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Vanaj Yagna By Auwa Meghanand in Ghumli & 8 Vanaj in Karachi by Shree Velji Dosa Thontya

Historical  Graves of Auwa Meghanand, Maa Bhuri 
Devi, and Daughters of the Mamai Dev, Padhan & Papayee
NearBhuj Kutch Treanjar,
Picture of Vanaj in Karachi By Velji Dosa  Thontya
in before 1962

Dharmachar..Memory of a Great Meghanand Auwa Son of the Shree Mamai Dev who has done Vanaj Yagna in Ghumli Capital of Kathiyavad State in 14th century. વેદ:- ૧૨ બારો વરસ મેઘા નંદ કઠિયારો બેરડે ડુંગર મે વંઝ સારે સૂકી કાપે ને લીલી વંઝ જો માં ગેડે નામ.૨ દોકડા મે ઘુમલી મે વેચે, ૧ હકડ઼ો દોકડો પઢ જો પેટ માટે રખે, બીયો ૨ દોકડો વણાઝ સારું રખે.
(૨) મેઘા નંદ ચે ઔવા મૂકે લકડી એ જી ભારી યે જો ભાર ના લગો, ઔ વા મૂકે ગત મહેશ્વરી દુઆ કઈ.The Mamai Dev was malva state of India during the Nirvana of Meghanand Auwa in Ghumli, the Mamai Dev Come to know the death of Meghanand Auwa by JATI SURI Vedas Shiddhi by which the Mamai Dev was able to see away from 500 Miles,The Dead body or Kayantha of Shree Meghanand by Divine flight come to TreAnjar near Bhuj Kutch where his Mother Devi was died due to hearing of death of his Son Meghanand, Shee Meghanand Auwa ko Maa Bhri Devi Ki pahelu me dafnaya gaya hai..Historical Treanjar Grave yard. Raydhanpur Bhuj kutch;where Daughters of the Mamai Dev"s Padahn and Papayee are buried with Mother Bhuri Devi ; Treanjar is Painful Memory of the Mamai Dev;
Meghanand Ja Bhed vedas:-
Reference from Shree Mamai Dev Ginan
.............MR. VELJI DOSA THONTYA VANJARA;of Karachi who has done
8 Eight Vanaj yagna in Karachi, (1) dhajj vanaj, (2) Khat Vanaj, (3) LUN Vanaj, (( 4) Hathni Vanaj, ( 5) Turi Vanaj,(6) Chhatra vanaj, (7) Khari Vanaj,, (8) Dhajj vanaj, ,,repeat,
and help to poor society and helping Poor Maheshwary,Giving Charity,
KAHT VANAJ JO VED:- KHAT VANAJ JANI VANAJIYO,MAMAI BHANE MAHESHWARIA TANI JIVE KE YUG PACHORATH ME NA ACHINDHO SHEK.; KHAT VANAJ VANJE SE JIV VIYA ALAKH EDEV KE PAS, NE UKARI VIYA 15 KARPATE NU PAR....He was Grand father of a great Historian Dr Mohan Kheral Dev Raj Thontya and Dr Nagesh He was a Contractor in Karachi Port trust, and Industrialist and now a Vanjara compound in Moosa lane Lyary Karachi, is well known as Memory of Velji bhai Thontya,He was Born in 1905 AD and was settle in Famoud Sheetal das Compound Sadar Karachi,.TODAY SHENI YATRA IS STARTING FROM SHEELDAS COMPOUND.AND HE RECEIVED MANY MEDALS FROM MAHESHWARY COMMUNITY FOR HIS HUMANITY SERVICES;
Who’s Who in Vanajs
By: Dr. Mohan DevRaj Thontya (Karachi). [Monday, 4th September 2017]
His name was Velji, father’s name was Dossa, surname was Thontya and the title was Vanjara. Shree
Vanjara Velji Dossa Thontya had performed eight Vanajs. A Vanaj is the greatest religious fasting ritual of
Barmati Panth adhered by Maheshvari Meghwars in Sindh, Kutchh and Saurashtra. As locally called
‘Chhah Mahiyo Vrat’ is started from 4th bright moon of the month of Ashwin (Aso) and ends on 4th bright
moon of the month of Chaitra according to Hindu calendar. Shree Lurang Dev, who is divine incarnation
of principal god Shree Ganesha Dev, is worshiped in six months during Vanaj fasting and ceremony.
He was born in 1905. After his father, Dossa bhai Thontya settled in Karachi, he was married with a
woman Walbai and had five sons and three daughters, of which one daughter had died in early age.
Primarily, he worked as a contractor at Karachi Port Trust (KARACHI PORT TRUST/KPPT) but left the job and started his own
profession when he was still quite young. He established a weaving loom at Kaaraa Bhungaa adjacent to
Seetaldas Compound at Bhimpura where his family was also residing in a house. Following riots in
Karachi at the time of Partition in 1947, he shifted along with his family at nearby locality Moosa Lane in
a compound which is now known as Vanjara Compound and still some members of Vanjara family and
few other Maheshvari Meghwar families are residing. He was died in 1973.
Shree Vanjara Veji performed eight Vanajs; first in 1954, second in 1955, third in 1956, fourth in 1957,fifth in 1958, sixth in 1961, seventh in 1962, and eighth in 1967. In the second Vanaj, Pir Shree Nangsi
Dev s/o Pir Shree Devraj Dev was invited, who came from Kutchh to head the religious ceremony. Pir
reached Karachi by steamer and was red carpet welcomed by hundreds of Maheshvari Meghwars from
Dr Mohan Kheraj Thontya PhD ;
Grand Son of Mr Vanjara Velji Dosa
 He is Author of this Post
Keamari to the residence of Vanjara Velji. His arrival among his followers in Karachi created a wave of
religious and social enthusiasm. The young welfare workers who were in uniform with badges on their
chests diligently managed all affairs of the grand ceremony at the end of six-month fasting period of
every Vanaj. During fasting period, everyday Matangs were to be invited who recited Ginans of Mamai
Dev from the holy scripture of Barmati Panth. Everyday hundreds of Maheshvari Meghwars came at the
residence and purified their ears and souls by listening sacred verses from the prominent Matangs of
that time. After all the rituals were performed, a grand feast was to be served to all Meghwars. In the
sixth Vanaj another holy figure and great saint Shree ………. came from his monastery at Mount Girnar (Gujarat)
to witness the sacred occasion of Barmati Panth. As the news of the performing of these serial of Vanajs
had reached Kutch, there Maheshvari Meghwars in the small towns and villages of Kutchh began to
chant Rasuras in honor of Vanjara Velji, even these folk songs were broadcast-ed from Kutch Radio. Thus
it is admitted by most of the Maheshvari Meghwars and Matang dharam gurus that eight Vanajs had left
a sense of religious awareness among the common people
.Details of 8 Vanaj,
1st Vanaj called ‘Dhajj Vanaj’ in 1954 (from 11th October 1953 to 7th April 1954).
2nd Vanaj ,, ‘Khat Vanaj’ in 1955 (from 30th September 1954 to 29th March 1955).
3rd Vanaj ,, ‘Lun Vanaj’ in 1956 (from 19th October 1955 to 14th April 1956).
4th Vanaj ,, ‘Hathni Vanaj’ in 1957 (from 5th October 1956 to 4th April 1957).
5th Vanaj ,, ‘Turi Vanaj’ in 1958 (from 27th September 1957 to 23rd March 1958).
6th Vanaj ,, ‘Chhatra Vanaj’ in 1961 (from 24th September 1960 to 20th March 1961).
7th Vanaj ,, ‘Khari Vanaj’ in 1962 (from 13th October 1961 to 8th April 1962).
8th Vanaj (Repeated) ‘Dhajj Vanaj’ in 1967 (from 17th October 1966 to 13th April 1967).
All these pictures were taken from 1954 to 1967 during Vanaj processions which usually passed from
Seetaldas compound to Moosa Lane in Karachi. Many of these persons showing into these pictures
might be recognized by the current generation of Maheshvari Meghwars of their beloved ones. Find
who’s who!
Medals:-Five medals were conferred upon Shree Vanjara Velji Thontya by five different Meghwar organizations.
Below Image is Ancient Gadh Ghumli Capital of Kathiyavad state now it is remains of Ghumli .
Ghumli was attacked by Arab Allaudin Khilji invaders and he Looted and destroyed beautiful Ghumli Town.and Navalakha Shiva Temples
Ghumli Barda Hill & Navlakha Shiva & Ganesha Temples.