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Prediction of the Mamai Dev On Global Warming & Massive Floods Disasters

Flood Disasters in Sindh and Bangladesh,India
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and Predictors In 14th Century.He was Born In India, He predicted in his Sacred Scripture that there will   be Rupture or burst of Many Large Dams Water reservoirs  Due to Massive huge Devastating Earthquake and flooding  due to melting of Himalayan Glaciers, in Sindh  and Punjab, Pakistan and Uttarakhand, UP state of India and Bangladesh  surroundings of Mount Himalaya.Pakistan,China and California U.S.A. He said in his Holy Scripture that a Mega thrust quake( Aird Bandh)  with Melting of huge Himalayan Glaciers,that could obliterates the entire State province Sindh and Punjab of Pakistan. North India, Bangladesh and China, there will be lost of many Human lives and Earthquake with Flood will engulf Sindh, Punjab, and North India, Bangladesh.. China The 15000 Glaciers of Himalayan which collectively constitute largest Body of Ice sheet outside polar caps are reported to be melting Faster than anywhere on Earth. 2000 Glaciers have melted since 1950,Instead of snow accumulation in winter Himalayan Glaciers are hit by Summer monsoon and Global warming The Barnak Glaciers of has melted 0..8 km , since 1990 If Himalayan Glaciers  recede this rate they will be gone by 2035. disasters Massive Flooding  are predicted by Shri Mamai Dev in area of Himalayan,where Glaciers are melting  By Estimated 20% Bangladesh,  50% Sindh and Punjab Pakistan and North India will be underwater by 2035 on wards if the current rate of Glaciers melting continue in Himalayan. The Mamai Dev Predicted in his Holy Scripture that this event will be major disasters on the earth before 2069 A.D.this will be in last phrase of Kali yuga , Era. and Sindh and Punjab  Pakistan, Bangladesh,North India and China,Tibet will be underwater and will effects on Inhabitants nearby Himalayan.Regions.
destroys  its infrastructure and There will be diversion of Indus River of Sindh and Indus River will be disappeared and will change its Path.There will be Bursting of Dams of Sindh, China  and California of U.S.A,.The China will build a huge dam on River Indus and Brahmaputra river in Tibet the huge dams of China Zigmu dams will endangers millions of  lives in Pakistan, Sindh,Karachi, Tattha and other cities of Pakistan and India and Bangladesh. The Mega Earthquake will hit on the Dams and Yunnan provinces and south east of China will be submerged
 in Water and loss of many live in Asia.
due to Mega thrust Earthquake and will leads to Rupture of many large Dams of  Indus rivers, scientists Says that polar Ice sheets are melting three times faster than they were just before 3 decades ago.Amount of Ice lost from  Himalayan Greenland and Antarctica glaciers are enough to raise world sea level 2 Mm every  year.Melting of Polar ice sheet will be due to Global Warming and sudden melting of Polar Ice sheets of  Mount Himalayan will leads to sudden Ice  or Snow storms and there will be breaking of huge Ice sheets will leads to disasters like Rupture of large Dams on rivers on Himalayan regions of world. there will be Heavy Rain in Mount Himalayan and  floods and massive  landslides in Himalayan; and will be lost of Lives on the earth and Mount Himalayan regions, breaking of huge Ice sheets of  Mount Himalayan. and there will be human sufferings and loss of many lives on the Earth.more than 300 cities or Villages will be Affected by the Rupture of Ahr  Bandh .
      The Mamai Dev Said in his Holy Scripture in the Ahr Bandh ja Vedas:-
(૧) ચૈત્ર માસ બે ચેત્ર આવશે,વરસ જો નામ વિકાર,અંબર ફાટો ને એડ બંધ તૂટો,અલખ એડ બંધ તોડશે,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરીએ તળે થીંધો પાપ ને પાણી જો પખાર,
(૨) એડ બંધ ફાટીઓ ને અવાજ થીયો,અંબર મેં થીયો ઉજારો,તળે શેણી સંકેલો કરશે,સિંધ મેં દરીઓ કરશે ધમ ધમકર,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તળે એડ બંધ જો આયો અંત...
 (1) Chaitra bo2 chaitra avse, varas Jo Nam VIKAR, Amber fatiyo ne AHR BANDH Tuto,
 Alakh Arh Bandh  todse,Mamai Dev bhane Maisariya, tade thindho pani ne pap Jo pakhar,
(2) Ahr Bandh Fatiyo ne Avaz thiyo, Amber me  thiyo Ujaro,Sheni River ( Holy Tirth of Maheshwari Shenithar Nirvana destinaton of the Matang Dev in Tharparkar District of Sindh Pakistan.(Indus River of Sindh) ) Sankelo Kiyo,
Sindh Pakistan me dariyo ( Sea or  ocean) karse Dham Dhamkar, Mamai Dev Bhane Maheshwaria tade ayo Aidbandh jo Ant. End
 Translation of above Vedas,The Mamai Dev said in his holy scripture that this Mega thrust Earthquake and bursting of Dams disaster will be in 2078 AD,there will be two Chaitra month and Vikari years and there will me Monday and sun Eclipse,All Sindh Province will be Submerge in the water and will be converted in Ocean,and there will be end of many  Lives on the Earth, The Ahr Bandh  rupture disaster will be the Massive  mega Earthquake in the world history, The Scientists discovered new California quake faults in Glaciers of Mounts Himalayan and others Glaciers of the world,that could burst Dams on Rivers of Himalayan and other Glaciers and loss of Many lives due to Flooding,
There will be fault in Tectonic plates of Earth and  Mega Earthquake will leads to Massive land slides in Mount Himalayan and Glaciers of the world and will obstruct the water flow of rains and Himalayan and ultimately Rupture of Many Dams on Rivers, Highly affected regions of world will be Himalayan Regions , Punjab and Mainly Sindh Pakistan.The Mamai Dev Predicted in SAKE Salivahanan Era of Hindu Calendar,The Hindu Ancient calendar named years known as Samantar in order to identified time of events,The Common calendar does not have such names applied to years,In the Sake Era Calendar depending upon The Saka was started by an Emperor Salivahanan There are 60 such names given to 60 years the Vikari year is no 33 in Samansara years and given specific names of Years one of them is Year Vikari, 2019-20 will be the year Vikari and after 59 years there will be Vikari year in 2078-79 AD, reference to our great  late  Engineer Auwa  Shri L.T.Matang had calculated Exact Vikari year in his Post on prediction of the Mamaidev in world war.com.
This will be the Historical Massive Earthquake and Bursting of Dams in Sindh,and the Mamai Dev said this Event will be the Last massive striking Event in the  phrase of Kaliyuga, This will be end of Cruel Kaliyuga Era in the world and after that there will be starting of Pachorath new Yuga.

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