Monday, 29 October 2012

The Mamai Dev Preached in His Dharma on Alcohol and Its Impact on Society

The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher,Predictors and Sufi Saints in 14th Century and he was born in India and Nirvana in 1389 AD in Tattha Sindh. his tomb is located in ancient Makli grave  it is world"s Largest Necropolis  in  Thatta Sindh Pakistan, He preached to Maheshwary  of Sindh,Gujarat, Mp, Bihar and Maharashtra states of India.the Mamaidev described the Impact of Alcohol on Society in his Sacred scripture. He said in his Vedas: -મધ પીયણ ને જુવા રમણ, ને માનવી વેશ્યાવાડે જાય, મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા એ મનખ/માનવી જે લેખે મેં નહિ.
The Sacred Shrine of the Mamaidev in Tattha ,Sindh Pakistan
      Madh piyan ne Juva Raman, je manakh Veshya vade Jay, mamai bhane maisaria, ei jiv Manakh je lekhe me nahi...Translation, person who drink alcohol. play gambling and who have multiple sex partners are not considered as human being and are evil person and hungry ghost and animal on the earth,alcohol or wine is strictly prohibited in his dharma,he said that you committed to cultivate good health, physically, Socially and mentally well beings,aware of the suffering causes by unmindful consumption of wine alcohol and drugs abuses. committed to ingest only items that preserve peace,well beings,happiness and joy your life,and helpful and consciousness to your Family and society,he preached for pure body and pure mind.
                      the ancient Egyptians one of the history"s first civilization around 5000 years ago,wine also was used as luxurious offering to Gods and dead persons and was also placed in the tombs of rich kings.the Hindu mythological description of the time 2000 BC, the wine was known as Sura,mythical root from period of Indus valley civilization and Vedic period,the ancient Dravidian culture in south India is also reported to have alcohol which was known as Sura,
a child learns to become Alcoholic from parent and home environments. medical science researched proved than alcoholism is transmitted from Genes and offspring of drinkers are suffers from Abuses of alcohol,parental substance abuses impact upon their children and the natural development of childhood to adulthood is affected,behavior problems,anger,suicide, depression and anxiety.
Evil Person Who drink Alcohol
research suggests that women most serious risk factors for injury and violence may be the history of alcoholism in her male partners.alcoholism in parents also increased risk of violence behavior and abuses towards their children,children of alcoholic parents tend to worst academically.anger anxiety and suicidal tendency.since alcohol is commonly used in western societies no dinner is completed without figure released by the world health organisation have shown that alcohol is responsible for causing 2.5 millions death per annul which is almost 4% of all death world wide.alcohol consumption is leading risk factor for death in age group 15 to 59 years.almost 40% person alcoholic died in road accident and innocent persons are kill by alcoholic persons when he is driving vehicles and is proved that Alcohol kill more than AIDS, TB and violence, reference medical journal. Alcoholism not only effect individual drinkers but peoples around them and society as a has big economic Impacts on Industries growth ,work places with absents,accidents,lower performance which will leads to unemployment.this costs employee, employers and social security and more burden on health systems.
 alcoholic person died due to liver illness,cancer,stomach disease, hemorrhagic diseases,  Polyneuritis, Impotent and pancreatitis  and others illness. and his family and his his widow wife and children are the sufferer of evil karma of wine drinkers.
 The Mamai Dev said that health can not be isolated from its Social context,human beings anywhere are members of group or groups a man who can live without Society said either God or beasts.thus society may be defined in simple terms as an organisation of members group,a systems of social relation between individual,the important of society lies in the fact that it controls and regulates the behavior of individual both by law and customs.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Mamai dev on The Divine Light & Karam Jyot

 The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher in 14th century and he was Born in India, Nirvana on 1389 A.D.The Mamai Dev defined Divine light who formulated ancient Barmati Panth is the center of Karam Jyot,Karam Jyot is word Theosophy derived from Greek,the means God divinity,Sophiya means wisdom underlying words Religious science and philosophy,the Mamai Dev all of the infrastructures of illumination is the base on fire and light,it is known as divine light Karam Jyot,address God as absolute light that concluded that life on the earth is result of continuous radiation of divine light or Karamjot make universe alive,the Karamjyot is referred to the eternal truth, Wisdom and knowledge, the Mamai Dev said that karamjyot is that apparent formless God can have quality.the Mamai Dev said that light and Fire Karamjot are the noble elements of Universe or world.the light Karam jyot is essence of natural world.
        he said that life is resides in the karma Jyot
 the life of sentient beings is not possible without Karam jyot,celestial radiation is perceived by 3rd eye which is  Karam Jyot,eternal effulgence within all sentient beings or living beings,the Lord Krishna said in sacred Bhagvat Gita in Hinduism,the path of realization is through appropriate efforts,concentration, wisdom and truth, and the renunciation of material world or mortal world.
In ancient Iran Zoroastrianism believed in light and Fire as God,Sufi tradition of Islam is believed in that divine light shine from many windows.divine light for wisdom and knowledge,while in Buddhism is base on divine light wisdom,
the Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture Vedas;-Karam jyot ne tej sar,karam pasa Hans jiv Boy nipaya,mathe Alakh ai aghat,Barmati jyot Meghware je ghare nipay,Mamaidev Meghware je ghare ayo, sanch ( truth)sheel (wisdom)ne son (gold) se Barmati jaday, Barmati ja khand dev Mamai kanthiyo Mukha mukh,khande khande ja parnara jenjo kanthan kathiyoich is Known as KARAMJOT in his Dharma,  GUR MAM.....
......(૨)મામૈદેવ કથિત વેદસ: કરમ જયોત ને તેજ સાર,કરમ પસા હંસ જીવ બોય નીપાયા,માથે અલખદેવ અઈ અઘાટ,બારમતી જ્યોત મેઘવાર એ જે ઘરે નીપાયી,મામૈદેવ મેઘવાર જે ઘરે આયો,સત્ય ,શીલ ને સોન થી બારમતી જડઈ,બારમતી જ ખંડ ડેવ મામાઈ કન્થીઓ,મુખ મુખ,ખંડે ખંડે જ પારનારા,જેન્જો કંઠન કન્થીઓ ગુર મામ..

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Great Wisdom & The Mamai Dev

The Shrine of the Mamai Dev In Makli  graveyard in Thatta Sindh
The Mamai Dev was  a great Philosopher,Sufi Saint and predictors and he was born in India.his Shrine Tomb is located in Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan,Makli Grave yard which is largest Necropolis in the world which is UNESCO world Heritage site,He preached  Dharma to Maheshwari's and others community and Kings of Sindh and Gujarat,The Mamai Dev in his dharma emphasizes cultivation or correcting our thoughts and behavior.It is to correct that everything that arise from our body,mouth,thoughts,speech and correct three karma of "erroneous behaviors' speech and thought.
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:-Namana, khamna ne bahot Gunna,Jenji mukh me mithi vani
Dev Mamai che mankhe manza dev nipna, nahi koy dev ji khani.

વેદ :--નમણા ખામણા ને બહોત ગુણા , જેનજી મુખ મેં મીઠી વાણી,દેવ મામઈ ચે માનવ મનખ મઝા દેવ નીપના નહિ કોય દેવ જી ખાણ...
Translation, the perfect, holy and noble human on the earth is God,person who speak sweet speech and holy thoughts which is full of wisdom is the God,he said you can not dig out gods from mines or quarry,this is the noble truth of Mamai Dev, He said that cultivation starts from the root,what is the root? the mind.if our mind is proper then our thoughts,speech and behaviors will likewise will be proper.
how do we attain wisdom?it is innate to our self nature It is now covered, where is it? the Mamai Dev told us that it is not permanently lost just temporary lost,when we reach enlightenment we can uncovered wisdom,then how can we free from delusion and recover our original ability? one method taught by Mamaidev is deep concentration which purified your body and mind.
the Mamai Dev taught,the method of learning and cultivation or the true reality of life and the Universe.all accord with the great perfections. He said in his Sacred scripture.