Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Life style & happiness By Mamaidev

The Tomb of Mamaidev in Makali Sindh,
The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and predictor in 14th century,he was born in India Nirvana In 1389 AD..he preached to Maheshwary and kings of Gujarat Saurashtra,Sindh and also peoples of world for the path of happiness in the life of human beings, he described 21 paths of life for happiness,The Mamaidev defined and preached for sociology it deals with relationship with society,it also deals with directly with the study of human behavior and also formulated Socialism every society has its beliefs,customs,traditions and prejudices,a man acquired these in his every day social interaction,with the peoples of society, it is Socialization, or the process by which gradually acquired culture,education,housings,economic status,healty diet and relation with society and becomes the member of society,
The Mamaidev preached for healthy life style, pure body and pure mind,he said in Vedas , that you do not follow the path of evil karma or deeds like Alcohol, Lust and gambling,these are killer of human beings,they are not consider as human beings on the earth,and he preached for healthy diets,good quality of house, Education in the society, and charity to society for the well beings of poor,also he preached for culture, customs and false  beliefs, economic condition of person and good quality of social life,satisfaction and Unity Equality and struggle and  basic path for life and path of happiness. delusion, craving are the evil path of life,
The Mamaidev said in his sacred scripture:-ગૌ ધન,સ્ત્રી ,અન્ન ભરિયા ભંડાર,પુત્ર હોય સુપાત્ર .ને બારમતી જે પાસ બેસણા, ૫ પંજ સુખ તેનકે ભયા, જેનકે તુશ્યો હોય ડેવ નારણ.....મામૈદેવ....
 (1)Gou, dhan,istria,Ann, putra hoy supatra,
panj thoks,dev Mamai che tenke bhaya,
jenke tutho hoy dev Naran.

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