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The Mamai Dev Protect the Rights of Poor Meghwar Community

Dr Nitin Vinzoda in Makli Graveyard  Mamai Dev Shrine in  Tattha,
Sindh Pakistan 
The Mamai Dev was a great ,Sufi Saint,Philosopher and predictor in 14th Century.his sacred tomb is located in UNESCO world heritage site in Makli Tattha Sindh,He preached for dharma to poor Sinbhariya Maheshwary Meghwar in India.the Indus valley civilization was the finest specimen of ancient Sinbhariya Meghwar wisdom. and the Sinbhariya Meghwar are the Ancient Dravidian habitat of south Asia, Sinbhariya Meghwar were burst,split,scattered,dispersed,torn as under destroyed and were crushed by foreign Invaders and upper caste peoples of ancient India during Vedic period.the oppression of Meghwar has been going on for 3000 years in south Asia,they are consider to be lower rank human being and untouchable by the caste peoples of upper caste societies of India, Pakistan,Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.most Meghwar lives in extreme  poverty, without his own Home,land, force to work as farm laborer  Recently European Union Parliament in France asks India to protect Meghwar Dalit the persistence of human right violation against Meghwar Dalit in India, for wide spread untouchability include the issue of caste discrimination in their dialogues for priorities programmed addressing caste discrimination,in education and programmed with particular focus on WOMEN and  GIRLS.
 The Mamai Dev predicted in his holy scripture that a powerful Sinbhariya Meghwar Warrior named Marchand will come from Roman Empire of Turkey City Constantinople of Roman Emperor, which is known as RUM SON ( Roman) country in Mamaidev"s holy Scripture,now it is known as Istanbul city of Turkey Country in Europe.the story of one the  great forgotten event world history the fall of Constantinople  to the Ottoman  Sultan Turks in 1453 AD. and end of Roman Empires which ruled over world for 1000 years, and starting of Islamic rules in Turkey of Roman Empire in 1453 A.D.the Last Roman e
mperor was Fredrick 3 to be crowned at Rome by Pope,
The Mamaidev Predicted in his Holy Scripture that the Maheshwary Meghwars Warrior Marchand will be the King of TURKEY Constantinople  in coming Pachorath yuga JUG 2069 A.D.  and will save Poor Sinbhariya Meghwar of India and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal and Asia.with lord Muru raja king 11th Incarnation of Lord Shiva Matang Dev and Muru Lord and King Marchand will kill evil king name Karing of Kandahar Asia and there will be end of terrorism in the world, The Muru and Marchand will take special attention and action for welfare and uplift of Meghwars Maheshwary and he will take actions for equal distribution of national properties and prosperity to Maheshwary Meghwar. and King Muru God will take action for caste discrimination and un touchability and equality in human beings,there will be no caste systems in Coming Pachorath Yuga.
 Sinbhariya Maheshwary King Marchand from Turkey in 2069 A.D.
            મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં ફરમાયા હૈ : (૧)--રૂમ સૂમ  મંજા થી ચાસી ચડંધી,  મરચંદ કેન્ધો હાજ,ડેવ મામાઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા,તળે થીન્ધો પાન્જો રાજ;
( ૨) પંથ બારમતી ને મંગર ૪ ચાર,માંડવાગઢ ( મધ્ય પ્રદેશ ભારત)મેં થીન્ધો મુરુ જો અવતાર,સોજ સ્વામી કેન્ધો સિન્ભરીયે મેઘવારે જી સાર.
(૩) અઢારે ૧૮ વરણ ( જાતી) એક હકડા થીન્ધા છેપ પારીન્ધો ના કોય,ડેવ મામઈ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા એડા અચીંધા કલીજુગ જા પરમાણ' ...Asian countries The Mamai Dev predicted that there will be Annihilation of Caste systems in es,
The Mamai Dev said in his Vedas:- Rum soom ( Roman Country Turkey)manza thi chansi chadandhi, Marchand kendho haj,Mamai bhane Maisaria tade thidho panjo Raj.. Uradh,khurad ne Turk Tamachi 4 charo chadse mir..(2) Panth Barmati ne mangar 4 char,Mandavgadh me thindho MURU jo Avatar, soz swami kendho Sin Bhariye Meghware ji sar..translation,the King Marchand will come from Europe country with lord,Muru will be born in Mandavgadh city of MP state of India.and The Marchand Maheshwary Meghwars  Warrior from Modern Istanbul ( rumson)Turkey will be the presidents of south Asia countries in 2069 A.D.and there will be end of Human suffering of Sinbhariya Meghwar in Asia.
Mamaidev dharma is a religious pretty centrally concerned with suffering,these form a central focus of religious its practice and philosophy,one is encouraged what suffering is,this various its come in and their root causes.though can all be reduced to attractions and aversions base upon the illusions of real self "Pandh Shuddh Jiv Shuddh" and the peoples who hide behind the wall of false or illusions,never get glimpse the truth the it"s fare too late when they die or pass away.
The four requisites of Mamaidev teaching enunciate are food sufficient to alleviate hunger, education and maintain one's health, and good sources of income for lively hood,sufficient to be Socially descents and to protect body from diseases and Societies, shelters sufficient for serious engagement with cultivating mind.the Mamaidev said there are 7 seven happiness or noble for human beings,health,wealth,character,sacrificing one"s possession wealth for benefits to poor,
Poor Meghwar Women With her  Kids in India,


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