Thursday, 17 May 2012

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on The Sixth Sense Technology & Internet

Pranav Mistry
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and predictor in 14th century,He was born in India, he Nirvana in 1389 AD. his Tomb is located in UNESCO world heritage Makli graveyard in Tattha Sindh Pakistan, He was a great scientist in 13th century, He discovered sixth Sense Digital technology and described gadgets Internet and others and he predicted in his holy scripture that there will be development of Sixth Sense Technology in the world,he said there are physical world and digital world,he described digital world in his Holy scripture, mind is seeing,hearing,smelling,touching,and tasting.and perception are the nature of mind,Mamaidev glimpsing a Star in the endless reaches of the eastern Sky,realized the infinite nature of mind and achieved Enlightenment.true power of Sixth sense lies on its potential to connect the real world with Internet and gadgets which you can organised with other by using your own hand and fingers, extend your hand in front of the project and number will appear for you click, need to know time draw a circle in your hand,make photo make a square in your hand  or wrist, this technology is discovered by a Indian student Pranav Mistry, while the Mamaidev discovered this technology in 13th century,he developed fire Jot in his finger and evoke fire and done holy Barmathi Panth by  wearing a divine Gadget Ring which is known as KARAM VINTY or કરમ વીંટી ,Holy Ring.
Vangiya in  Mamai dev dharma,  to day the peer (head of dharma,Religious)of Maheshpanthi  dharma are wearing this  Ancient Holy Ring  Karam ring / Vinty/Divine ring  orVangiya..Karam vinty or ring  is a wearable gesture interface that augment the physical world around us with digital information and let us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information,the Mamai dev said that sixth Sense will also obey your gesture of your fingers and hand , now it is proved by Pranav Mistry,which access as computer,Internet and connect you with cloud computing.
the Mamai Dev Said in his Vedas:- .............
.....શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને  પવિત્ર  ગ્રંથ માં  વેદ કંથન  કરેલ છે,.શિવ શક્તિ ને સાચા મૂકા શ્યામ,૩ તરે પુરુષ નજર( આખ)  થી જયોત બોય આગર ( finger) થી જયોત બોય ગુર માંમ..૨ કરા ચતોની ને કરમ બારઈ બારમતી, નરજન મુકો નિજ,તેની તરવરીઓ તે તંત,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા આડ તે એડી વેરા વરતંધી લાખો ગાવ થી સુઝંધી ધરા..Sixth Sense Technology is a perception of augmented reality concept and different between physical world and digital world,The Nature or God has not given us a sense to interact with the digital that we have created like Smart Phones,Computer,Tablets,Laptops,routers, cloud computing,WiFi,Desktops and other internet Gadgets.
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and Inventor and Predictors inn the 13th century. he was born in India his Holy Tomb or Nirvana Destination is located in  Makli Graveyard UNESCO world heritage site Tattha. Sindh state of Pakistan. He Predicted and discovered Sixth sense technology and explaining this technology in his sacred Scripture,he was able to see or perceived 2000 mile beyond the limit,he use to evoke fire in his Finger which is known as divine KARMA JOT in his Sacred Scripture,
He predicted that a wonderful day /miracles will come in the world,that you can exchange and can see the persons or any data you can exchange,which are  performing or talking with you, away from thousands mile away.
by networking technology of six sense technology.
Theology of Internet,this was the Internet /computer revolution in the world, Teem- Burners_Lee was he father of Computer and Internet and leading to development of technology WWW. world wide web page,and defining HTML.used to create web page.
This wonderful event occurs in 1995, this was the perfect Prediction of Shri Mamai Dev.
The Mamai Dev predicted in his holy scripture; Refer the Vedas of Mamai Dev said, in his Holy Scripture.
The inventor or founder of the world wide web .W.W.W.Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist who invented the web 25 years ago, He is known as father of Internet & Computer and started first Internet Server,
The Scientist  TEEM-BURNERS- LEE.who discovered World wide web page before 25 years,he is known as father of Computer and internet.


  1. Wonderful now, we have really realized the truth of sixth sense of Shri Mamai Dev by this Gadget technology perception of world, Digital world.. Gee Gurr Nitin Sir.