Friday, 1 July 2016

Kadamgiri Tirth for Maheshwari

The Kadamgiri hill is located in Kadamgiri Valley 35 Km From Palitana Town of Bhavnagar district of Saurashtra state of Gujarat India. Kadamgiri is also known as Karumbho Mount or dungar in Matangdev dharma of Maheshwary community,the Maheshwari devotee from Kutch, Sindh,Jamnagar,Maharashtra and other Parts of Country are coming at Kadamgiri hill Yatra on Month of Vaisak and Akhatrij which is Nirvana day of shri Matang Dev; Kadamgiri Hill is the Holy Pilgrimage of Jain and Maheshwary,The Matangdev was 10th Avatar or Incarnation of Lord Shiva,he preached to poor Sinbhariya Maheshwari Meghwar of Sindh,Gujarat, Maharashtra and MP states of India.
Kadamgiri hill is the sacred Tirth of Maheshwari Meghwar and Jain,
the Neminath Lord preached to Jain in Jainism before 2500 years ago.The Matangdev was Born in 9th Century in Bihar patliputra state of India and he had done welfare of Tribal Meghwar community of India he preached for Dharma and Equality and Unity and struggle in Life,He always preached for Unity in Community,The Matang Dev fought for dharma,His  followers were Maheshwari, Shamma Rajput of Sindh and Sumara  Rajput Community and Kings of Sindh and king of Gujarat,the Matang Dev fought a war with a Bhimsingh Chavda a king of Gujarat, the Matang Dev defeated Bhim Singh Chavda and Matangdev married with Shekhdevi she was a Princess of  Bhavnagar state of Gujarat and Daughter of King Punsinh Gohil. Gohil dynasty.

Nirvana Destination of the Matangdev Sindh
The Grave & Nirvana Destination of the Matang Dev is Located in Sindh state of Pakistan in Shenithar.  The
 Matangdev had done Narvedh ( Human Sacrifice) Yagna,  Religious Procedure and Sacrifice of Human in the Yagna, at Kadamgiri hill for the welfare of downtrodden poor Sinbhariya Meghwar,who were Untouchable for Upper Hindu caste,there were no dharma in Meghwar community and they were Tribal caste Sinbhariya Meghwar   original Indian Inhabitant  Mul Nivasi peoples of ancient India.the Matang Dev was also known as Karam dev in Maheshwary Dharma,Nine 9 Lack Sinbhariya Meghwar were with the Matang Dev and Dada  ask them to follow the Matang Dev s Dharma but Six Lack  Sinbhariya Meghwar left dharma and lost Faith in Dharma due to Human Sacrifice Yagna, and left Kadamgiri hill,while 3 three Lack peoples followers of Matang Dev follow the dharma and Matang Dev done Neem kangan  sanskar procedure for entry in Dharma, and Matangdev have performed Neem kangan for three kodi Maheshwari and other Followers and 3 kodi Meghwar Maheshwari become pure and got Salvation or Moksha,
 Every Religion have its own Identity ie there are Janoi/ Sacred thread in Hinduism and Sunnat or Circumcision in Islam and Jews,It is known as Diksha in Buddhism and Jainism, the Matang Dev given sacred Barmati Panth dharma to Maheshwari and given neem kangan to Maheshwari for firmness in his dharma and its own identity as Maheshwari.
  Maheshwari child have neem kangan in Any Barmati Panth but it is Important to received neem kangan at Kadamgiri hill; the NEEM Kangan at Kadamgiri hill for our child and it is believed and said By Mamaidev that there will no sufferings in his Life who have NEEM Kangan at Karubho kadamgiri hill. so that I urge to  Maheshwari please follow the rules of Dharma;the Meghwar named Ghabhro Vado sacrificed his life in Narvedh Yagna at Karubho so that they Vada Meghwar are Thathiya mean distribution of  Holy Thath or Prasadi. The Mamai Dev Said in His Vedas:- 
  (૧) ૯ નવ કોડી (લાખ)  માનવી  ગની ને  કરમ દેવ કારુભે ચડીયો,તે મંજા  ત્રણ  કોડી  તર્યા, ૬ છ  કોડી હરી જે વિશ્વાસ તે ના હાલિયા ,દેવ મામૈદેવ ચે  સે જીવ  ખૂટી ને કાદવ મેં પડિયા.
 (૨) જકી જીવ કદમગીરી કારુભે તે નીમ્યા ( નીમ કંગન ) તેનકે  વેરા ( દુખ) જો ના અચે  હૈયાન ,૩ કોડી  માનવી ગત જા કંગણ કારુભે તે ભરિયા તેનજી  વગત  કન્થઈ મામૈદેવ  પંડિત વછવાર.
(3) જી જળ મેં શરીર pandhi પખારીઓ ( સ્નાન) તી બારમતી ઈ જીવ જો પખાર મામૈદેવ ચે જકી જીવ કારુભે તે કંગણ ભર્યા  તેન્જા  ઉતર્યા જીવ જા કસમર ભાર..

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