Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The End of Mogul Dynasty in India

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher and predictor in 13th century and He Nirvana 1389 in Tattha Sindh,the Tomb is Located in World"s largest Graveyard/ Necropolis world heritage site inMakli,Tattha Sindh,Now in Pakistan in the 13th Century,Shama Dynasty King were the followers of shri Mamaidev, He foretell many future events which will come in the world,which happened in the world,and given proof in his Vedas and holy scriptures. He foretell end of Mughal Dynasty, seven Ancestors of Babar Mughal Emperors will rule on India,and eighth progeny/generation of Babar mughal will be removed from the thorn and power in india.It was the end of Mughal dynasty which was founded in 1527 A.D. and ended in 1707 A.D. seven progeny of Babar were ruled over India
1-Babar himself 2-Humayun 3-Akbar 4 -Jahangir 5-Shahjahan 6-Aurangzeb 7-Bahadur Shah Zafar After that their ancestors removed from power and killed by rival group of powerless Muslim hakem or subba of Mughal Empire who captured the power from Mughal and last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah ended up in prison.    
Mamaidev said his Holy scripture British, Angrej French,Portuguese came to india by sea route.Their purpose was trading in india for various goods, After some time settled in india they think to capture  the power from Mughal Emperors,lastly they conquered on Mughal and founded British Empire. The Mamai dev said in his Vedas : -સક ૧૭મી ૧૭૦૦ ,..સકે ૧૭ સતર એ પડશે સમુન્દ્ર મેં સ્ત્રાવ, અંગ્રેજ ફિરંગી ,ઉઠશે તુર્કી કરશે તાણ,ઓલ્લો ,ધોલ્લો આવશે ,શેભર ને સુલતાન,ઘર રાજ પાદશાહ જ પલટસે. ઈ અઈ આગમ જા એધાણ ... THe Mamaidev said in his sacred Scripture, that there will be end mogul dynasty in 1700 A.D.One chhamichhar is equal to one Savantary. = 60 years,--8 chhamichhar is equal to 480 years the mamai predicted in mid of thirteen century.The end of Mughal dynasty was in 1707 A.D.Exactly 480 years after foretold of Mamai, it was perfect foretold of Mamai and was universal truth.
the mamaidev said in his Holy Scripture. શ્રી મામૈદેવ ને ઉન્હી કે પવિત્ર ગ્રંથ મેં  વેદ કહા હૈ:૭ સાત શાહજાદા મોગલ તોઝા સુખ થી વર્તાજા, ૮ આઠ કે લાગંધી લાત....મોગલ ના છેલ્લા બાદશાહ  બહાદુર શા ને અંગ્રેજ એ આગ્રા કિલ્લા માં કેદ કરેલ ને મોગલ સતા નો કરુણ અંત આવેલ... Mamaidev said before Mughal invasion in India, four Muslim  mir invaders will attack on India.They were came from Arab, Kurdistan,Turkestan and Iran,these events was foretold/predicted by Mamai in his holy scripture, it was noble truth, happened in Indian history. 
મામૈદેવ ને મીરે જી વગત કે વેદ મેં કહા હૈ.: 
ઉરધ. ખુરધ,તુર્ક ને તમાચી,ચારો ચડશે મીર,Four Foreign invaders Mir will attack on western India they will started looting properties,wealth,of various kingdoms in India ,

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