Sunday, 8 July 2012

Matangeshwar Temple in Khajuraho,

The Matang Dev is known as 10th Incarnation / Avtar of Lord Shiva, He was forefather of the great Philosopher Mamai Dev. The Maheshwary community are the devotee of the Matang Dev and the Matang Dev  preached to poor Maisarias and Sinbhariya Meghvar community of India, He was the pioneer of Barmati Panth dharma and he has given word Dharmachar Word means you change your life style and be follow he rules of dharma, to poor Maheshwary Meghvar. Matangeshwar temple is located in world famous UNESCO world heritage site at Khajuraho town M.P.state of India, Matangeshwar temple is dedicated to lord Shiva.this temple was built in 9th century by king Chandra dev  of Chandra dynasty the king was devotee of Shiva Matang, while Millions of Maheshwary are devotee of
Shree Matang Dev Shrine and Nirvana Destination in Sindh
Matang  Dev Shiva in India,Sindh Pakistan and other countries. Khajuraho is famous for its exquisite temples and their carving and world famous architecture, Matangeshwar temple is world famous for popular tourist attraction due to presence of  its ancient and erotic carvings that adorn the wall of Matangeshwar and other temples. Matangeshwar is only  ancient temple where  Worships or pooja or religious ceremonies are performed which is not possible in any other temples due to their dilapidated state or allow to fall into a state of disrepair, or protected by archaeological site,yellow flag flattering on the top of Matangeshwar temple indicates that a ceremony is underway in the temple.main attraction of this temple is 8 feet long Shiva lingam, here 10 day fair and festival is held in Shivaratri festival of Hinduism,

                   the Holy festival is held in Month of Vaishakh, Amavashya, while there are millions of follower of Matang Dev Shiva are celebrating and taking holy bath on day of amavashya at Khajjuraho which is last day of lunar month, in Gujarat,Sindh Pakistan Nirvana day of Matang  Dev is celebrated on Akhatrij month of vaisakh which day is dedicated to the Matang Dev, he is known as Karam dev in Maisariya Dharam of Mamaidev.the Mamai Dev said in his sacred vedas:- Kalijug me Karam ayo kaltar, satya dharam ne 10 dashmu avtar,sahabd vartayo dharmachar, Alakhdev toke karam ke juhar.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on God"s particle of Universe,

the Higgs particle
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher, Sufi Saints and Predictor in 14th century, He was born in India.He described Gods particles in his Holy Scripture,Gods particle known as Tej kara or Agam kara in his scripture,newly discovered subatomic Amar..Amar pood in Mamai Dev"s doctrine, It is the Home of God Alakh Dev, where subatomic particle or  Gods particles now it is known as Higgs boson  and  Gods particle is known as Agam kara in Mamaidev"s doctrine, it is ultimate spiritual divine place of God where the lives of sentient beings is Immortal.
particle, Gods particle or Higgs boson is responsible for made up of universe and living beings on the earth. the Mamai Dev said there are seven layers of Universe, among them 7th layer of universe is the earth,all living beings are resides on the seven layers of universe are covers the out side of Universe body,middle and central layer of Universe is a layer of Human Immortality.which is known as
                    The Mamai Dev said that Cosmos universe is made up of matter, mass and Energy,it is known as Agam kara or mysterious Gods particle, he said that the God on Immortal layer of universe is formless,God has also conceived as beings incorporeal Immaterial,the Mamai Dev defined matter of universe where in which all physical objects are made,typically matter includes atoms and other particles which have mass anything made up of protons,neutrons,and electrons, in Realm of Cosmology extension of term matter are evokes to includes,dark mater and dark energy.
                      The Kara or Gods particle is responsible for creation of water,Air,light and fire Solar systems. the Mamaidev said in his Holy scripture:-
Amar pood Alakh bhane, tenji Agam kara ai aghat,pani ne pavan jo kiyo prakash,
teni Amar pood manza thi ami( life, living beings) zare, karam chatoni se kara utarayee,Mamai  Dev bhane maisariya teni Amar pood te Alakh vase to aghat;
શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને  અમર પુડ કે વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ:--
અમર પુડ અલખ ભણે,તેંજી અગમ કરા અઈ અઘાટ,પાણી ને પવન જો કિયો પ્રકાશ,તેની અમર પુડ મંજા થી અમી ઝરે,કરમ ચતોણી સે કરા ઉતરયી મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા અમર પુડ તે અલખ વસે તો અઘાટ; (૨) દીદાર પુડ ને ૭ સપ્ત તે સંસાર વસે,કરા વસેતી કવરાન્સ, મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા,તડે અમર પુડ તે ઈ અલખ જો વાસ.....
the life( Ami) is created in the cosmos or universal , essential requirements of living beings like water, air and light are created in the universe, by God Alakh Dev, he said that Living beings are on the Earth, Earth is made of 7 seven layer (sapta pood) and mass,matter,Energy are described by mamaidev in his holy scripture, known as Agam tej kara, the Mamai Dev unlocked the mysterious process of creation of Universe and lives on the earth in 13th century.
  the Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture:-Deedar pood ne 7 sapta pood te sansar vase,
KARA vaseti kavransh,Mamai Dev bhane maisariya tade Amar pood te ai Alakh jo vas,