Saturday, 18 February 2012


Mount Girnar Gujarat India
The Mount Girnar is the Sacred pilgrimage for Maheshwary, Mamai dharma and Jainism, Hinduism Buddhism.It is located in Gujarat state of India. Girnar is highest mountain system of Himalayan. mt Everest, Kanchenjunga,K2, Nanga parvat Mount and Girnar.
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas that Girnar is the 13th Mountain  Range of  mount Himalayan, Himalayan is the highest mountain system on the earth, before 20 million years period of Jurassic era, in different stages the Indian plate collided and form Mountain Himalayan and its Mountain systems.In Hindu mythology lord Shiva transfer  Mount Girnar from Himalayan to Junagadh Gujarat, India where there was a big Hole or Gap in The Earth which was filled by Mount Girnar.  Shiva Promise to Mount Girnar that he will visit Mount Girnar once in a year on the Shivratri festival  at Junagadh Mount Girnar. and shifting of Mount Girnar from Mount Himalayan to Junagadh Gujarat he had given promise to his devotee and pleased and given promised that Shiva will visit in Junagadh Girnar. The Mamaidev Promised to Maheshwarias that he will visit Junagadh Mount Girnar on the sacred festival of Lord Shiva on Shivratri Festival, the Devotee of Shiva Request to lord Shiva to visit Girnar on  that a day of Maha Shivaratri Hindu festival in the month of February every year, so it is believed that Shiva with Mamaidev and other Devas,will visit Mount Girnar on the mid night of Shivaratri festival of Lord Shiva in the Gujarati Month of Magh Amavasya  and takes Holy bath in the lake of Damodar kund Junagadh, mount Girnar is the home of many Sufi Saints, Guru Datratrey, On the Top of the Mount Girnar which is known as Guru Datratrey top. and devotee of Shiva,It is Spiritual mount in Hinduism, Thousand of  Naked Sadhu Baba are residing Mt Girnar they comes on the night of Shivaratri at mid night, once in a year for Sacred Bath in damodar Lake Junagadh.
 Near Mount Girnar there is world famous Sasan,Gir Lions  sactuary and National park for Asiatic lions Moving freely in the Gir Forest,near Girnar the  Gir is the last abode Home of Asiatic lions,it is highly protected area in the Asia,
                    The Mamaidev said in his Mer Pankhi Vedas:- Dev mele maliya Gadh Girnar, mele maliya Dev gadh Girnar, aj  Achidho se jade hundhi shiv chaudash ji Rat....

Damodar Lake/kund Junagadh city