Friday, 3 April 2020

Prediction of the Mamai Dev on End of Human Civilization & End of World

The Mamai Dev Shrine In Makli Thatta.
The Mamai Dev Was a Great Predictor, Philosopher and Sufi Saint in 13th century He was born in Kutch,Gujarat India.He Nirvana on Vikram Savant 1311 in Thatta,Sindh now in Pakistan. His Sacred Shrine is Located in Makli Graveyard  World Heritage site in Thatta Sindh. He predicted in his Holy Scripture that there will be End of Human Civilization and sentient being Animals and birds on the Earth Before 2070 A.D. Climate changes Global Warming. Droughts,Floods, War, Terrorism And  Mysterious Virus Diseases ie. Corona Virus will effect on the living beings and the end of many lives on the earth.Millions of Peoples will died due to Mysterious Virus Illness on the Planet Earth,
Bat Bird
The current COVID-19 crisis was born out of people who worked and shopped at a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. A wet market sells live and  Meat of dead animals, Birds and others, —including fish,Lobsters, birds, badgers, bats Bird, pangolins (scaly anteaters), Rabbit, Wild Cat,Civets,Dogs and turtles for human consumption food.When you bring animals and birds in these unnatural situation becomes sick in stress and fear and they shreds Mysterious KIRA which will be a Germs or Virus and  Kira Virus are transmitted from Bat Bird and Pangolins to Human by consumption of meat of animals and Birds,deadly virus causes serious illness diseases in human it is fatal and Respiratory diseases pneumonia and Infected Patient human may die due to respiratory diseases.
     The Mamai Dev Sai
d in his Holy Scripture That  Ugly and Mysterious  KIRA( Germs like) or Virus like Germ will comes from China country and will spreads Lacs of Miles in the world and many peoples will be affected and will died due to Virus diseases there will be Respiratory System Pneumonia like Illness in Human and Many Peoples Millions of Peoples died due to Respiratory Failure diseases.
 The Mamai Dev in his Holy Scripture  Prediction :-Aradhin ne Aprichh avshe, khendhar dariya ne teenaj tar, Chinam China  ne ( Ugly Virus from China),(Country) Ghuvad Mukha ne suppad Kanna  Ugly face and appearance) harmukh Bandha Avshe, Dev Mamai che Add te na hundo sukhakar,eda add te varatandha din.
       The Mysterious Virus will comes from China country and will spread all over the world and kills Many Peoples on the earth world.
(2)  Prediction of the Mamai Dev Vedas;-Abh ( sky)  Manja Ag ( fire) Uchharandhi,ghebi varatandi Ghan,Dev Mamai Che Lakhe gau ( Lac of Mile) thi Sujandho Dhra.(fear)
                peoples will fill unsafe and panic in the world from Lacs of Miles away from him. ie. China to world. there will be extreme heat will comes from sky to on the earth, Global Warming,will kills millions of Peoples in the world end of many Lives on the earth.
(3) Holy Prediction Vedas of the Mamai Dev on Diseases and war:- Fatai duniya ne fariyo va, Wind Madu ve( Peoples) jo Haroriye vendho Saa.Kaik Marshe Khadag ( Arm & Ammunition Blasts) se, Kaik marshe ROG ( Diseases ) se,Dev Mamai Che eda achinda add se din...
(4) The Mamai Dev Preducted in His Holy Scripture:- Sake 1981 ,2060 A.D. Vedas:-81 ekashi e ekalkar dhom dhom dhra Vartashe, Mamai Pandant kiyo prakash, teni anganiya va varanda.
(5) dakhan disha thi Dal katak chalse teni desh sau kadbhadshe,ekanave an vartshe,Sake 1900 (2070 A.D.) so ji sandh.
( 6) Varas Vikar ne mas Bhadarvo,kad ( end) vartai kaliyug tani,teni dahint gajanvel thi chalshe,Agiya jagshe tribhuvan jo ray ( GOD MURU 11th  Avtar/incarnation of lord Shiva).. 
reference from Maheshwar sandesh magazine written by a great  Late Ginani Auwa shri Laxman Tejshi Matang. Executive Engineer Jamnagar, in Govt of Gujarat. who died before 10 years.

Corona Virus COVID-19
In 2070
ere will be Vikari Year and month of Bhadarava (Gujarati month) in the end of Kaliyuga its Last Phrase in 2070 A.D the Lord Muru Raja  11th Incarnation/Avtar of Lord Shiva will descends on the earth and he will kill the Saitan Evil King name Karing on the earth and Lord Muru will save the Human civilization on 
the earth. Huge army will attack on the world from south side of 
world in 2070 AD.The Mamai Dev said in his holy Scripture 
that there will be huge painful suffering in the world and very huge disturbances in Human civilization on the earth and end of many life on the earth.The Mamai Dev Said that many peoples on the earth will died due to  Diseases,terrorism and war and others will died due to Corona Virus like Mysterious Virus diseases which will kill Millions of peoples on the earth. Most of Peoples on the earth will died due to Virus diseases and war and terrorism,Global warming and killing of wild animals and birds for the purpose of food ie. China Wuvan wet market are selling Livings wild animals and birds for that they are killing Forest wild animals and birds,
so there are destruction of Forest tree and its inhabitant wild life.
     The Mamai Dev Predicted in his Holy Scripture:- Sake 1900 ne varas 91 ekanvo, ( 2070 AD)tithi satam ne var shukravar mas shavan, dev Mamai che tade utar disha thi dal katak chalshe add duniya me na hundo sukhakar.  
          Translation .in 2070 AD there will be panic fear and disturbance in the world from north side of world.      
The Mamai Dev Predicted in his holy scripture that there will be crumble and disintegration of Human Civilization on the earth before 2070 A.D. due to war and Arm & Ammunition,Blasts,Global warming, Tsunami and due to Corona Virus Like Fatal Respiratory Viral diseases.Millions of Peoples will die on the earth /world.