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Shrine Of the Lunang Dev in Sindh

Dharmachar to My Maheshwarias
Lurang Dev Shrine in Tharai Sindh,
  I visited the  Holy Shrine of the Lunang Dev in  Old Historical Tharai Fort Remains ancient Tharai City of Badin  District of Sindh in 13th Century and Governed  Sumara  Rajpoot Kings or Dynasty of Sindh and Sudden fall of Sumara Dynasty was attacked by Sama Rajput  Rebellions of Sindh and Delhi Sultan who destroyed THARAI FORT and state. I am thankful to Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thontya,He is great Scholar in History Department of Sindh University, This Post is written by the Guidance and help of Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thontya of Karachi.He had done PhD in Origin of Meghwar Community and he is Researcher and Historian  in History of Sindh. He written a Holy Book on Shrines of Maheshwary Meghwar Sufi Saints in Sindh, this Book is Published by Information and Archive department, Government of Sindh.
When I visited Sindh I surprise and feeling Joy and devotional Sensation in My Heart, and I Pay Homage to Great Lunang Dev he was Elder Son of the Shree  Dhani Matang Dev and He was Born in Bhavnagar district which was knowing as Gohilwad State of Gohil Rajput Dynasty ruled over Bhavnagar. Gujarat India in Vikram Samvat 1172/ 1038 A.D. and  Spiritual Guru or God Of Poor Low Caste Untouchable peoples of  Sindh, Kutch Gujarat India Maheshwary Meghwars  and Sumara Kings and Sumara Rajput Community of Sindh and He preached for Dharma to Poor Meghwar low caste community and Sumara Rajput, ,so That Sumara Rajput and Meghwars were followers of Lunangdev. The Lurang Dev was with his Father Dhani Matang Dev who was the founder of Barmati Panth. Dhani Matang Dev had done Narvedh Yagna Human sacrifice Yagna at Karumbho Hill where Vado Meghwar was sacrificed for dharma and known as Tathiyo who distribute Prasadi of Barmati Panth, or this Hill Mount  is Known as Kadamgiri Hill also and  In Jainism Neminath Jain God preached to Jain on his Hills before 2500 years which is also known as Dungar in Local Language.Karumbho is Located in District  Bhavnagar and Palitana town in Gujarat State India.
                Lurang Dev was second to Dhani Matang Dev in Barmati Panth,so that Lurang Dev is Worshiped in Barmati Path.Shree Dhani Matang Dev shifted from Gujarat To Sindh the Lurang Dev also Permanently settled in THARAI town of Sindh, According to the Sacred Barmati Panth dharma the Lurang Dev is Known as Tharai Lurang Jyot Karam,According to Barmati Gynan Scripture Lurang Dev Who was styled as
The Sindh State is the Land of Shrines and Historical Monuments which are scattered in the Sindh we are famous with some Historical Monuments like Mohen jo Dero ancient ruins of Indus valley Civilization.and Makli Graveyard Necropolis which is Largest Graveyards in the world there are 125000/ Graves and Tombs of Philosophers,Sufi Saints Like Shree Mamaidev his Tomb is Located in Makli Graveyard.
Sama Dynasty King Founder of Tattha Town JAM TAMACHI and his Tomb is also located in Makli Hill Graveyard great Historical Place to visit and famous for Tourist.The THARAI Town in Lower Sindh was the Capital of Sindh and Ruled by Sumara Dynasty Kings  in 12th Century,Tharai state of Sindh was ruled by Sumara Rajput from 1051 AD to 1310 AD,  Sama Rebellions attack on Sumara King and kingdom of Sumara in 14th Century and they defeated Sumara Rajput and End of Golden Period of Sumara dynasty of Sindh, The Lurang Dev was the  Spiritual Guru or God Of Sumaras Community and  King in 15th century century Delhi Muslim Invaders attacked on The Sindh and ancient town of Tharai Fort city of Sindh which was ruled by Sumara, They Fought war with Delhi Sultan and defeated by Delhi Sultan and sultan Killed Many Peoples and Warrior of Tharai Sindh .and Razed Tharai and destroyed or ruined  Tharai Sindh,The Lunang DEV with his Sumara Kings and Followers were in the Fort of Tharai and Lunangdev and His Devotee Sumara Disappeared in the Earth,which is known as GAMAN in our BARMATI Panth,

Lurang Dev Shrine in  Sindh.
 The THARAI  district Badin of Sindh is Historical Place were war was fought with Delhi Sultan and Sumara warrior and Painful end of Golden Period of Sumara Rulers of Sindh,
Tharai is the memory of the great Lunag Dev and Sacred Tirth of Maheshwary Meghwars of Sindh, Kutch and Gujarat Saurashtra regions,In Barmati Religion It is believed that the Lurang Dev was The Incarnation of Hindu God Ganesha, so that Maheshwaria are worship Lunang Dev After Maisar Dev in Barmati Panth,Worship by Sar Pooja Cloth to Lunangdev in Barmati,
Adhida Vrat fasting are offer to Lunangdev in Month of Bhadarva Vad Chaturthi choth to Navami. NOM.
two and half day Fasting are done by the devotee of Lunang Dev, and in Month of Chaitra  ajavary Choth is celebrated in Tharai Lunangdev Shrine and Lunang dev temple in Luni Dham Village of Mundra Kutch Gujarat.and Gadh Ghumli Ganesha Temple which is Historical Ganesha Dada and worshiped by The Mamai Dev and His Son Meghanand Ghumli was the Capital of Saurastra Region of Gujarat and Ruled by Jethwa Dynasty King of Ghumli Jamnagar,then Ghumli was attacked by Sama Bhamaniya of Tattha Sindh in 14th Century and Conquered Ghumli and he destroyed Beautiful Ghumli and n 15th century Muslim Invaders from Delhi Attacked on Ghumli and looted and destroyed completely and Killed Jethwa and Sama warriors.

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Shrines of the Maheshwary Meghwar Saints in Sindh

 Dr Dev Raj Thonthya Karachi Author of this Post  
Shrine of  Shree Matangdev In Mati Dhakan Village Sindh
     (1). The Sacred
Shrine of the Lunang Dev in Tharai Sindh,
Shrines of the  Shree Matang Dev, Shree Lunang Dev, Shree Matai Dev and Shree Mamai Dev are located in Sindh now in Pakistan, Historical  Holy book on The Shrine of the Maheshwari Meghwar  Sufi Saints of Sindh is written by a great Maheshwary Scholar Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thontya from Sindh,He written perfect and true history of Meghwar Sufi saints of the Sindh in Era or ruling period of Soomara Rajput and Sama dynasty Rajput kings of Sindh in The History of Sindh, .He is a professor in Sindh University of history department in Sindh,Greenwich University of Karachi and this holy historical book is published by Govt of Sindh director of Sindh archives and information department Sindh.
The Sacred shrine of the Matang Dev is located in Mati dhakan Village in desert Tharparkar district of the Sindh,Mithi Town is headquarter of Tharparkar district.these historical sacred nirvana destinations of the great Sufi saints & Gods of poor Meghwar
        ( 2) The Lunang Dev Dada was the Son of the Shree Matang Dev. The Lunang Dev Shrine is Located in  Village Tharai  Dist Badin ,Sindh which is Historical ruined of Soomara dynasty were Hindu and ruled over Sindh and their Capital of State was Historical Tharai, the Lunang Dev and Soomara warriors were Gaman or Disappeared in the Tharai Sindh.
The beautiful historical Tomb or Temple is in Tharai Sindh
    (3) The Holy Shrine of the Matai Dev is located in Haji Savan, Ghelro jo Goth, village  Bhadra District Badin Sindh.
The Matai Dev was grandson of the great Matang Dev and Son of the Lunang Dev Dada, The Matai Dev Nirvana in month of Falgun full Moon,
Matai Dev Shrine in Ghelro Jo Goth,
 Dist Badin Sindh
The Matai Dev was believed that he was incarnation or Avtar of God of Ayurveda Medicine in India,the Mataidev treated Patient which suffering from disease poor people of India in 12th Century.
               (4) Mamai Dev was Grand son of Lunang Dev, he sacrificed his life for poor Meghwar Community and he was a great Sufi saint, philosopher and future predictor in 14th century and preached to poor Maheshwary Meghwar Community in Sindh, Pakistan and Gujarat,and  Bihar states of India and others states of India and during Sama dynasty of Sindh and  Thatta city of Sindh was capital of Sindh and ruled by Sama Rajput of Sindh.
 The Mamai Dev was beheaded by king Bamania Sama dynasty of Thatta  city Sindh, and performed last journey fro Thatta  city to Makli graveyard which is UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Makli Necropolis in Thatta Town of Sindh,The Mamai Dev Hold his head in both hands of Arms and uttered Nine 9 Lacs Vedas to Maheshwary Meghwar community his journey 9 Km from Thatta city to world's largest necropolis and UNESCO World heritage Site
He Disappeared in Earth after 3 Days.
 We pay Homage to great Maheshwary Meghwar Saints.
Shree Mamai Dev Shrine in Thatta Sindh
 We are thankful to Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thontya a Scholar of History and his great efforts to Adding these Historical Shrine of Maheshwary Meghwar Sufi saints in the History of Sindh.
The Dr Mohan Dev Raj is a Jewel of our society and he accrued the Meritorious deed on Dharma and finished Task and Rewrite the History of Four  Pilgrimages or Yatra Dham of Maheshwary Meghwar Sufi saints in Sindh

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The Mamai Dev & Harshi Vinzoda in Makli Graveyard Thatta Sindh

Grave of Harshi Vinjora in Makli 
The Harshi Vinzoda was devotee of the Mamai Dev, he was with Mamai Dev up to end of his life and Worshiped to Mamai Dev and served with faith to Mamai Dev and he was a care taker of the Dada Mamai Dev and witness of End time of the Mamai Dev and the Vedas of the Mamai Dev preached  for Dharma to Maheshwari Community and his Followers of Sindh at last  breath and moments of the life. After death of Dada Harshi Vinzoda his dead body was Buried in flank or Rt Side of Grave of the Mamai Dev.( shri Harshi Vinjora ko Dada Shri Mamai dev Ki Baho me dafnaya gaya hai) for the memory of the a great devotee of the Mamai Dev.
the Shrine of the Mamai Dev in Makli Grave yard    while the Mamai Dev was beheaded by Sama king of Thatta Sindh Bamaniya  son of Jam Tamachi  Bhamaniya Sama was attacked by Sultan of Delhi and he was under influence of Delhi Sultan and he had dispute with the Mamai Dev For dharma Unar Sama Rajput of Sindh were rebellion they attacked on the Sumara Rajput ruler king Of Sindh and end of Sumara Dynasty which was known as golden and Prosperous period in the History of Sindh,   he ruled over Sindh capital of Sindh was Thatta after Sumara dynasty. The Mamai Dev sacrificed his life for poor Meghwar community and he preached for dharma and worked for downtrodden poor Meghwar community, he was Social reformers and God of Meghwar 
Beheaded Shri Mamai Dev started last journey from Thatta city capital of Sindh to Makli Graveyard 12 km from Thatta City  with his head in his hands and walked and uttered 9 nine lacks Vedas.
And finally after 3 Days the Mamai Dev disappeared in the Earth of Makli Thatta City Graveyard. Now Makli Grave yard in Thatta City of Sindh.,Pakistan is world's largest necropolis, World heritage Site  and 125000/ graves and Tombs are in Makli, Sufi saints, philosopher and kings princes are buried in Makli. The Grave of our Dada Harshi Vinzoda Grave  is Right  side of the Mamai Dev Grave in  the  Holy Shrine.