Monday, 22 October 2012

The Mamai dev on The Divine Light & Karam Jyot

 The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher in 14th century and he was Born in India, Nirvana on 1389 A.D.The Mamai Dev defined Divine light who formulated ancient Barmati Panth is the center of Karam Jyot,Karam Jyot is word Theosophy derived from Greek,the means God divinity,Sophiya means wisdom underlying words Religious science and philosophy,the Mamai Dev all of the infrastructures of illumination is the base on fire and light,it is known as divine light Karam Jyot,address God as absolute light that concluded that life on the earth is result of continuous radiation of divine light or Karamjot make universe alive,the Karamjyot is referred to the eternal truth, Wisdom and knowledge, the Mamai Dev said that karamjyot is that apparent formless God can have quality.the Mamai Dev said that light and Fire Karamjot are the noble elements of Universe or world.the light Karam jyot is essence of natural world.
        he said that life is resides in the karma Jyot
 the life of sentient beings is not possible without Karam jyot,celestial radiation is perceived by 3rd eye which is  Karam Jyot,eternal effulgence within all sentient beings or living beings,the Lord Krishna said in sacred Bhagvat Gita in Hinduism,the path of realization is through appropriate efforts,concentration, wisdom and truth, and the renunciation of material world or mortal world.
In ancient Iran Zoroastrianism believed in light and Fire as God,Sufi tradition of Islam is believed in that divine light shine from many windows.divine light for wisdom and knowledge,while in Buddhism is base on divine light wisdom,
the Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture Vedas;-Karam jyot ne tej sar,karam pasa Hans jiv Boy nipaya,mathe Alakh ai aghat,Barmati jyot Meghware je ghare nipay,Mamaidev Meghware je ghare ayo, sanch ( truth)sheel (wisdom)ne son (gold) se Barmati jaday, Barmati ja khand dev Mamai kanthiyo Mukha mukh,khande khande ja parnara jenjo kanthan kathiyoich is Known as KARAMJOT in his Dharma,  GUR MAM.....
......(૨)મામૈદેવ કથિત વેદસ: કરમ જયોત ને તેજ સાર,કરમ પસા હંસ જીવ બોય નીપાયા,માથે અલખદેવ અઈ અઘાટ,બારમતી જ્યોત મેઘવાર એ જે ઘરે નીપાયી,મામૈદેવ મેઘવાર જે ઘરે આયો,સત્ય ,શીલ ને સોન થી બારમતી જડઈ,બારમતી જ ખંડ ડેવ મામાઈ કન્થીઓ,મુખ મુખ,ખંડે ખંડે જ પારનારા,જેન્જો કંઠન કન્થીઓ ગુર મામ..

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