maheshwary Meghwars  Warrior from Modern Istanbul ( rumson)Turkey will be the presidents of south Asia countries in 2069 A.D.and there will be end of Human suffering of Sinbhariya Meghwar in Asia.
Mamaidev dharma is a religious pretty centrally concerned with suffering,these form a central focus of religious its practice and philosophy,one is encouraged what suffering is,this various its come in and their root causes.though can all be reduced to attractions and aversions base upon the illusions of real self "Pandh Shuddh Jiv Shuddh" and the peoples who hide behind the wall of false or illusions,never get glimpse the truth the it"s fare too late when they die or pass away.
The four requisites of Mamaidev teaching enunciate are food sufficient to alleviate hunger, education and maintain one's health, and good sources of income for lively hood,sufficient to be Socially descents and to protect body from diseases and Societies, shelters sufficient for serious engagement with cultivating mind.the Mamaidev said there are 7 seven happiness or noble for human beings,health,wealth,character,sacrificing one"s possession wealth for benefits to poor,
Poor Meghwar Women With her  Kids in India,


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The Mamai Dev Preached in His Dharma on Alcohol and Its Impact on Society

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher,Predictors and Sufi Saints in 14th Century and he was born in India and Nirvana in 1389 AD in Tattha Sindh. his tomb is located in ancient Makli grave  it is world"s Largest Necropolis  in  Thatta Sindh Pakistan, He preached to Maheshwary  of Sindh,Gujarat, Mp, Bihar and Maharashtra states of India.the Mamaidev described the Impact of Alcohol on Society in his Sacred scripture. He said in his Vedas: -મધ પીયણ ને જુવા રમણ, ને માનવી વેશ્યાવાડે જાય, મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા એ મનખ/માનવી જે લેખે મેં નહિ.
The Sacred Shrine of the Mamaidev in Tattha ,Sindh Pakistan
      Madh piyan ne Juva Raman, je manakh Veshya vade Jay, mamai bhane maisaria, ei jiv Manakh je lekhe me nahi...Translation, person who drink alcohol. play gambling and who have multiple sex partners are not considered as human being and are evil person and hungry ghost and animal on the earth,alcohol or wine is strictly prohibited in his dharma,he said that you committed to cultivate good health, physically, Socially and mentally well beings,aware of the suffering causes by unmindful consumption of wine alcohol and drugs abuses. committed to ingest only items that preserve peace,well beings,happiness and joy your life,and helpful and consciousness to your Family and society,he preached for pure body and pure mind.
                      the ancient Egyptians one of the history"s first civilization around 5000 years ago,wine also was used as luxurious offering to Gods and dead persons and was also placed in the tombs of rich kings.the Hindu mythological description of the time 2000 BC, the wine was known as Sura,mythical root from period of Indus valley civilization and Vedic period,the ancient Dravidian culture in south India is also reported to have alcohol which was known as Sura,
a child learns to become Alcoholic from parent and home environments. medical science researched proved than alcoholism is transmitted from Genes and offspring of drinkers are suffers from Abuses of alcohol,parental substance abuses impact upon their children and the natural development of childhood to adulthood is affected,behavior problems,anger,suicide, depression and anxiety.
Evil Person Who drink Alcohol
research suggests that women most serious risk factors for injury and violence may be the history of alcoholism in her male partners.alcoholism in parents also increased risk of violence behavior and abuses towards their children,children of alcoholic parents tend to worst academically.anger anxiety and suicidal tendency.since alcohol is commonly used in western societies no dinner is completed without figure released by the world health organisation have shown that alcohol is responsible for causing 2.5 millions death per annul which is almost 4% of all death world wide.alcohol consumption is leading risk factor for death in age group 15 to 59 years.almost 40% person alcoholic died in road accident and innocent persons are kill by alcoholic persons when he is driving vehicles and is proved that Alcohol kill more than AIDS, TB and violence, reference medical journal. Alcoholism not only effect individual drinkers but peoples around them and society as a has big economic Impacts on Industries growth ,work places with absents,accidents,lower performance which will leads to unemployment.this costs employee, employers and social security and more burden on health systems.
 alcoholic person died due to liver illness,cancer,stomach disease, hemorrhagic diseases,  Polyneuritis, Impotent and pancreatitis  and others illness. and his family and his his widow wife and children are the sufferer of evil karma of wine drinkers.
 The Mamai Dev said that health can not be isolated from its Social context,human beings anywhere are members of group or groups a man who can live without Society said either God or beasts.thus society may be defined in simple terms as an organisation of members group,a systems of social relation between individual,the important of society lies in the fact that it controls and regulates the behavior of individual both by law and customs.

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The Mamai dev on The Divine Light & Karam Jyot

 The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher in 14th century and he was Born in India, Nirvana on 1389 A.D.The Mamai Dev defined Divine light who formulated ancient Barmati Panth is the center of Karam Jyot,Karam Jyot is word Theosophy derived from Greek,the means God divinity,Sophiya means wisdom underlying words Religious science and philosophy,the Mamai Dev all of the infrastructures of illumination is the base on fire and light,it is known as divine light Karam Jyot,address God as absolute light that concluded that life on the earth is result of continuous radiation of divine light or Karamjot make universe alive,the Karamjyot is referred to the eternal truth, Wisdom and knowledge, the Mamai Dev said that karamjyot is that apparent formless God can have quality.the Mamai Dev said that light and Fire Karamjot are the noble elements of Universe or world.the light Karam jyot is essence of natural world.
        he said that life is resides in the karma Jyot
 the life of sentient beings is not possible without Karam jyot,celestial radiation is perceived by 3rd eye which is  Karam Jyot,eternal effulgence within all sentient beings or living beings,the Lord Krishna said in sacred Bhagvat Gita in Hinduism,the path of realization is through appropriate efforts,concentration, wisdom and truth, and the renunciation of material world or mortal world.
In ancient Iran Zoroastrianism believed in light and Fire as God,Sufi tradition of Islam is believed in that divine light shine from many windows.divine light for wisdom and knowledge,while in Buddhism is base on divine light wisdom,
the Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture Vedas;-Karam jyot ne tej sar,karam pasa Hans jiv Boy nipaya,mathe Alakh ai aghat,Barmati jyot Meghware je ghare nipay,Mamaidev Meghware je ghare ayo, sanch ( truth)sheel (wisdom)ne son (gold) se Barmati jaday, Barmati ja khand dev Mamai kanthiyo Mukha mukh,khande khande ja parnara jenjo kanthan kathiyoich is Known as KARAMJOT in his Dharma,  GUR MAM.....
......(૨)મામૈદેવ કથિત વેદસ: કરમ જયોત ને તેજ સાર,કરમ પસા હંસ જીવ બોય નીપાયા,માથે અલખદેવ અઈ અઘાટ,બારમતી જ્યોત મેઘવાર એ જે ઘરે નીપાયી,મામૈદેવ મેઘવાર જે ઘરે આયો,સત્ય ,શીલ ને સોન થી બારમતી જડઈ,બારમતી જ ખંડ ડેવ મામાઈ કન્થીઓ,મુખ મુખ,ખંડે ખંડે જ પારનારા,જેન્જો કંઠન કન્થીઓ ગુર મામ..

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Great Wisdom & The Mamai Dev

The Shrine of the Mamai Dev In Makli  graveyard in Thatta Sindh
The Mamai Dev was  a great Philosopher,Sufi Saint and predictors and he was born in India.his Shrine Tomb is located in Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan,Makli Grave yard which is largest Necropolis in the world which is UNESCO world Heritage site,He preached  Dharma to Maheshwari's and others community and Kings of Sindh and Gujarat,The Mamai Dev in his dharma emphasizes cultivation or correcting our thoughts and behavior.It is to correct that everything that arise from our body,mouth,thoughts,speech and correct three karma of "erroneous behaviors' speech and thought.
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:-Namana, khamna ne bahot Gunna,Jenji mukh me mithi vani
Dev Mamai che mankhe manza dev nipna, nahi koy dev ji khani.

વેદ :--નમણા ખામણા ને બહોત ગુણા , જેનજી મુખ મેં મીઠી વાણી,દેવ મામઈ ચે માનવ મનખ મઝા દેવ નીપના નહિ કોય દેવ જી ખાણ...
Translation, the perfect, holy and noble human on the earth is God,person who speak sweet speech and holy thoughts which is full of wisdom is the God,he said you can not dig out gods from mines or quarry,this is the noble truth of Mamai Dev, He said that cultivation starts from the root,what is the root? the mind.if our mind is proper then our thoughts,speech and behaviors will likewise will be proper.
how do we attain wisdom?it is innate to our self nature It is now covered, where is it? the Mamai Dev told us that it is not permanently lost just temporary lost,when we reach enlightenment we can uncovered wisdom,then how can we free from delusion and recover our original ability? one method taught by Mamaidev is deep concentration which purified your body and mind.
the Mamai Dev taught,the method of learning and cultivation or the true reality of life and the Universe.all accord with the great perfections. He said in his Sacred scripture.

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The Mamai Dev on Barmati Panth Dharma

The Mamai Dev was a great philosopher, Sufi Saints and Predictors in 14th century he was born in India in 1415 AD .He described Barmati dharma in his sacred Scripture, The Barmati Panth is ancient Dharma is jewels and  treasure of Wisdom and spiritual awakening of life,The Barmati was created by lord Shiva and formulated in Karta yuga in Tetra yuga the Barmati was described by lord Krishna and Pandva of Mahabharata were the follower of Barmati Panth,in Kaliyuga the  Lord Matang Dev Matangeshwar Shiva was 10th incarnation of Lord Shiva,Matang dev preached to Poor Meghwar Sinbhariya community of India at Karumbho or Kadamgiri hill of Palitana Gujarat that Sinbhariya Maheshwary,Meghwar are the followers of Barmati Panth.in13th century Mamai Dev describes and widely formulated Holy Barmati Panth and preached  to Sinbharia Meghwar and the kings of Gujarat Rao Navaghan of Junagadh,kings of Ancient Ghumli Saurashtra,Gujarat India, and others kings of Sindh,The base of Barmati Panth is on the truth and truth is supported by God,The Mamai Dev said that all wealth and prosperity in the world is delusion or attachment,Maya.
 Mamai Dev said in his Barmati Vedas:
..........મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ:--કરતા યુગ મેં બારમતી નીપની,જેનજી પસા એ આડ/ દુનિયા મેં થીયો ધરમ જો અચાર,.યુગ મઘીઆ ૧૨ બારો થંભ,મંધર તે ગુર કીયી આરંભ,૪ ચાર દસી ને ૪ અવદસી,માંજા રચીઓ આસન જુગ જુગ બારમતી નિર્વાણ ૧ એકો તીર્થ ને એકો ઠઆમ, ઊજ બારમતી મેઘવારે   જે ઘરે નીપાયી....translation of above Vedas that Barmati was created in Karta yuga and Barmati was under the Earth which is Known as Patal which is a part of Universe. there are 12 khand or  regions of the Earth are the part of Barmati Panth.The Pandva of Maha Bharat brought Barmati from under realm of  Earth Patal Realm. so that  Barmati Tirth Panth is Sacred Tirth or religion on the Earth.and worship only one  Holy Tirth and  only one God which is Formless known as AGHAT in Barmati Dharma Panth, that in Kaliyuga Barmati dharma was first started in the Home of poor Sinbhariya,Maheshwary,Meghwar of India, the Matang Dev was the pioneer of Barmati Panth in kaliyuga.
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:-
           કરતા જુગ મે કોરી કંગણ બધા, કુંજર ( હાથી જો દિયેતા દાન ગુરુ જે વચને કોરી કંગણ બંધા સે જીવ ચડી ચડિયા નિર્વાણ
The Mamai Dev was believed in unity, Education,struggle.The Barmati is for the unity of follower Maheswary Community ,it save from the sin of peoples who have done bad karma in his life,The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas ;-The Barmati  Panth is for purification  of mind-jiv (soul) .ત્રીભુવન જા તીર્થ વાસુ તે મે ઉત્તમ તીર્થ આઇ બારમતી, તી હર ભજી જા ભવ જો તારણહાર, ગત આઈ માયા જી મોજાર મે ના મુંઝો, બારમતી મે બેસી કરી આંજે જીવ જી ગત ના પુછો, કમળ પુજા ફર જો દીવો દઠે, ગત મહેશ્વરિયા  આંજા કરોડ કસ્મર ઉતારે બારમતી મૈં વઠે.
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:
  ચોથી પસા દની આકે માયસરિયા જુગ ૧૪૪૦ અમર રોંધા, હળી મળી હલજા ઍક રંગ મામઈ ભણે માયસરિયા અંજા હુંધા પુરબ દેસ મે સંગ..The wonderful doctrine of Mamai dev on Barmati is true and,therefore,real;it is perfect in all places and all times,this great, bright Barmati emanates unadulterated wisdom,it is beyond the comprehension of the saints and the worldly alike.The Barmati is ocean of wisdom and truth.
         The  Shrine,Tomb(Grave) of Great Mamai Dev is in Makli- Thatta, Sindh; Mamai Dev preached Barmati Panth for equality in everything in human beings,person who believed in Barmati dharma, they will free from delusion Maya,attachment,will enlightened by wisdom and equality in everything we see The Barmati is for pure body pure mind thoughts,pure deeds and pure karma and dharma.
      The Mamai Dev Predicted in his Holy Scripture that the  Karam Dev which id known as Matang Dev Shiva Avtar Incarnation will be in the Pachorath Yuga after end of Kali Yuga.The Matang Dev Will be born as King Muru in Solanki dynasty of King and his Mother"s name will be Som Laxmi Devi. and on the Earth in M.P.State of India in Ujjain City Mandvagadh. and Muru King Incarnation Of Shiva will Uplift poor Sinbharia Meghwar of India.

The Shrine Of the Mamai Dev 
there will be end of terrorism in the world and creation of equal dharma for every human beings in the world that will be Barmati Panth of lord Krishna. Barmati is the planet Earth divided by 12 Khand Regions of the Earth and Seven Seas. 

 Atlantic-south& north, arctic and others,10 big Islands,Rivers,lakes,and 129 countries of world. The Earth consists Seven Sheaths/layers, so that it is clear that the earth is supported by Barmati.
Devotee of The Matai Dev Auwa  Naran Matiya and Poojary Auwa
              ત્રીભુવન જા તીર્થ વાસુ તે મે ઉત્તમ તીર્થ આઇ બારમતી, તી હર ભજી જા ભવ જો તારણહાર, ગત આઈ માયા જી મોજાર મે ના મુંઝો, બારમતી મે બેસી કરી આંજે જીવ જી ગત ના પુછો, કમળ પુજા ફર જો દીવો દઠે, ગૅત આંજા કરોડ કસ્મર /પાપ ઉતરે બારમતી મૈં વઠે.
          The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:- The Barmati is the great magic spell,the great Spell of illumination of  wisdom,the Supreme spell and the incomparable spell which Own truly protect one from all sufferings and delusion, Attachments,the karmic and retribution obstruction without fail;
 The image of Barmati Tirth Ritual Performed by Dharma Guru Matang an attended by Maheshwary Meghwar Followers of Barmati Panth of the Matang Dev.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Matangeshwar Temple in Khajuraho,

The Matang Dev is known as 10th Incarnation / Avtar of Lord Shiva, He was forefather of the great Philosopher Mamai Dev. The Maheshwary community are the devotee of the Matang Dev and the Matang Dev  preached to poor Maisarias and Sinbhariya Meghvar community of India, He was the pioneer of Barmati Panth dharma and he has given word Dharmachar Word means you change your life style and be follow he rules of dharma, to poor Maheshwary Meghvar. Matangeshwar temple is located in world famous UNESCO world heritage site at Khajuraho town M.P.state of India, Matangeshwar temple is dedicated to lord Shiva.this temple was built in 9th century by king Chandra dev  of Chandra dynasty the king was devotee of Shiva Matang, while Millions of Maheshwary are devotee of
Shree Matang Dev Shrine and Nirvana Destination in Sindh
Matang  Dev Shiva in India,Sindh Pakistan and other countries. Khajuraho is famous for its exquisite temples and their carving and world famous architecture, Matangeshwar temple is world famous for popular tourist attraction due to presence of  its ancient and erotic carvings that adorn the wall of Matangeshwar and other temples. Matangeshwar is only  ancient temple where  Worships or pooja or religious ceremonies are performed which is not possible in any other temples due to their dilapidated state or allow to fall into a state of disrepair, or protected by archaeological site,yellow flag flattering on the top of Matangeshwar temple indicates that a ceremony is underway in the temple.main attraction of this temple is 8 feet long Shiva lingam, here 10 day fair and festival is held in Shivaratri festival of Hinduism,

                   the Holy festival is held in Month of Vaishakh, Amavashya, while there are millions of follower of Matang Dev Shiva are celebrating and taking holy bath on day of amavashya at Khajjuraho which is last day of lunar month, in Gujarat,Sindh Pakistan Nirvana day of Matang  Dev is celebrated on Akhatrij month of vaisakh which day is dedicated to the Matang Dev, he is known as Karam dev in Maisariya Dharam of Mamaidev.the Mamai Dev said in his sacred vedas:- Kalijug me Karam ayo kaltar, satya dharam ne 10 dashmu avtar,sahabd vartayo dharmachar, Alakhdev toke karam ke juhar.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on God"s particle of Universe,

the Higgs particle
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher, Sufi Saints and Predictor in 14th century, He was born in India.He described Gods particles in his Holy Scripture,Gods particle known as Tej kara or Agam kara in his scripture,newly discovered subatomic Amar..Amar pood in Mamai Dev"s doctrine, It is the Home of God Alakh Dev, where subatomic particle or  Gods particles now it is known as Higgs boson  and  Gods particle is known as Agam kara in Mamaidev"s doctrine, it is ultimate spiritual divine place of God where the lives of sentient beings is Immortal.
particle, Gods particle or Higgs boson is responsible for made up of universe and living beings on the earth. the Mamai Dev said there are seven layers of Universe, among them 7th layer of universe is the earth,all living beings are resides on the seven layers of universe are covers the out side of Universe body,middle and central layer of Universe is a layer of Human Immortality.which is known as
                    The Mamai Dev said that Cosmos universe is made up of matter, mass and Energy,it is known as Agam kara or mysterious Gods particle, he said that the God on Immortal layer of universe is formless,God has also conceived as beings incorporeal Immaterial,the Mamai Dev defined matter of universe where in which all physical objects are made,typically matter includes atoms and other particles which have mass anything made up of protons,neutrons,and electrons, in Realm of Cosmology extension of term matter are evokes to includes,dark mater and dark energy.
                      The Kara or Gods particle is responsible for creation of water,Air,light and fire Solar systems. the Mamaidev said in his Holy scripture:-
Amar pood Alakh bhane, tenji Agam kara ai aghat,pani ne pavan jo kiyo prakash,
teni Amar pood manza thi ami( life, living beings) zare, karam chatoni se kara utarayee,Mamai  Dev bhane maisariya teni Amar pood te Alakh vase to aghat;
શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને  અમર પુડ કે વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ:--
અમર પુડ અલખ ભણે,તેંજી અગમ કરા અઈ અઘાટ,પાણી ને પવન જો કિયો પ્રકાશ,તેની અમર પુડ મંજા થી અમી ઝરે,કરમ ચતોણી સે કરા ઉતરયી મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા અમર પુડ તે અલખ વસે તો અઘાટ; (૨) દીદાર પુડ ને ૭ સપ્ત તે સંસાર વસે,કરા વસેતી કવરાન્સ, મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા,તડે અમર પુડ તે ઈ અલખ જો વાસ.....
the life( Ami) is created in the cosmos or universal , essential requirements of living beings like water, air and light are created in the universe, by God Alakh Dev, he said that Living beings are on the Earth, Earth is made of 7 seven layer (sapta pood) and mass,matter,Energy are described by mamaidev in his holy scripture, known as Agam tej kara, the Mamai Dev unlocked the mysterious process of creation of Universe and lives on the earth in 13th century.
  the Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture:-Deedar pood ne 7 sapta pood te sansar vase,
KARA vaseti kavransh,Mamai Dev bhane maisariya tade Amar pood te ai Alakh jo vas,

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on Solar Flares & Storms, the End of Earth,

 Solar Flares 
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher,Scientist and astronomer in 14th century, he was born in India,he Nirvana in 1415 AD, His Tomb is located in UNESCO world heritage Makli Necropolis in Sindh state of Pakistan.The Mamaidev predicted in his Sacred scripture that Massive solar eruption from the Sun will hits on the Earth and lead to devastating disasters on the Earth and  Explosion in the space, and there will be Massive devastating Earthquakes,disrupts the Geomagnetic field of Sun and magnetic field of earth and disrupts  sea belt of earth.there will be end of Civilization and Sentient beings on the earth with their Infrastructure, Net, Internet,Satellites, Televisions and others. will be disrupted,He said that this Massive Sun Flare will be decorated with spectacular Most brilliant and wonderful multi colored Auroras,Jets of super heated plasma blasting off into space,He said in his Holy scripture,
Solar Flares is Known as Surang in Mamai Dev"s  Holy Literature Dharma, details of  Sun Flares/surangs is described in his Holy scriptu
The Shrine of the Mamai dev in Thatta Sindh,

               The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:-
1Khand khadbhadiya ne Varomandh doliya, teni dhamaro ( Geomagnetic fild of earth)chhade dhara jo bhar,
sat pood dharati ja tharoria, Mamai Dev bhane Maisariya,uthi Surang ne kiyo Avaz,teni dulse MER ja mandhan...2.Uthi Surang( solar flare)ne kiyo sangar, Mamai bhane Maisaria tade ayo 12 khand Prathmi jo ant, 3- Abhamandal ( sky) thi utari, SURANG,Mamai Dev bhane Maisaria tade bary rondha, 84 vaje ja Abhen..
   મામૈદેવ ને સુરંગ કે વેદ મેં કંથન કિયા હૈ:- ખંડ ખળભડિયા ને વરોમંધ ડુલીયા,તેની ધમરો છડે ધરા જો ભાર,સાત ૭ પુડ ધરતી જા ધ્રુજિયા,મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્રિયા ઉઠી સુરંગ ને થીયો અવાઝ તેની ડોલ્સે મેર પર્વત જા મંડાણ,ઉઠી સુરંગ ને કિયો શણગાર,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરીએ તળે યો ૧૨ ખંડ પૃથ્વી જો અંત....
  The Mamai Dev Said in his Holy Scripture that the (Surang) Solar flares it sounds like a terrifying phenomenon that will sends giant ball of fire,hurling down to earth will hits on surface of Earth.basically explosion of on the surface of Sun flares are result of powerful Magnetic field in and around the Sun, Solar flares is the huge released of energy from the Sun and travelling so fast, eruption on the sun produce solar flares.
     Solar Storm goes easy on earth but more are sure to come,
 The Mamai Dev said in his holy Scripture that a massive Solar Flare will hits on the surface of earth and there will be end of 12 region of earth..and will ends of lives on the earth.
  Solar Flare  flare passing in Ultra violet rays and produced colorful and beautiful arcing the they also create beautiful auroras, solar Flares pushes plasma cloud towards Earth and coronal mass ejection into space.
 The Mamai Dev said in his solar flares / Surang Vedas;-uthi SURANG ne kiyo shangar,tapiyo suraj ne tarvariya tara, Ambar me thiyo ujas,Dhara uchharay ne MER dhaja pay, Mamai Dev bhane Maisariya tade Baro 12 khand Prathmi jo ayo ant..
He said that Surang Solar flares and Solar storms will hits on the earth and leads to end of earth and end of Civilization on the earth and ends of lives on the earth. with their infrastructure.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on The Sixth Sense Technology & Internet

Pranav Mistry
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and predictor in 14th century,He was born in India, he Nirvana in 1389 AD. his Tomb is located in UNESCO world heritage Makli graveyard in Tattha Sindh Pakistan, He was a great scientist in 13th century, He discovered sixth Sense Digital technology and described gadgets Internet and others and he predicted in his holy scripture that there will be development of Sixth Sense Technology in the world,he said there are physical world and digital world,he described digital world in his Holy scripture, mind is seeing,hearing,smelling,touching,and tasting.and perception are the nature of mind,Mamaidev glimpsing a Star in the endless reaches of the eastern Sky,realized the infinite nature of mind and achieved Enlightenment.true power of Sixth sense lies on its potential to connect the real world with Internet and gadgets which you can organised with other by using your own hand and fingers, extend your hand in front of the project and number will appear for you click, need to know time draw a circle in your hand,make photo make a square in your hand  or wrist, this technology is discovered by a Indian student Pranav Mistry, while the Mamaidev discovered this technology in 13th century,he developed fire Jot in his finger and evoke fire and done holy Barmathi Panth by  wearing a divine Gadget Ring which is known as KARAM VINTY or કરમ વીંટી ,Holy Ring.
Vangiya in  Mamai dev dharma,  to day the peer (head of dharma,Religious)of Maheshpanthi  dharma are wearing this  Ancient Holy Ring  Karam ring / Vinty/Divine ring  orVangiya..Karam vinty or ring  is a wearable gesture interface that augment the physical world around us with digital information and let us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information,the Mamai dev said that sixth Sense will also obey your gesture of your fingers and hand , now it is proved by Pranav Mistry,which access as computer,Internet and connect you with cloud computing.
the Mamai Dev Said in his Vedas:- .............
.....શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને  પવિત્ર  ગ્રંથ માં  વેદ કંથન  કરેલ છે,.શિવ શક્તિ ને સાચા મૂકા શ્યામ,૩ તરે પુરુષ નજર( આખ)  થી જયોત બોય આગર ( finger) થી જયોત બોય ગુર માંમ..૨ કરા ચતોની ને કરમ બારઈ બારમતી, નરજન મુકો નિજ,તેની તરવરીઓ તે તંત,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા આડ તે એડી વેરા વરતંધી લાખો ગાવ થી સુઝંધી ધરા..Sixth Sense Technology is a perception of augmented reality concept and different between physical world and digital world,The Nature or God has not given us a sense to interact with the digital that we have created like Smart Phones,Computer,Tablets,Laptops,routers, cloud computing,WiFi,Desktops and other internet Gadgets.
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and Inventor and Predictors inn the 13th century. he was born in India his Holy Tomb or Nirvana Destination is located in  Makli Graveyard UNESCO world heritage site Tattha. Sindh state of Pakistan. He Predicted and discovered Sixth sense technology and explaining this technology in his sacred Scripture,he was able to see or perceived 2000 mile beyond the limit,he use to evoke fire in his Finger which is known as divine KARMA JOT in his Sacred Scripture,
He predicted that a wonderful day /miracles will come in the world,that you can exchange and can see the persons or any data you can exchange,which are  performing or talking with you, away from thousands mile away.
by networking technology of six sense technology.
Theology of Internet,this was the Internet /computer revolution in the world, Teem- Burners_Lee was he father of Computer and Internet and leading to development of technology WWW. world wide web page,and defining HTML.used to create web page.
This wonderful event occurs in 1995, this was the perfect Prediction of Shri Mamai Dev.
The Mamai Dev predicted in his holy scripture; Refer the Vedas of Mamai Dev said, in his Holy Scripture.
The inventor or founder of the world wide web .W.W.W.Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who invented the web 25 years ago, He is known as father of Internet & Computer and started first Internet Server,
The Scientist  TEEM-BURNERS- LEE.who discovered World wide web page before 25 years,he is known as father of Computer and internet.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Life style & The Mamai Dev

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher, Sufi Saint and Predictor in 12th century, He modified Vippasana ancient technique of Pure Body and pure Mind.which was discovered  by Gautama Buddha  before 2500 years,It is on the path of Nirvana, Joy and happiness,But the Mamai Dev goes much deeper for the technique of Joy and happiness,He formulated This technique,in his dharma and defined self purification of Mind and Body,which is known as "Pandh Shuddh, Jiv Shuddh" in his holy scripture.This is the Vipassana, the observation of reality within yourself thus An insight approach into one"s own nature by which one may eliminates the causes of sufferings. ie. Hatred. Greed,Fears,Jealousy, Sorrow and Lust.we impact Mamai Dev "s teaching he himself taught in its pure form, he taught simplicity and morality which can be practice by peoples of all religions Mamai Dev said that morality is for govern Society and maintain purity of  life.the mamaidev preached for Purity, Equality and Understanding,
To The Mamai Dev I return and rely returning from delusion and right understanding. and harmony with Society for our peace and relaxation of mind. The Mamai Dev said that our life on the earth is short it is just one blink of eye.the Mamai D
ev said take a break from the fast track, paced life and spent some time to understand and listen yourself.focus on your thought, and Karma. It is   wonderful idea to relax in peace and calm your mind,the Mamai Dev"s dharma can definitely help you,achieve it from your suffering, the Mamai Dev  Said there are 10 kind of immortals,who all live from 100 years, but when their short lifespans are exhausted,they again enter into the cycles of Birth and death,
     The whole world is mortal ,you are mortal,Your wealth is mortal,your life is mortal, these are the delusion and your stay on the earth is brief period time, these are the sufferings of human beings on the do not wonder around your Craving,wealth,hatred, greed, and spoiled your brief life spans on the earth,so that you understands and know yourself and your sufferings.
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:-
Pandh taro ne Jiv ugariyo,tani ke pandh tanu vichar,
kaya kariyanu ne karam ujas,
Alakhdev sache jive je antar me vetho,
tade thay pandh soz ji Parkhana,
Pandh suddh ne Jiv suddha,karam kayntha jo vichar,
Mamai Dev  bhane Maisarias anzo jiv thindho
karod karpate nu par.
શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને પંઢ શુદ્ધ ,જીવ શુદ્ધ  કા કંથન કિયા હૈ.
પંઢ તરો ને પંઢ ઉગરીઓ તની કે પંઢ તણું વિચાર,કાયા કરિયાણું ને કરમ ઉજ્જાસ,
અલખ સચે જીવે જે અંતર મેં વેઠો, અડે થઇ પંઢ સોઝ જી પારખના,
પંઢ શુદ્ધ ને જીવ શુદ્ધ,કરમ કાઈથા ( શરીર) જો વિચાર,
મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા આંજો જીવ થીન્ધો કરોડ કર્પતે ( પાપ) નું  પાર;.મામૈદેવ.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on World War -3

11th Incarnation of God Muru
The Mamai Dev was a great philosopher and perfect predictor in 14th century,He was born in India, Nirvana in Tattha in 1389 AD,his Tomb is located in world famous UNESCO world heritage Site  in Makli Necropolis in Tattha district of Sindh state of Pakistan. The Mamai Dev Said in his sacred scripture that there will be world war in 2069 AD. The KARIN will be Terrorist and the invaders the terrorists will attack from the north sides of India and south by sea route,Many Asians countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan,China,  and others countries Russia,Korea,Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Iran will attacked on India and Asia, America, France, south region of Asia will attacked on Arabian countries, there will many casualty and death of innocent peoples of Asia, End of Many lives of Sentient beings on the earth,
The Mamaidev said in his holy scripture:-
(1)  શક ૧૯૯૧ ઓગણીસ સો ને વરસ એકાણવો,માસ શ્રાવણ ને તિથી સાતમ ને વાર શુક્રવાર,તેની ઉતર દિશા નું દળ કટક ચાલશે,તેની આડ/દુનિયા મેં ના હુંદો સુખાકાર; દખણ મેં દળ કટક ચાલશે,તેની ખંડ સોં ખળભળસે,એકાણવે શક 19૦૦ જી સંધ
(2)  વરસ વકાર ને માસ ભાદરવો,તેની કડ અંત વર્તાયી કલીજુગ તની,જંબુ દીપ મેં કૌતક થીન્ધો,ભાણી શંખ વજંધો ,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તેની મુરુ રાજા નિવેડો કેન્ધો....,...
             Thanks to Vedic Society of India who has given Guidance for conversion of Era Shake to AD. They given formula for calculation Shake 1991+78=2069,AD.   
that a evil king terrorist named Karing will be the leader of terrorists,will come from Gajanvel /Kandahar city of Afghanistan  and he will attacked with Arms and Ammunition on the day of Friday,tithi will be 7  સાતમ Indian  month  Savan in AD 2069...માસ શ્રાવણ,સાતમ ને શુક્રવાર  and  leads to destruction of peoples and end of many  human lives in the world, he will attacked on India from its north side and he simultaneously will attack from the south side of India by sea routes. The mamaidev predicted in his holy scripture that this evil king terrorist will be killed on the bank of  Mahi river of Gujarat state of India,
The King Muru Raja will be 11th incarnation of God Shiva,he will be born in Mandavgadh city of MP state of India,his mother name will be Somlaxmi, and name of his father will be Sorangi,The Muru will be born in Meghwar Caste,The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:--
માતા સોમ લક્ષ્મી ને પિતા સોરંગી,ઉજ્જૈની મેં અવતરશે કાન,સ્વામી કરીન્દો આડ તે સમધારા, મુરુ માંડવગઢ જો રાય...
 The  Muru raja will fight against King Karing, and terrorists,this world war 3 will last for 21 days, and the God Muru will kill the Evil king karing in 2069.the evil king terrorist will be killed on Monday and there will be moon eclipse in 2069 AD.
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:-
..૭ સાત ગજ દાનવ કરીંગ જો નિશાન,કરીંગ ગાજણ વેલ  થી અચીદો,
    મહી નદી જે કાંઠે દીન્ધો મેલાણ,કરીંગ રથ તે ચડીદો ,૫ પંજ ગાવ મેં પડછાયો પોન્ધો,
 this is the wonderful prediction of Mamaidev in 13th century,it is proved  and we experience many future events which was described  and predicted in his Holy scripture, the end of Mughal dynasty, prediction of Internet revolution in the world,  prediction of Human clones and Test tube Baby which were the perfect prediction of the great Mamaidev., there will be end of human suffering on the earth in Asia regions.
and nuclear weapons major striking event will happen in 2069 AD.The Mamaidev said in his holy scripture; Mamaidev.

કકે ઘૉડા બઘઘા,તૂરકી કેંઘૉ તાણ,મામૈભણે માયશીઆ,વરતઘી અસરેજી આણ.
જાત જૉ પઠાણ,નાં તાલભદીન,હિંદુ મીંજા મુસલમાન કેંઘૉ,મામૈભણે માયશીઆ,નૉં ખંડ પૃથ્વી તે ડંકૉ ડીંઘૉ

Sake ognis 19 so ne varas 91 akavanvo; teni utar disa nu dal katak chalse,Mamai che ad (in world) te na hundho sukhakar;
Akanu chhamichhar age vartiya,kad vartai kalijug tani,jug pacho
rth thindo pragdo;  tenjo ad te kanthan kathiyo Mamai pandhat vachhvar,
2..Sake Akanu ne varas Akanvo-1991,Tihi Satam ne shukarvar(Friday) mas shravan,Dal katak utar disa thi chalse,karse akalkar,  Hetra manakh marse,manakh na samandha Mashan. 

   વેદ :---91  એકાણું છમીછર સવંત્સર અગે વર્તીઆ, કદ વર્તાઈ કલીજુગ તની,જુગ પચોરથ થીંદો પ્રાગડો,તેન્જો આડ તે કંથન કન્થીઓ મામૈદેવ પંડિત વચ્છવાર. 
The Mamai Dev said-predicted a big warrior will comes from Pathan Muslim caste,He will be born in Iran and Afghanistan border and his name will be Taliban din and he will attack on Afghanistan,Pakistan,India and China and other Asian countries  Pakistan will be divided in multiple pieces or states in Sindh, Multan,Kashmir,in Afghanistan Kandahar and Kabul; He will attacked on India from Kashmir,and North states of India,like,U.P. and Bihar, Delhi,M.P.,and Gujarat,Talabdin will rule on northern India, and He will attack from south by sea route; The Pathan Muslim warrior,Talabhdin will conquer on most of Asians countries and he will rule on that countries there will be Mass conversion of Hindu into Muslim,
The Mamaidev said in his holy scripture,
Jati jo Pathan ne nam Talabhdin, nav khand pruthvi me danko dindho,
Mamai bhane maisariya, Hindva me thi musalman kendho;
2-Dakhan disa me thi dal katak chalse,teni desh sau khadbhadse;
 Mamai che,91 akanve an vartase,shak 19 ognis so ji sandh;

            Above Vedas are predicted by Mamai in his holy scripture in 12th century. Nirvana destination of The Mamai is in world Heritage Makli Tatha Sindh, Largest and ancient Necropolis in the world. I pay Homage to Great Mamaidev.
મકકે ઘૉડા બઘઘા,તૂરકી કેંઘૉ તાણ,મામૈભણે માયશીઆ,વરતઘી અસરેજી આણ.
જાત જૉ પઠાણ,નાં તાલભદીન,હિંદુ મીંજા મુસલમાન કેંઘૉ,મામૈભણે માયશીઆ,નૉં ખંડ પૃથ્વી તે ડંકૉ ડીંઘૉ                  

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Mamai Dev & Mythical Mount Himalayan /Meru

Mount Meru/ Kailash  location :Plateau of Tibet, it is known as Mythical Mt Meru in Sanskrit,, in
Mamai Dev"s scripture it is known as MER PARVAT..MOUNTAIN MERU,મેર પર્વત,
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and Predictor in 14th century, and Nirvana in 1389 AD.He magically visited Mount  Meru  kailash  Himalayan and described  Mythical Mount Meru in his Holy scripture, Mt Meru is known as Mer parvat in Mamai Dev"s Mahesh Dharma, It is mentioned in the holy scripture of Mamai Dev that Mamaidev attained Enlightenment On the Mtount Meru,in 13th century. In Hinduism it is known as Mt Kailash, Mythical Mt Meru is sacred mount in Hinduism, it is believed to be abode or home of lord Shiva, In Jainism it is to be believed that Jain God Rishabh Dev 1st Tirthankar among 24 Tirthankar, attain Enlightenment on  Mountain Kailash or Mt Meru ,Buddhist believed regarded as mt Meru as sacred center of cosmos universe, The Mamaidev describe that Meru is the center of earth and it is axis of earth so that earth move on this axis ,and earth moves around Sun, the axis of earth globe which is known as Mer Manji..મેર મજી  in Mamaidev"s dharma. scripture,The Mamaidev discovered that earth is round and moving on its axis Mer Manji, મેર પર્વત and he also mentioned that the Earth Glob is moving with Stars,Moon and Sun in the space,The Mamai Dev said in his holy Scripture that there is Stars,Moon, sun and planets in the galaxy, there no heaven above the Mer mount,No Patal/narak/ Hell beneath Earth,there is Galaxy around the Mer Mount, The Mamai Dev predicted in his Mer Bhitar ( મેર ભીતર વેદ) Vedas that there is precious metals like Gems Ruby,Topaz,Emerald blue Gems in the western side of  Mount  Meru, it is proved that Baluchistan province of Pakistan is reach in mine Gems, to day Karachi city of Pakistan is the famous world Gems market; The Mamaidev said that there is Silver in the east side of Mount Meru,In 16th century space Scientist discovered that the Earth is round while Mamai Dev described Mount Meru in his sacred scripture in 13th century, the Mamaidev was a great astronomers  and Scientist in 13th century. the Mamai Dev said in his  sacred Vedas:-
      (1)  4 chai dashe dev Mamai Dev che me mur sojariyo Mer jo,Mamai Dev  bhane Maisariya,
         mathe ai Mer ji kara, tara mandar ne tej kara,.translation in Gujarati:- ૪  દિશા દેવ મામઈ ચે, મેં  મૂર સોજારીઓ  મેર જો . મથે અઈ મેર જી કરા, તારા મંડળ ને મેર જી કરા,
(2)  Chanashi Jojan tara mandal uncho kaije;je me dekhta nav lakh tara,
           chandra suraj chatoni se chale;dhar sar pota ajavara.
૮૬ છનાસી યોજન તારા મંડળ ઉંચો કહીએ,જે મેં દેખતા ૯ નવ લાખ તારા,ચંદ્ર સુરજ  ચતોની સે ચાલે,ધર સર પોતા અજવારા.
 ( 3)  300 tre jojan tara trakar,400 charso jojan chandra suraj jo parakh,
        500 jojan vaje jo varako,600 jojan chhako bandho,
              800 ath so jojan alakh ji Mer manji jo adhar,
mamai bhane maisariya ,me mur sojariyo mer jo mathe ai kakar ne kanach,
 .૩૦૦ યોજન તારા ત્રકાર,૪૦૦ યોજન ચંદ્ર સુરજ જો પ્રકાશ,૫૦૦ યોજન વીજે જો વરાકો,૫૦૦ યોજન છકો બંધો મેર જો,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા મેં મુર સોજારીઓ મેર જો મથે અઈ કકર ને કરચ,,,
    (4)  5 panj parnara Mer ja , kaye te 5 panje parvate mer ke ziliyo.
 jyot 80 ansi par jarore Mer 80 pood mathiyo,.
...૫ પંજ પરનારા મેર જા,પંજે ૫ પર્વતે મેર કે જીલીઓ, જ્યોત ૮૦ પર જરોરે, મેર ૮૦ પૂળ, મધીઓ,..madhio,
 The Mamai Dev said in his sacred scripture that  Mt Meru Mt Kailash is supported by 5 mountains, ie.1 Nanga mount, 2-Mount Everest,3- MT,Kanchenjunga,4- mount Annapurna mt.5 Nanda Devi mount,and there are five parnara means  rivers of Mt Meru.
 There are 5 rivers originating from plateau of Tibet, are Indus, Sutlej,Brahmaputra, tributaries of Ganga and Man Sarover. lake which is soul of Brahma God,

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Mamai Dev & Prayag Vat ( Holy Tree) in Allahabad India

 Akhsayvat/Prayag vat

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher in the 12th century,The mamaidev Described Sacred Akhsayvat or Banyan tree leaves of Akhsayvat tree of  Allahabad, Akshay Means Never die or  Immortal. It is located on the bank of   triveni or confluence, Sangam of Allahabad,India, Sangam is the unity of three sacred Rivers Ganga,Yamuna and mythical Saraswati river,It is believed in Hindu mythology that tree is Immortal and ancient,The Prayag is the holy Pilgrimage of Hindu and there is kumbh Mela in every 12 years, Lord Vishnu resides in the leaf of this Akhsayvat as a yoga murty on the Banyan tree form of child, The God Shiva is believed to be personified here as immortal Banyan tree.The mamaidev rested beneath this sacred Akhsayvat Prayag tree.It is believed in Hinduism that Ram, Sita and Laxman rested beneath this tree, Lord Sambhnath of Jainism have done Tapashya below this Banyan tree.
                      According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition Buddha said to have planted seeds of the Fig Banyan or Prayag ,Akhsayvat next to mount Kailash on a mountain known as the place of Medicine Buddha,
    The Birds loves this Immortal Banyan tree, this tree is the safe home of thousands of Birds and making their nests and home, The Mamaidev Praised the  Leaves of  Akshayavat and the Birds of Akshyavat. He said in his sacred scripture,
 @ Panhkiye ke Prayag Vad vhalo.More ke vhalo. mee, Sheni ke ta Son vhalo, muke vhalo putar Meghanand,,,,પંખીએ કે પ્રયાગ વડ વ્હાલો,મોર એ કે વ્હાલો,મી, ( વરસાદ) શેણી કે તા સોન વ્હાલો,ડેવ મામઈ ચે, ઈડો  મુકે મોન્જો પુતર મેઘાણંદ વ્હાલો.. the Mamaidev said in his ved that Birds loved leaf of Akshay/ Prayag vat , while peacock loves Rain, and holy Sheni Pilgrimage of Maisaria Sindh loves Gold, I loved to my son Meghanand.
@  The Mamai Dev said to king of Kutch Gujarat Murvaji,, @Toza putar Ambe ja amba,monja potra Prag Vad ja pan,Sushe thi vasanda Jadeja ai rakhja mu potre jo Man...કચ્છ કે જાડેજા રાજા કો મામૈદેવ ને કહા કી,તોઝા પુત્ર આંબે જ અંબા, મોજા ઓઉત્ર પ્રયાગ વડ જ પણ,...સુખે થી વર્તાજા જાડેજા, ઈ મુજે  પોત્રે જ  રખ જા માન.....

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Mount Girnar & The Mamai Dev

The Mount Girnar is the Sacred pilgrimage for Maheshwary, Mamai dharma and Jainism, Hinduism Buddhism.It is located in Gujarat state of India. Girnar is highest mountain system of Himalayan.Mountain Everest, Kanchenjunga,K2, Nanga parvat Mount and Girnar.
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas that Girnar is the 13th Mountain  Range of  Mount Himalayan, Himalayan is the highest mountain system on the earth, before 20 million years period of Jurassic era, in different stages the Indian plate collided and form Mountain Himalayan and its Mountain systems.In Hindu mythology lord Shiva transfer  Mount Girnar from Himalayan to Junagadh Gujarat, India where there was a big Hole or Gap in The Earth which was filled by Mount Girnar.  Shiva Promise to Mount Girnar that he will visit Mount Girnar once in a year on the Shivaratri festival  at Junagadh Mount Girnar. and shifting of Mount Girnar from Mount Himalayan to Junagadh Gujarat he had given promise to his devotee and pleased and given promised that Shiva will visit in Junagadh Girnar. The Mamai Dev Promised to Maheshwarias that he will visit Junagadh Mount Girnar on the sacred festival of Lord Shiva on Shivaratri Festival, the Devotee of Shiva Request to lord Shiva to visit Girnar on  that a day of Maha Shivaratri Hindu festival in the month of February every year, so it is believed that Shiva with Mamaidev and other Devas,will visit Mount Girnar on the mid night of Shivaratri festival of Lord Shiva in the Gujarati Month of Magh Amavasya  and takes Holy bath in the lake of Damodar kund Junagadh, mount Girnar is the home of many Sufi Saints, Guru Datratrey, On the Top of the Mount Girnar which is known as Guru Datratrey top. and devotee of Shiva,It is Spiritual mount in Hinduism, Thousand of  Naked Sadhu  Monks or Baba are residing on in the cave of Mountt Girnar they comes once a years on the night of Shivaratri  Festival at mid night, once in a year for Sacred Bath in Damodar Lake Junagadh.
 Near Mount Girnar there is world famous Sasan,Gir Lions  Sanctuary and National park for Asiatic lions Moving freely in the Gir Forest,near Girnar the  Gir is the last abode Home of Asiatic lions,it is highly protected area in the Asia,
                    The Mamai Dev said in his Mer Pankhi Vedas:- Dev mele maliya Gadh Girnar, mele maliya Dev gadh Girnar, aj  Achidho se jade hundhi shiv chaudash ji Rat....

Damodar Lake/kund Junagadh city


Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Life style & Happiness By Mamai Dev

The Mamai Dev was a great Sufi Saints, Philosopher and predictor in 14th century,he was born in India Nirvana In 1389 AD..he preached to Maheshwary and kings of Gujarat Saurashtra,Sindh and also peoples of world for the path of happiness in the life of human beings, he described 21 paths of life for happiness,The Mamai Dev defined and preached for sociology it deals with relationship with society,it also deals with directly with the study of human behavior and also formulated Socialism every society has its beliefs,customs,traditions and prejudices,a man acquired these in his every day social interaction,with the peoples of society, it is Socialization, or the process by which gradually acquired culture,education,housings,economic status,healthy diet and relation with society and becomes the member of society,
The Mamai Dev preached for healthy life style, pure body and pure mind,he said in Vedas , that you do not follow the path of evil karma or deeds like Alcohol, Lust and gambling,these are killer of human beings,they are not consider as human beings on the earth,and he preached for healthy diets,good quality of house, Education in the society, and charity to society for the well beings of poor,also he preached for culture, customs and false  beliefs, economic condition of person and good quality of social life,satisfaction and Unity Equality and struggle and  basic path for life and path of happiness. delusion, craving are the evil path of life,
The Mamai Dev said in his sacred scripture:-ગૌ ધન,સ્ત્રી ,અન્ન ભરિયા ભંડાર,પુત્ર હોય સુપાત્ર .ને બારમતી જે પાસ બેસણા, ૫ પંજ સુખ તેનકે ભયા, જેનકે તુશ્યો હોય ડેવ નારણ.....મામૈદેવ....
 (1)Gou, dhan,istria,Ann, putra hoy supatra,
panj thoks,dev Mamai che tenke bhaya,
jenke tutho hoy dev Naran.