Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Magh purnima & Charity

The Mamaidev Shrine on Sangath Choth Vaisak,
The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and he was born in India in 14th century.He said in his sacred scripture and widely described the importance of Magh month and Holy bath on Magh purnima, Magh month is the sacred month in Hinduism and Mahesh dharma of mamaidev,the great important is to worshiped Barmati Panth of Maheshpanthi dharma and donate to poor and suffering peoples of community and world,  The charity is known as "DASHODH" in the Mamaidev's Mahesh means every person has to donate 10% of his Income to poor.for their health,illness,foods and education.
The Mamaidev said in Vedas:-વેદ; અગુણે ભવ હિમારો નાહીઓ,પારા નાયો ગંગા,આગલે ભવ જા થાકેલા,આજ ચંપાય તા અંગ,૨ યુગ ઝોરે ને ફફાસ પુડ કરશે,તારે તેની ધરા ધરતી ધ્રુજશે,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તેની અલખ માઘ સનાની જી ચોવટ કરશે...
(1) Agune hemaro nayo, para nayo Gang..Agune bhav je thakede, aj champayeta ang.(2) Jug Zore ne fafas pood karse,tare teni dhara dhrorse,Mamaidev bhane Maisaria teni Maghsnani ji chovt karse jug pachorat may.( pachorathi nohnu).......translation:-.
it is believed that lord Vishnu resides in the river holy Ganga in this Magh month,The Magh Sanan or bath is start from the purnima of paush month and end on the Magh purnima,it is known as Magh bath or Sanan in the Mahesh dharma,it is sacred month for maheshwary community and his dharma,every maisarias are taking holy bath from river in the early morning.every river is holy in this month.on this day moon is in Magh Nakhatra the Magh bath is also consider to be scientific point of view, Magh bath adjust body with Environmental changes,the Magh bath is for  purification of your karma and for the pure body and pure mind, soul.person who take sacred bath in Magh month he becomes free from the worldly attachments.greed,hatred,delusions and  Magh bath brings happiness in his life.
  Every person has to donate to poor.the importance of sacred Magh month is Charity.

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  1. This is beautiful meaning attached to the sacred occasion of Magh Purnima. Dasodh is prevalent in many north Indian faiths especially in Deras of Dalit Gurus. It is called Dasaundh. Thanks for sharing this information, Nitin Ji.