Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Prediction of the Mamaidev on World War3 in 2069 AD

11th Incarnation of God Muru
The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and perfect predictor in 12th century,He was born in India,hisTomb is located in world famous UNESCO world heritage in Makali necropolis in Tattha district of Sindh state of Pakistan. The Mamaidev Said in his sacred scripture that there will be world war in 2069AD.the invaders and terroists will attack from the north sides of India, Many Asians countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan,China and others countries Russia,Korea,Tajikistan, kyagyzstan, and Iran will attacked on india and Asia, America, France, England will attacked on Arabian countries, there will many casualty and death of innocent peoles of Asia, End of Many lives of Sentient beings on the earth,
The Mamaidev said in his holy scripture:-
 (1)Sake 1991 ognis so ne varas akanvo,tihti 7 satam ne var shukarvar,mas savan,teni utar disa thi dal katak chalse, AD te na hundho khukhakar,Dakhan me dal katak chalse,teni sou khsdbhdse,1991 akanve an vartse sake 1900 sou ji sandh,
 (2)  varas vikar ne mas bhadarvo,teni kad vartayi kaliyug tani, dahint Gajanvel thi chalse agiya tribhuvan jo Ray...
              Thanks for guidence of Vedic society of India for calculation of Sake to AD,,,1991 Sake +78 = AD,
that a evil king terrorist named karing will be the leader of terrorists,will come from Gajanvel /kandhar city of Afghanistan  and he will attacked on the day of friday, tithi will be 7  satam, Indian  month  savan in AD 2069. and  leads to destruction of peoples and end of many  human lives in the world, he will attacked on India from its north side and he simultaneously will attack from the south side of India by sea routes. The mamaidev predicted in his holy scripture that this evil king terrorist will be killed on the bank of  Mahi river of Gujarat state of India,
     The King Muru raja will be 11th incarnation of God Shiva, he will fight against King Karing, and terroists, this world warr 3 will last for 21 days, and the god Muru will kill the Evil king karing in 2069.the evil king terrorist will be killed on monday and there will be moon eclipse in 2069 AD.
 this is the wonderful prediction of Mamaidev in 12th century,it is proved  and we experience many future events which was described  and predicted in his Holy scripture, the end of Mugul dynasty, prediction of Internet revolution in the world,  prediction of Human clones and Test tube Baby which were the perfect prediction of the great mamaidev.

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