Thursday, 7 June 2012

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on Solar Flares & Storms, the End of Earth,

 Solar Flares 
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher,Scientist and astronomer in 14th century, he was born in India,he Nirvana in 1415 AD, His Tomb is located in UNESCO world heritage Makli Necropolis in Sindh state of Pakistan.The Mamaidev predicted in his Sacred scripture that Massive solar eruption from the Sun will hits on the Earth and lead to devastating disasters on the Earth and  Explosion in the space, and there will be Massive devastating Earthquakes,disrupts the Geomagnetic field of Sun and magnetic field of earth and disrupts  sea belt of earth.there will be end of Civilization and Sentient beings on the earth with their Infrastructure, Net, Internet,Satellites, Televisions and others. will be disrupted,He said that this Massive Sun Flare will be decorated with spectacular Most brilliant and wonderful multi colored Auroras,Jets of super heated plasma blasting off into space,He said in his Holy scripture,
Solar Flares is Known as Surang in Mamai Dev"s  Holy Literature Dharma, details of  Sun Flares/surangs is described in his Holy scriptu
The Shrine of the Mamai dev in Thatta Sindh,

               The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:-
1Khand khadbhadiya ne Varomandh doliya, teni dhamaro ( Geomagnetic fild of earth)chhade dhara jo bhar,
sat pood dharati ja tharoria, Mamai Dev bhane Maisariya,uthi Surang ne kiyo Avaz,teni dulse MER ja mandhan...2.Uthi Surang( solar flare)ne kiyo sangar, Mamai bhane Maisaria tade ayo 12 khand Prathmi jo ant, 3- Abhamandal ( sky) thi utari, SURANG,Mamai Dev bhane Maisaria tade bary rondha, 84 vaje ja Abhen..
   મામૈદેવ ને સુરંગ કે વેદ મેં કંથન કિયા હૈ:- ખંડ ખળભડિયા ને વરોમંધ ડુલીયા,તેની ધમરો છડે ધરા જો ભાર,સાત ૭ પુડ ધરતી જા ધ્રુજિયા,મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્રિયા ઉઠી સુરંગ ને થીયો અવાઝ તેની ડોલ્સે મેર પર્વત જા મંડાણ,ઉઠી સુરંગ ને કિયો શણગાર,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરીએ તળે યો ૧૨ ખંડ પૃથ્વી જો અંત....
  The Mamai Dev Said in his Holy Scripture that the (Surang) Solar flares it sounds like a terrifying phenomenon that will sends giant ball of fire,hurling down to earth will hits on surface of Earth.basically explosion of on the surface of Sun flares are result of powerful Magnetic field in and around the Sun, Solar flares is the huge released of energy from the Sun and travelling so fast, eruption on the sun produce solar flares.
     Solar Storm goes easy on earth but more are sure to come,
 The Mamai Dev said in his holy Scripture that a massive Solar Flare will hits on the surface of earth and there will be end of 12 region of earth..and will ends of lives on the earth.
  Solar Flare  flare passing in Ultra violet rays and produced colorful and beautiful arcing the they also create beautiful auroras, solar Flares pushes plasma cloud towards Earth and coronal mass ejection into space.
 The Mamai Dev said in his solar flares / Surang Vedas;-uthi SURANG ne kiyo shangar,tapiyo suraj ne tarvariya tara, Ambar me thiyo ujas,Dhara uchharay ne MER dhaja pay, Mamai Dev bhane Maisariya tade Baro 12 khand Prathmi jo ayo ant..
He said that Surang Solar flares and Solar storms will hits on the earth and leads to end of earth and end of Civilization on the earth and ends of lives on the earth. with their infrastructure.


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