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Mamai Dev on Annihilation of Caste System in India

Indra Chhelo  Kutch
The Mamai Dev was a great Philosopher and Sufi Saint and social Reformers in 14th Century he was Born in Kutch Gujarat  India,and Nirvana in 1415 Tattha Sindh. the   town Thatta was the Capital of Sindh state of India, now in Modern Pakistan. He preached to poor tribal Meghwar community  in India.The Mamaidev has tried all kind of strategies during his life for eradicating caste and more especially, for emancipating the Meghwar from this oppressive social systems and Promoting and preaching for the Unity, Education,Struggle and Social, ,Economic growth of Society, Rt Livelihood  in Meghwar Community The Mamaidev Preached to Kings, Rao Navghan Junagadh, Muravaji of Kutch state, Jethwa kings of Ghumli of Saurashtra and Gujarat for Eradication of Untouchability  and uplifting of poor tribal Meghwars in their States or Kingdom,  The Mamaidev predicted in his Sacred Scripture that there will be no Caste System in India in Coming New Era  Pachorath Yuga after 2069 AD the God Muru 11th Incarnation of Shiva will be Born in Mandva Gadh city of  MP state of India,The great Meghwar Warrior Mar
chand the Son Of Mamai Dev will  come from Turkestan and Rome, The Marchand will be  with Muru King and they will fight for Sinbharia Meghwar and the Meghwar King Marchand will rule on India,there will be End of evil King karing; Mamai Dev Said in His Holy Scripture:-- 
(૧) રૂમસુમ થી ચાન્સી ( કટક) ચડંધી, મળચંદ  કેન્ધો હાજ , મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તેર  થીંદો પાંજો રાજ, (૨) ૧૮ વરણ  એક હકડા થીંદા  ક્ષેપ ના  પારીન્ધો કોઈ  દેવ મામઈ ભણે  મહેશ્વરિયા એડા અચીંધા આડ  ( દુનિયા ) તે દિન . 
The  Caste system was created by Manu Arya Hindu  in Vedic Period of Rig Veda age of Ancient India,The Manu Arya created 4 Varan or Caste system, The Dalit Meghwar were the Bottom of Hindu caste,The Rig Vedic caste system was extreme form and make lower classes untouchable to upper caste Hindu. tribal Meghwar known as shudra by Hindu in Ancient India and they were not allowed in Villages were living outside villages, 
                            The Dr Ambedkar  (  April  1891 - to 6 December 1956 ) ,was a great Philosopher, Social Reformers and Jurist and Political leader of India and Founder and Father of Modern India, the Buddha and His Dharma a Holy Book written by Dr Ambedkar, he fought for human right for Dalits Community  of India.

“Under the rule of the Peshwas in the Maratha country,11 the Untouchable was not allowed to use the public streets if a Hindu was coming along, lest he should pollute the Hindu by his shadow. The Untouchable was required to have a black thread either on his wrist or around his neck, as a sign or a mark to prevent the Hindus from getting themselves polluted by his touch by mistake. In Poona, the capital of the Peshwa, the Untouchable was required to carry, strung from his waist, a broom to sweep away from behind himself the dust he trod on, lest a Hindu walking on the same dust should be polluted. In Poona, the Untouchable was required to carry an earthen pot hung around his neck wherever he went—for holding his spit, lest his spit falling on the earth should pollute a Hindu who might unknowingly happen to tread on it.”  By DR AMBEDKAR , 
Turn in any direction you like,Caste is the monster that that Cross your path,you can not have political reform you can not have economic reform unless you kill this monster,Caste systems.

                     Meghwar were not allowed in the Temples by Upper caste Hindu,Dalit and Meghwar are at the Bottom of the Hindu Caste systems and Despite laws to protect them they still face widespread discrimination in Modern India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.Nepal and Bangladesh. Untouchability is still Prevail in North India and South India, Bihar, UP and other states of India,and also in  Sindh & Punjab Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh.
                          In Pakistan the debt bondage system is most prevalent in the agricultural provinces of southern Punjab and Sindh. Most laborers in these areas are  Dalits Meghwar, Bhil and Koli minority Hindus, They have no agricultural Lands for him, and  from lower castes In a pattern similar to that practiced in India, the charging of exorbitantly high interest rates ensure that loans from landowners never get repaid. While the loan agreement is often made between the landowner and the male head of the peasant household, the work to pay off the loan is performed by the entire family, including women and children. Women have also been held in custody by landowners and Landlords marry with Dalit Women & Girl and conversion of religion, when bonded male members of the family leave the land or area, and Female & Children are forcefully Abducted than Landlords do Marriage with Dalit Women and Girl and conversion of Religion; Agriculture  Landlords; In Rural Sindh Pakistan face other form of oppression similar to their counterpart in India,Village Eateries have separate Utensils for Dalits,in Dalit Restaurant generally Upper caste Hindu and Muslim do not eat prepared by Dalits, Cases of Dalit women and Young Girls being Kidnapped by Landlord are common in Sindh Pakistan.Female family member fail to return and children often inherit their families' debts and remain trapped in a cycle of debt bondage.There were atrocity by upper caste on Meghwar, the Human suffering  and plight of Dalits & Meghwar in ancient India even though in world's Biggest democracy  Modern India and Pakistan,Sri Lanka Dalit Meghwar in villages are untouchable for upper caste.India"s Caste System is perhaps the world's Longest Surviving Social hierarchy,
        Historical  memory of Shri Mamai Dev  a promise given by King of Kutch MURAVJI in 13th century, the king will remove  Untouchability in his Kingdom Kutch,and will not take Tax from Poor Meghwar, the stone Engraved Edicts or Shilalekh and a KUVO or Well  is located in the Village Goyla of Abdasa taluka of Bhuj Kutch,Gujarat,India, he served and fight for the Rights of Poor Sinbharia Tribal Meghwar community of India in 13th Century,The Mamaidev worked for the uplift of poor Sinbharia Meghwar who were downtrodden peoples of India and Untouchable to upper Hindu  Caste and Other Castes and consider Lower Human in India,
Sacred Historical Well in Kutch 
                                     The Mamai Dev sacrificed his Life for  Uplifting of  poor Sinbhariya Meghwar and he worked for Annihilation of  Caste In the Post-Vedic period, the rise of Buddhism and Jainism were certainly a reaction against the deterioration of the moral order as against the rights of the privileged class and poor Tribal Meghwar in India, Life was more human and liberal in the Post-Vedic era. After Buddha,The Ashoka was a Meghwar King he ruled all over the India after Buddha period,The Emperor Ashoka protected and secured the most precious of Human rights, particularly the right to equality, fraternity, liberty and Happiness. Ashoka successfully established a welfare State and made provisions for securing basic freedoms. Ashoka, the champion of civil liberties, allowed even the forest folk in his domain to enjoy security of life,independence of mind and enjoy.
           More than 160 million people in India are considered "Untouchable"—people tainted by their birth into a caste system that deems them impure, less than human. "Dalits are not allowed to drink from the same wells, attend the same temples, wear shoes in the presence of an upper caste, or drink from the same cups in tea stalls,Despite the fact that untouchability was officially banned when India adopted its constitution in 1950.
 Engraved Edicts on stone  ( Shilalekh ) Mamai Dev 
ઈતિહાસિક ઇન્દ્ર છેલો અને મામૈદેવ, સ્થળ: ગોયલા ગામ, તાલુકા અબડાસા કચ્છ; મામૈદેવ મુરવાજી જાડેજા ને કહે છે, વેદ:-
........અઢી ઘર આડ/ દુનિયામેં ૨-બો ઘર મુરવાજી તોકે ફરમાન, હકડો૧ હિન્દુ ૨=બીયો મુસલમાન, અધ ઘર મેઘવાર જો અણ ગંજીઓ દોકડો તેની થીંધી જાડેજા આંકે તાણ,ને છડી વેંધી જાડેજા આજી તલવાર,( રાજપાટ નહિ રહે) ( શિલાલેખ ના વેદ:--લખઈ સર/શીલા મથે ઓડક લખઈ,ગધેડેગાર મુરવાજી વાચા/ વચન ડને મામૈદેવ કે મેઘવાર જે ઘર જો દોકડો મુકે અખાજ...
સાથે કચ્છ ના રાજા મુરવાજી તેમના રસાલા માણસો સાથે અહી આવે છે તયારે બધા ને પાણી ની તરસ લાગે છે અહી કયાય પાણી નથી શ્રી મામૈદેવ તેમની કટાર થી જમીન માંથી ગંગા પ્રગટ કરે છે, મામૈદેવ પર મુર્વાજી જાડેજા પ્રસન થાય છે ને મામૈદેવ ને વચન આપે છે કે તેઓ કયારે પણ મેઘવાર પર અત્યાચાર નહિ કરે, આભડછેટ નહિ રાખે મેઘવાર ના ઘર નો વેરો માફ કરશે, આજે મુર્વાજી જાડેજા નો શિલાલેખ મોજુદ છે.


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