Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Mamai Dev On Pure Body Pure Mind/ "Pandh Shuddh Jiv Shuddh"

 The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher and Sufi Saint of Sindh,his Sacred Tomb is Located in Makli Necropolis UNESCO world heritage site,he was born in India in 14th century, He was Born in  Matarai,Kutch Gujarat,India in Vikram Savant 1387/ 1330.A.D. century and Nirvana in 1415 Thatta Sindh Now in Modern Pakistan He preached to poor Sinbhariya Meghwar Community of India.He teaches to Meghwar Maheshwari for Pure Body Pure Mind.he teaches every Maheshwari Meghwar should maintain Pure body pure mind "Pandh Shuddh,Jiv Shuddha;
Dhammachar is basic pillar of Mamaidev and his dharma he given 36 vows to Maheshwari,Meghwar.
    (1)  Living Beings or Sentient beings are innumerable: I vow to help them all; 
     (2) Dukh or sufferings and Afflictions are inexhaustible,I vow to end them all;
     (3) Enlightenment is unsurpassed : I vow to attain it.
  Dharma and Karma provide the basic for Mamai Dev dharma morality, but also influence the religion's concept of justice.They form a cosmic path that guides the soul through reincarnation and toward the ultimate goal of Enlightenment.This is possible because the two concepts are connected, with dharma teaching individuals to live in harmony with the world, allowing them to accrue positive karma and experience favorable events in this and the next life.
           Dharma is a kind of self-evident truth in  Mamai Dev Dharma and Buddhism.It is the natural state of all things,and adherents come to know it through study of Mamai Dev"s Sacred Scripture and Buddhist scripture also; Dharma unifies the Mamai Dev Dharma & Buddhist principle of the Four Noble Truths,which teach: the existence of suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the path to its cessation.Karma,on the other hand, is a natural causal force It pervades the cosmos and guides the soul through its many lives.It teaches that every action has a consequence and every decision has an outcome.
These are the Basic pillar of the Mamai Dev and his Dharma for the peace and happiness of all Living beings of the world.the Mamai Dev preached to Maheshwari and kings of India for Filial piety means to give respect to your parent and elder peoples and help them and do not forget of your parent you worship only your Mother and father they are real god for worship you do not worship Idol or Stone made sculptured god,they are only stones. you worship only Living persons; and help those who are poor helpless and Orphans the god resides in these person these are the Compassion and your Wisdom.The Mamai Dev said in his sacred Scripture " Pandh Shuddh Jiv Shuddh".
The Mamai Dev represents peace and Equality with compassion and wisdom one can generate Merits.To enjoy merit is to build upon the foundation of Equality and Purity;this is the greatest Enjoyment for human beings,to cultivate merits in childhood,generate merits in middle age,and enjoy merit in old age described as truth,virtue and Beauty.