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The Barmati Panth & Mamaidev

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher in 14th century he was born in India in 1415 AD .He described Barmati dharma in his sacred Scripture, The Barmati Panth is ancient Dharma is jewels and  treasure of Wisdom and spiritual awakening of life,The Barmati was created by lord Shiva and formulated in Karta yuga in Tetra yuga the Barmati was described by lord Krishna and Pandva of Mahabharata were the follower of Barmati Panth,in Kaliyuga the Matang dev Matangeshwar Shiva was the10th incarnation of Lord Shiva,Matang dev preached to Poor Meghwar Sinbhariya community of India at Karumbho or Kadamgiri hill of Palitana Gujarat that Sinbhariya Maheshwary,Meghwar are the followers of Barmati Panth.in13th century Mamaidev describes and widely formulated Holy Barmati Panth and preached  to Sinbharia Meghwar and the kings of Gujarat Rao Navaghan of Junagadh,kings of Ancient Ghumli Saurashtra,Gujarat India, and others kings of Sindh,The base of Barmati Panth is on the truth and truth is supported by God,The Mamaidev said that all wealth and prosperity in the world is delusion or attachment,Maya.
 Mamaidev said in his Barmati Vedas:
..........મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ:--કરતા યુગ મેં બારમતી નીપની,જેનજી પસા એ આડ/ દુનિયા મેં થીયો ધરમ જો અચાર,.યુગ મઘીઆ ૧૨ બારો થંભ,મંધર તે ગુર કીયી આરંભ,૪ ચાર દસી ને ૪ અવદસી,માંજા રચીઓ આસન જુગ જુગ બારમતી નિર્વાણ ૧ એકો તીર્થ ને એકો ઠઆમ, ઊજ બારમતી મેઘવારે   જે ઘરે નીપાયી....translation of above Vedas that Barmati was created in Karta yuga,there are 12 khand regions of Barmati and  worship only one Tirth and god, that in Kaliyuga Barmati dharma was first started in the Home of poor Sinbhariya,Maheshwary,Meghwar of India, the Matang Dev was the pioneer of Barmati Panth in kaliyuga,
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:-
           કરતા જુગ મે કોરી કંગણ બધા, કુંજર ( હાથી જો દિયેતા દાન ગુરુ જે વચને કોરી કંગણ બંધા સે જીવ ચડી ચડિયા નિર્વાણ
The Mamaidev was believed in unity, Education,struggle.The Barmati is for the unity of follower maisaria,it save from the sin of peoples who have done bad karma in his life,The Mamai said in his Vedas ;-The Barmati  Panth is for purification  of mind-jiv (soul) .ત્રીભુવન જા તીર્થ વાસુ તે મે ઉત્તમ તીર્થ આઇ બારમતી, તી હર ભજી જા ભવ જો તારણહાર, ગત આઈ માયા જી મોજાર મે ના મુંઝો, બારમતી મે બેસી કરી આંજે જીવ જી ગત ના પુછો, કમળ પુજા ફર જો દીવો દઠે, ગત મહેશ્વરિયા  આંજા કરોડ કસ્મર ઉતારે બારમતી મૈં વઠે.
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:
  ચોથી પસા દની આકે માયસરિયા જુગ ૧૪૪૦ અમર રોંધા, હળી મળી હલજા ઍક રંગ મામઈ ભણે માયસરિયા અંજા હુંધા પુરબ દેસ મે સંગ..The wonderful doctrine of Mamai dev on Barmati is true and,therefore,real;it is perfect in all places and all times,this great, bright Barmati emanates unadulterated wisdom,it is beyond the comprehension of the saints and the worldly alike.The Barmati is ocean of wisdom and truth.The Tomb(Grave) of Great Mamaidev is in makli-Sindh; Mamaidev preached Barmati Panth for equality in everything in human beings,person who believed in Barmati dharma, they will free from delusion Maya,attachment,will enlightened by wisdom and equality in everything we see The Barmati is for pure body pure mind thoughts,pure deeds and pure karma and dharma.
,Mamaidev predicted in his holy Scripture that The Shiva Matang dev will be born in pachorath Yuga after 2069,the King Muru will be 11th Incarnation of Lord Shiva, and he will protects to poor peoples of world and will give them Justice and equal right in Pacharath yuga.
there will be end of terrorism in the world and creation of equal dharma for every human beings in the world that will be Barmati Panth of lord Krishna
The Barmati  is the planet earth which is the world we live in Barmati is an ancient  religion panth.the components  of earth are varies regions  of earth, they are divided by 12 regions (khand) and seven seas-oceans like-Indian,pacific,Atlantic-south& north, arctic and others,10 big Islands,river,lakes,and 129 countries of world. The earth consists seven sheaths/layers, so that it is clear that the earth is supported by Barmati.
              ત્રીભુવન જા તીર્થ વાસુ તે મે ઉત્તમ તીર્થ આઇ બારમતી, તી હર ભજી જા ભવ જો તારણહાર, ગત આઈ માયા જી મોજાર મે ના મુંઝો, બારમતી મે બેસી કરી આંજે જીવ જી ગત ના પુછો, કમળ પુજા ફર જો દીવો દઠે, ગૅત આંજા કરોડ કસ્મર /પાપ ઉતરે બારમતી મૈં વઠે.
          The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:- The Barmati is the great magic spell,the great Spell of illumination of  wisdom,the suprim spell and the incomparable spell which Own truely protect one from all sufferings and delusion, Attachments,the karmic and retribution obstruction without fail;
 the Tomb(Grave) of Great Mamaidev is in Makli-Sindh,Pakistan

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