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The Mamai Dev & King Navaghan for Rain MeghRaja

The Temple of the Mamai Dev in Dhandhusar village,Junagadh

The Mamai Dev was a Great Philosopher and Predictor of future events and Sufi Saints of India,he was Born in  Matarai,Kutch Gujarat,India in Vikram Savant 1387/ 1330.A.D. century and Nirvana in 1415 A.D.or Vikram Samvat 1311/ Month of Vaisakh and Sankashta Chaturthi Choth according to Hindu calendar and The Mamaidev was killed and  Beheaded by Sama Bamania Ruler of Tattha,Sindh, according to  Mamai Dev"s Sangath choth Vedas:- samvat 13 termu ne varas 11 agiyarmu, teni Gur Gamtedo kiyo,mas vaisakh ne tithi andhari choth ne sukravar/ friday,shukravar jo sath shambhudo unadsi chaday thath,sir Truto ne dhad ham tanu bole ai puchho  vigat ne vat,Mot Vera Dev Mamai Bhane Nij Karam je Adhar...
 He sacrificed his life for Dharma and  downtrodden poor Sinbharia Meghwar of India.This Data is taken from . a Holy Book "Shrines of the Maheshwary Meghwar Saints in Sindh" this book is Published by Information and Archives Department of Govt. of Sindh, written by  a Scholar Dr Mohan Dev Raj Tonthya PhD and he is a great Historian of Karachi Sindh. He worked for Barmati Panth Dharma and  he submitted the Barmati Path of Maheshwary Paper in Germany world religious Conference.  The King of Rao Navaghan and the Sinbhariya Meghwar of Junagadh were the followers of the Mamai Dev, Rao Navghan was the King of Junagadh from Chudasama Rajput dynasty he ruled Junagadh state and he fought war with  Hamir Sumara  king of Thatta Sindh for to save his Sister named Jasal was abducted by Hamir Sumara, he killed Hamir Sumara king. to day there are Historical wells or  Kuva water reservoirs are preserved amazing architecture of Adi Kadi Vav and Navghan Kuvo., and lake in the old fort city which is well known as  Fort or Uperkot of Junagadh, Adikadi Well and Navghan well were built by King Rao Navghan 
UPERKOT - Fort  is an impressive fort located on a plateau in the middle of town. It was originally built in 319 BC. Visitors enter the fort through a large gate. Some parts of the fort’s walls are 20 m high. 
Further down the road are what are believed to be old Buddhist caves, said to be 1,500 years old (dating from before 500 AD). They are carved into the rocky hill and have stone carvings and floral work. There are also the Khapra Kodia caves north of the fort, and the Babupyana caves south of the fort.
There is a huge, fifteen-foot cannon, made in Egypt in 1531. There are also two interesting large step wells (vavs) here. The 11th century Navghan Kuva has a circular stairway that descends over 50 m down into the well. The Adi Kadi Vav descends 170 steps and Local Peoples are believed that You have"t seen a Adikadi Vav and Navghan Kuvo your journey on the Planet earth is useless.

                    Doha in Local Language:--જેને  ના  જોયો અડી કડી વાવ ને નવઘણ કુવો તે  માણસ જીવતો  મૂવો  મરેલો.
,The Junagadh district is world famous for Last Abode  Majestic Home for Royal King Asiatic Lions and Sasan Gir is as Wild life Lions Sanctuary and Gir National Park
,Besides Africa the Sasan Gir, Gujarat is only place where you can spot Lions are Roaming free in Wild forest and surrounding Villages of Forest,It is highly protected area in Asia, Total Gir  forest is 1413 sq Km and approximately 400 sq Gir National Park and there are 523 Lions in Sasan Gir Forest among 106 Male,201 Female and 213 are cubs sub adults;  the Lions are freely moving in surrounding area villages of Gir forest and hunting for prey the domestics Animals ie Buffaloes, Cows, Sheep, Goats ,cattle of Farmer and Cattle owner known as MALDHARI in Local Language, our Gir Forest is Paradise for the Wild life and  Memorable experience for visit our Sasan Gir National park Junagadh; 

The Mount Girnar is the older in Mounts Range of Himalayan. The Girnar Mount is the 13th mounts of  the Mountains of Himalayan Glaciers, It is Known 13 Ter Turangs in Mamaidev"s Vedas.there was a  big Hole in the earth at Junagadh by Curse of Shiva to king  and Shiva Given Bhasmakankan to King who have done tapascharya or Yagna for to please of  Lord Shiva and Shiva pleased and Given a Magic promise to king  for Immortal on the Earth and his Kingdoms .The Lord Shiva warn to Bhasmakankan that  warn that not to  put mount on the Earth otherwise there will be hole in the Earth,  the king got promise from Shiva while he was going his Kingdom with sacred Bhasmakakan by mistake he put Bhasma kankan on the Taleti or center of Junagadh City and a Huge  Hole in the earth was produced and  replaced by Mount Girnar by Shiva Lord and Shiva promised to Mount Girnar that Shiva will come at Girnar Junagadh in the festival of holy Shivaratri once a years this legends is mentioned in the Sacred scripture of the Mamaidev in Mer KATHA,It is important and sacred Pilgrimage site for Maheshwary,Jainism,Hinduism and Buddhist,  
The Mamai Dev visited Junagadh and preached to poor Sinbhariya Meghwar and he worked for eradication of caste system and untouchability in India and he was a Social reformer and fought for the human rights of oppression and downtrodden poor Sinbhariya  Meghwar, the Mamai Dev formulated a dharma to poor Sinbhariya Meghwar for Education, Unity and struggle.
‘Rao Navghan was informed by one of his royal astrologers Forecast on drought and predicted that there will be a twelve years drought in the Junagadh State and he must take precautionary action for drinking water for the peoples of Junagadh. The king was strongly believed in the prediction of his Rajya Jyotish Astrologer.and ordered to the peoples of Junagadh for to save water, not to use  water from the Junagadh’s reservoirs and to save water for Future coming Drought disaster.
the  Sipahi or Guards of Rao Navghan were checking that on one can draw water from Damodar Lake of Junagadh, and Upperkot/Fort  Lakes of Junagadh, the Mamai Dev went to Lake Damodar Kund for his Morning Bath, the  Sipahi or Guards stop him for Bath and said to Mamai Dev that this is the order of King Rao Navghan,The Mamai Dev went to meet King Navghan and explain and predicted that there will be no drought in Junagadh state but there will be plenty of Rain and Cloudburst in his state Junagadh,and Mount Girnar and your Junagadh will be Submerged in flood Water and your Mount will be collapse due to landslide and erosion By  heavy Rain like Cloud burst  and will cause destruction of Mount Girnar of Junagadh,so that we have to take Preventive action for to save your City Junagadh and Mount Girnar due to Heavy Rain.
        But Rao Navghan denied the prediction of the Mamaidev and he was believed the fore cast of Drought theory of his Rajya Jayotish. Astrologer Brahman and  the Mamaidev went to village DHANDHUSAR ,20 KM near Junagadh city and he worshiped 12  MEGH God of Rain and Alakh dev God for the Rain in Junagadh and end of Scarcity of water the Mamaidev uttered divine Vedas of Megh Mandan ,Megh Malhar / મેઘ મલ્હાર /મેઘ વિનંતી Megh Malhar is  Gynan divine Melody or rhyme for pleasure of Rain,which is the prayer to ૧૨ મેઘ /12 Rain God.then Mamaidev went to Mount Girnar and climbed or Mounted Mount Girnar with 12 Meghwars at the Top Hill of Mount Girnar which is known as Guru Datratrey took TOP  in local Language,the Datratrey was a Sufi Saint of Girnar Mount and he worshiped at top of Mount Girnar. The Meghwar are the son of God Rain or Megh.due to divine Gynan Song of Mamaidev, the 4 four Lac Various types of Clouds of Rains make it to gather and associated with divine Lightening  at Junagadh and Mount Girnar and 84  various types of Lightening started with the loud Thunderstorms with various melodious tone like Musics in the sky and  in the valley and top of Mount Girnar and  heavy Rain started to fall on the Mount Girnar and Junagadh continue for 3 days,plenty of water Collected lodged in the City of Junagadh, the Rao Navghan feared that that if Mamai Dev would not stop uttering the divine song, the rain would continue to fall and the whole city would be submerged in the flood and his Junagadh city would be submerged in the Rain water and Mount Girnar will collapse with Erosion and  landslides of Mount Girnar which leads to destruction of his Kingdom Junagadh.
                   He come to know that the Mamai Dev is doing worshiped to God Rain for removal of drought at the Guru Datratrey Top, 
 મેઘ મંડાણ/મેઘ મલ્હાર :--મેઘ મંડાણ દેવ મામઈ ભણે,પવન કરે તો વિચાર,તેજ રૂપે અલખ તરવીઓ,તેજ અલખદેવ હવો અદ્રેઠ, મામૈદેવ ભણે  મહેશ્વરિયા તડે ગર્જંદો ગઢ ગીરનાર,(૨) ૧૨ બાર વાસોતરીં  ( ૧૨ મેઘવાર ) ગની ને મામૈદેવ ચડીઓ ગઢ ગીરનાર,તડે વીજે કિયો વિચાર, મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા તડે મેઘરાજા  સારી ને દીન્ધો  સાદ,(૩) ચડી તા ગઢ ગીરનાર ,મામૈદેવ કઈ કરા ચતોણી તડે મેઘરાજા કે વર્સૈતો મલ્હાર, તરે ભુવન જા કંથન કન્થિયા ને ભોં ધરતી ના ઝીલે ભાર,
 Ancient well  Adi Kadi Vav  
 The Rao Navghan went to Dhandhusar Village with plenty of Gold, money and Diamonds and Gems to meet divine God Mamai Dev for  urge to stop rain in his kingdom and Rao Navaghan Request to elder son of Mamai Dev  મતિયા દેવ for to stop rain, then Top of Mount Girnar and  Urge to the Mamai Dev for to stop heavy rain on the Junagadh otherwise heavy cloudburst will leads to destruction of Junagadh state  and Mount Girnar due to rain and Girnar will destroyed,king Navghan went to Dhandhusar village with Gold,diamond and precious Gems for to please Mamai Dev  and he request to  Mamai Dev and said " O My Gur Mam God you are the Supreme of Universe you have knowledge of Three 2 Realms ie Earth,Heaven and Patal, also you know the Depth of Oceans, only you can save our Mount Girnar and My Kingdom Junagadh"  so that I Urge to you for to stop heavy rain in Junagadh and Girnar Mount,
                 the Mamai Dev was in worship to God Rain Meghraja and Alakh Dev at the Top of Mount Girnar then he opened his eyes and said to Rao Navghan king o Navghan you Go to colony or Vas residence of poor Sinbharia Meghwar of your Junagadh,the MEGHWAR are the sons of Rain Megh,so that Megh rain will stop by the prayers of Meghwar,then Rao Navghan went to  poor Sinbharia Meghwar Colony and urge them to pray for stoppage of Rain with Mamai Dev and Mamai Dev request to Meghwar for to stop of Heavy Rain in Junagadh. the Meghwar are the son Of Megh Rain king.
                   The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:-dhandhusar se dhanoniyo vetho Navghan veer, var var vada dhani toke suze sayar keri shir,
2 Mamaidev Aranbh kari ne uthio kiye Sinbhariye Meghware ke sad, megh varo Meghwara anke valve Mamaidev  pandat vachhvar...
 મેઘ મંડાણ વેદ:- ધંધુસર સે ધનોણીઓ વેઠો નવઘણ વીર, મેઘ (વરસાદ) વાર વાર તું વાડા ધણી તૂકે સુઝે સાયર કેરી સીર, (૨)  આરંભ કરી ને મામૈદેવ ઉથીઓ  કિયે સીન્ભારીયે મેઘવારે કે સાદ,મેઘ વારો મેઘવારા આંકે વલ્વે મામઈ પંડત વછવાર.... 
 Dr Nitin Vinzoda in Mamai Dev Shrine in Makli Tattha,Sindh 
 the Mamai Dev was at the Top of Mount Girnar with 12 Meghwar then the Mamai Dev asked to King Navaghan to touch the Beard of Mamai Dev with divine rain water then the Rain was immediately stopped and Junagadh was saved by Cloud Burst and and Landslides of mount Girnar so that Mamai Dev saved the many lives in the Junagadh state of Rao Navghan,Then King Navaghan touch the feet of the Mamai Dev and accepted as Gur Mam of King Navghan,
He request to forgive for his Mistake not to follow the  Forecast of the Mamai Dev.
The king Navghan said  Vedas:-
         " દેવ હી તોજા મેઘવાર ને ગુર મામૈદેવ આવ  ( navghan ) તોઝો રેક્વાર,ઔવા ભૂલ થઇ મુકે માફ કર બુદ્ધ્રરાજ ..
     .Vedas are taken from Sacred Scripture of the Mamai Dev written by                                  Peer Shree Auwla in 1955 AD,
                By Dr Nitin Vinzoda , Retd Superintendent of Govt Hospital Gujarat state, and Occupation health Consultant in Reliance Refinery& Essar Oil Ltd, Adani,MICT Mundra.