Friday, 12 July 2019

Vipassana Meditation " Pandh Shuddh Jiv Shuddh" By Mamai Dev

The Mamai Dev Was Born in India in 13th Century. a Great Philosopher,Predictors and Sufi Saint of Sindh State of  India Now in Pakistan.His Sacred Tomb or Shrine is Located in World"s largest Graveyard Necropolis UNESCO World Heritage Site in Thattha town of Sindh.there are  more than 500000/ five  Lac Graves and Tombs of Sufi Saints,Scholars,Philosophers and Quins,kings,Governors and Princes of Sindh State monuments of Shama King Dynasty in 1340 A.D. to 1520 A.D.Arghun Dynasty 1520 to 1555 A.D.Tarkhan Dynasty 1555 10 1592 A.D. Mogul Dynasty 1592 to 1739 A.D.
The Vipassana Meditation was Discovered by Lord Buddha and Formulated and widely Apply and described by the Mamai Dev in 14th century. Vipassana Meditation is the Art of Living.Everyone seeks peace and harmony,because this is what we lack in our lives.from time to time we all experience agitation,irritation ,disharmony.And when we suffer from this miseries,we don't keep them to ourselves; we often distribute them to others as well.Unhappiness permeates the atmosphere around someone who is miserable,and those who come contact with such a person also becomes affected.certainly this is not a skillful way to Live.When we start generating any negativity or impurity in the Mind.we are bound to become unhappy Mental Impurity,when we find something happening which we don't like unwanted thing happen and we create tension within,your mental and physical structure become tense and so full of Negativities, that Life becomes miserable.
             Mamai Dev Preached to Maheshwari Meghwar community of India and Sindh ,Gujarat,MP and Maharashtra states.He said in his Holy Scripture that Vedas:-  Pandh Shuddh JIv Shuddh"
  " Pahela Apanu Pandh Parkhiyo Poy Pachhi kariyo Varomandh jo Vichar" Translation of Vedas:- First you know yourself then you think for Universe; Vipassana is "insight"is prajna insight into true nature or reality" defined as DUKH " Grief Pain. suffering,Unsatisfactoriness, Non Self,Impermanence. That Human Being are subject to delusions.Delusion is suffering and removal of delusion is end of suffering. According to Mamai Dev its 3 three seals are Impermanence,non-self and nirvana and in heart of the Mamai Dev"s teaching Mediation is a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it Happens. 
       The Mamai Dev Said in His Vedas- " First You take little break in your fast track life and listen yourself " and you see insight yourself and remove delusions and hatred which is responsible for your suffering.  Concentration,Mindfulness and Consciousness are used as tools in Vipassana Meditation, World is Impermanence you does not cling to anything in the world.not Clinging if you are not agitated;being not agitated,you himself Surely attain Nirvana;The Mamai Dev Said,The body which is wrapped in skin is full of Impurities;The Buddha and Mamai Dev Said "Pure Body and Pure Mind"
 The Mamai dev Said in his sacred Vedas:- Jee Jal me Pandhi Pakhario tee Barmati ai Jiv Jo Pakhar" Barmati dharma; translation of Vedas:- Taking Bath in Water is for purification of body while Barmati Panth is for Purification of Soul or Mind;

The Mamai Dev Said there are 4 four Noble Truth which are 1- Birth 2- diseases 3- Ageing and 4 - Death. these are suffering in Human being.
The Mamai Dev Said:-Make an Island of yourself,make yourself your Refuge;there is no another refuge."You are your own Savior"Vipassana Meditation is System of Training or practice of one"s Mind and entails a set of exercise that are dedicated towards making one more and more aware of his or her life experiences.the objective of this form of Meditation is to learn to see the "Truth of Impermanence unsatisfactoriness"and selflessness of Phenomena";