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The Matang Dev & Kadamgiri Neem Kangan

Kadamgiri Hill
The Matang Dev was the Founder of  Barmati Panth Dharma, He was Born in the bank of holy Ganga river near Patna City of Bihar State of India.According to Ginan Scripture He was Maternal Grand Son of Historical Hindu Sage Gautam Rishi and he was Son of Matra Rishi,His Mother's name was Jashde Devi Daughter of Gautam Rishi, According to Scholar and Historian of Dr Mohan Devraj Thontya, he is Professor in History Karachi University and written a Holy Historical Book " Shrine of the Maheshwary Meghwar Saints in Sindh"the holy book is Published by Information & Archives department of Sindh Government, According to Barmati Panth Ginan Scripture According to Hindu Calendar The Matang Dev was Born in 1130 A.D. and 3rd day of Dark Moon of the month Magh. Astrological Calculation Maha vad Trij3 Day Thavar,Magha Nakhatra, Amrit choghadiya. The Matang Dev was Born in 1130 A.D. and Vikram Savant 1187,Sake 1053.
           Reference to Historical Holy book on 4 char Tirth Yatra Dham of  Maheshwary Meghwar in Sindh Written by Dr Mohan Dev Raj Thothya.the Matang Dev Nirvana at Shenthar,Sindh, District Tharparkar, Sindh about in 1250 A.D.War with Hydersha Badshah and  Shama Kigs and Sumara Kings Dynasty of Sindh, Sacrificed his Life with Shama Prince Abaro Jeeyani for Dharma.
  The Matang Dev Established Barmati Panth dharma in 12th century and he preached dharma Barmati to poor untouchable 
Nirvana Destination of the Matang Dev at Sheni
Tribal Sinbhariya Meghwar and Kings of Saurashtra, Rao Navghan Junagadh Gohilvad, Kathiyavar, Kutch,Jamnagar  Halar, Sindh, Bhavnagar and other region of India.
    The Matang Dev Established Barmati Panth at Historical Kadam Giri Hill in District Bhavnagar near Palitana, in Jainism Neminath lord preached to Jain community before 2000 years.
     at Kadamgiri Hill Tirth the Matang Dev Perform a Religion Barmati Panth Neem jo Kangan sanskar vidhi and entry of Barmati Panth,dharma, every Maheshwary are performing Neem kangan of his children for followers of Barmati dharma,
KadamGiri Hill
 He Preached to Poor Sinbhariya and Jakhariya Meghwar for Barmati Panth Dharma and Help to  downtrodden Poor untouchable peoples to upper caste. He married with Lakhanay Devi Daughter of Maheshwary Anand suidias.The Matang Dev preached to Poor Sinbhariya Meghwar & Other 9 nine Lac peoples for follow the Matangdev"s  Barmati Panth,Dharma, but Six Lack Meghwar and other Peoples left Kadamgiri narvedh yagna of Barmati Dharma and left Kadamgiri hill,while 3 three Lack peoples followers of Matangdev follow the dharma ad Matangdev done Neem kangan  sanskar proce9 Lack Sinbhariya Meghwar were with the Matangdev and Matang Dev Preached them for entry in Barmati Dharma,
The Mamaidev Said in His Vedas:- ૯ નવ કોડી (લાખ)  માનવી  ગની ને  કરમ દેવ કારુભે ચડીયો,તે મંજા  ત્રણ  કોડી  તર્યા, ૬ છ  કોડી હરી જે વિશ્વાસ તે ના હાલિયા ,દેવ મામૈદેવ ચે  સે જીવ  ખૂટી ને કાદવ મેં પડિયા,
(૨) જકી જીવ કદમગીરી કારુભે તે નીમ્યા ( નીમ કંગન ) તેનકે  વેરા ( દુખ) જો ના અચે  હૈયાન ,૩ કોડી  માનવી ગત જા કંગણ કારુભે તે ભરિયા તેનજી  વગત  કન્થઈ મામૈદેવ  પંડિત વછવાર  (પરમ પૂજ્ય શ્રી ધણી માતંગ ડેવ)
He Formulated Magical Atharva Vedas which is 4th Vedas in Hinduism which was least discussed among the Vedas,the Matang dev Modified Atharva Vedas in his holy Scripture and his ancestor Shree Mamai Dev was a great. Social Reformer and he sacrificed & Fought for Uplifting and Human rights,for the well being of Poor Peoples of India, He was a Scholar,Philosopher,Predictors,Saint in 14th century and Widely discussed and Modified Vedas,The Atharva Vedas is full of Wisdom,Love,health and nature, earth,Rivers,Equality,Unity, Lakes,Mountains and rain,Sky, 
 and The Mamai Dev fight for human rights and social Justice to poor Meghwar in our country India,in view of Vedic values in 14th century 
સંકલન  ..Dr Nitin Vinzoda, Jamnagar India

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