Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Great Wisdom & The Mamaidev

The Mamaidev was  a great philosopher and he was born in India.his Shrine Tomb is located in Tattha, Sindh, Pakistan,Makli Grave yard which is largest Necropolis in the world which is UNESCO world Heritage site,He preached  Dharma to Maheshwari's and others community and Kings of Sindh and Gujarat,The Mamaidev in his dharma emphasizes cultivation or correcting our thoughts and behavior.It is to correct that everything that arise from our body,mouth,thoughts,speech and correct three karma of "erroneous behaviors' speech and thought.
The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:-Namana, khamna ne bahot Gunna,Jenji mukh me mithi vani,dev Mamai che mankhe manza dev nipna, nahi koy dev ji khani.

વેદ :--નમણા ખામણા ને બહોત ગુણા , જેનજી મુખ મેં મીઠી વાણી,દેવ મામઈ ચે માનવ મનખ મઝા દેવ નીપના નહિ કોય દેવ જી ખાણ...
Translation, the perfect, holy and noble human on the earth is God,person who speak sweet speech and holy thoughts which is full of wisdom is the God,he said you can not dig out gods from mines or quarry,this is the noble truth of mamaidev,he said that cultivation starts from the root,what is the root? the mind.if our mind is proper then our thoughts,speech and behaviors will likewise will be proper.
how do we attain wisdom?it is innate to our self nature It is now covered, where is it? the mamaidev told us that it is not permanently lost just temporary lost,when we reach enlightment we can uncovered wisdom,then how can we free from delusion and recover our original ability? one method taught by Mamaidev is deep concentration which purified your body and mind.
the Mamaidev taught,the method of learning and cultivation or the true reality of life and the Universe.all accord with the great perfections. He said in his Sacred scripture.

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